Fall 2022 Picks for Adults

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  • Finding Me

    It's impossible not to find pieces of oneself while Viola Davis guides us through her journey to find herself through the cascade of growing up black and poor in a highly abusive home.  I highly recommend the audiobook version in which Viola Davis narrates her story of survival, success, and finding herself.

    - Debra Behr
    Cover of Finding Me
  • The High Desert

    While we may be familiar today with racial microaggressions and dog whistles, biracial punk enthusiast James grew up in a scene where overt violence and white supremacy were the norms. Read all about his journey from outcast to activist.


    - Joey Leyko Picciotto
    Cover of The High Desert
  • The Last Queen

    A timely and revelatory new biography of Queen Elizabeth (and her family) exploring how the Windsors have evolved and thrived as the modern world has changed around them.


    Cover of The Last Queen
  • Miss Memory Lane: A Memoir

    Colton Hayes shares his story of breaking into hit TV shows like Arrow and Teen Wolf and his struggle with addiction, and his journey to make peace with the death of his mother.  


    - Debra Behr
    Cover of Miss Memory Lane: A Memoir
  • Rickey: The Life and Legend of an American Original

    With the fall rolling around, one can't help but think of baseball's postseason coming up! And what better way to prepare for it than reading the biography of one of the game's all-time greatest performers, the Man of Steal, Rickey Henderson?


    - Joe Pascullo
    Cover of Rickey: The Life and Legend of an American Original
  • Unprotected

    Porter shares his story of growing up Black, and gay, surviving sexual abuse, and his struggles with being excepted by the media industry. I highly recommend listening to the audiobook version in which Billy Potter narrates. 

    - Debra Behr
    Cover of Unprotected