Fall 2023 Picks for Teens

24 Books Found

  • The Backups: A Summer of Stardom

    For fans who daydreamed about touring with Beyonce and/or Taylor Swift this summer! 3 teens get to sing backup for a pop star in this funny, engaging graphic novel, and learn that touring involves just as much drama off the stage as on. — Elizabeth Graham, Epiphany

    Cover of The Backups: A Summer of Stardom
  • Bone Weaver

    Toma is blissfully sheltered by her undead family from the political revolution tearing across the Kosa Empire, at least until the dethroned tsar Mikhail and the witch revolutionary Vanya show up in her forest. Perfect for fans of Six of Crows and The Midnight Girls. - Alex Kohn, SNFL


    Cover of Bone Weaver
  • Buzzing

    A middle-school student with OCD learns to trust himself rather than the voices in his head. This cleanly drawn and gently told graphic story is full of compassion, and is for anyone who has ever had trouble fitting in and their allies. - Geoffrey Renaud, City Island

    Cover of Buzzing
  • Crumbs

    A very cute graphic novel about a seer falling in love which got sweeter at the magical bakery. The seer is unsure about what she should do with her unique powers. A very fun and in some ways relatable to young adult audiences. - Darshani Bacchus, Pelham Parkway-Van Nest Library

    Cover of Crumbs
  • Dark Gathering, Volume 1

    A fun horror-comedy about a college student who wants to avoid anything involving ghosts and the occult, and the child prodigy he tutors who wants to hunt the ghosts’ down. Yayoi, the child prodigy, is hands down Best Girl of 2023. — Renee Scott, Washington Heights

    Cover of Dark Gathering, Volume 1
  • Delicious in Dungeon

    After an encounter with a dragon, Laios's party can't afford basic rations. To survive their adventure, they decide to cook the monsters that live in the dungeon! An expressive and poignant series about the value of eating meals with friends. — Annelise Williams, Tompkins Square

    Cover of Delicious in Dungeon
  • For Lamb

    Set in the Jim Crow South, an interracial friendship goes horrifically wrong with tragic results. This book explores the often untold stories of the lynching of Black women with heartbreaking detail.  — Renee Scott, Washington Heights

    Cover of For Lamb
  • Frontera

    Mateo must put his faith in something or someone that he isn't even sure exists as he treks across the Sonoran Desert from Mexico to the United States. A coming-of-age story about resilience for readers who want insight on the migrant experience. — Tabrizia Jones, Pelham Parkway-Van Nest

    Cover of Frontera
  • Hidden Systems

    This may be a YA book but literally EVERYONE and their mother needs to read this book. If you've ever wondered how on Earth modern society functions: this is the book for you. - Rachel Crook, SNFL

    Cover of Hidden Systems
  • House Party

    An 80's high school party movie for the modern age, House Party is a hysterical story of the last party of the semester, told by 10 hit YA authors. The night plays out in various stories that are funny, romantic, and heartfelt all at once. - Atticus Sutcliffe, City Island

    Cover of House Party
  • A Hundred Vicious Turns

    Taking place at a magical boarding school, this queer norm dark fantasy builds a world and mystery that leaves you wanting more. Perfect for fans of Akata Witch, Carry On and A Lesson in Vengeance. - Alex Kohn, SNFL 


    Cover of A Hundred Vicious Turns
  • An Improbable Season

    Three cousins take the London social season of 1817 by storm in this sweet, teen Regency romance. A charming confection of a novel that brings to mind the naive heroines of Austen and the storytelling of Bridgerton’s Julia Quinn. - Anne Rouyer, Mulberry Street


    Cover of An Improbable Season
  • Lying in the Deep

    After being jilted by her boyfriend and best friend, college sophomore Jade goes on a semester at sea world cruise only to find them on board with her. When one of them is murdered, revenge-minded Jade becomes a prime suspect. A twisty, escapist thriller for fans of Karen McManus. - Anne Rouyer, Mulberry Street


    Cover of Lying in the Deep
  • Monsters Born and Made

    To save her sister, Koral cheats her way to enter the Glory Race, a deadly competition reserved for elite society. This action packed  and Asian-influenced fantasy is perfect for readers who enjoy the Hunger Games series. — Tabrizia Jones, Pelham Parkway-Van Nest

    Cover of Monsters Born and Made
  • Occulted

    A memoir of Amy Rose's childhood being raised in a cult. Suddenly bombarded by news reports, Amy starts making secret trips to a library to learn things she wasn't meant to know and everything she needs to escape. Fascinating and beautifully rendered. - Anne Rouyer, Mulberry Street


    Cover of Occulted
  • The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    This is the first graphic novel I've read, and I loved it so much! It depicts issues that one may face in the real world with a dash of fantasy and humor. Overall, this book is hilarious and fun to read! - Darshani Bacchus, Pelham Parkway Van-Nest Library

    Cover of The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  • Roaming

    Three queer teenagers from Canada visit New York in 2009 and lose themselves in the sights of the city and in their dreams, frictions, and fears. Beautifully illustrated, nostalgic, geographically precise, and as always, emotionally intuitive. — Hal Schreive, 53rd Street

    Cover of Roaming
  • Royal Blood

    Evan, the illegitimate daughter of the King of England is forced to go public with her identity and soon becomes the prime suspect in a murder. In her search for the truth, she discovers even more royal secrets juicier than hers.  - Anne Rouyer, Mulberry Street


    Cover of Royal Blood
  • Saint

    Elias, a fisherman's son, has worked, and cheated death, across the seas and earned a reputation as the luckiest man to sail The Narrows. As he's about to get his own ship and trading license he could lose it all when a beautiful, secretive, young dredger crosses his path.  - Anne Rouyer, Mulberry Street


    Cover of Saint
  • Sold

    McCormick wrote this novel with a desire to make a difference, and bring awareness about the trafficking of children. Her use of lyrical imagery in each vignette is mesmerizing.The theme of triumph over adversity makes this a "Must Read Now!" novel. - Florence Nicosia, Jerome Park

    Cover of Sold
  • Their Vicious Games

    A phenomenal YA thriller with a heavy dose of satire. It can only be described as Battle Royal meets the Inheritance Games. It is fast paced and will keep readers engaged while also having striking commentary on class and race in America. — Zoe Smolen, High Bridge

    Cover of Their Vicious Games
  • Tonight We Rule the World

    If I had a nickel for books with a bisexual neurodivergent male main character where a central theme is toxic relationships and the aftermath of abuse, I'd have a nickel and this book is why. Perfect for fans of The Fever King. - Alex Kohn, SNFL 

    Cover of Tonight We Rule the World
  • We Have Always Lived in the Castle

    Takes the awkward alienation of the teen years, adds a serious splash of spookiness, and ramps the mixer all the way up. Cathartic. - Catherine Watson, Tottenville

    Cover of We Have Always Lived in the Castle
  • Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō, Volume 1

    In a near future Tokyo where sand dunes have swallowed the roads, android Alpha runs a quaint cafe that serves maybe a customer a day. This slice of life cli-fi manga is just as cozy as a warm drink in your hands on a late autumn night. — Vanessa Carrasco, 67th Street

    Cover of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō, Volume 1