Best New Romance Books of 2023 for Adults

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  • Always Be My Duchess

    Ballerina Geneviève Valery is desperate to find work and Lysander Blackstone just wants to get his work done without being pursued by the society ladies of London. A chance encounter in a dark alley may be the solution to both their problems. A retelling of fan favorite, 90's rom-com "Pretty Woman".

    Cover of Always Be My Duchess
  • Bend Toward the Sun: A Novel

    Noah is mourning a patient. Rowan is only interested in her plants at the winery and getting her PhD. But like Rowan's plants, their affection blossoms. Is it enough to overcome the problems that threaten to keep them apart?

    Cover of Bend Toward the Sun: A Novel
  • The Best Men

    One weekend in Miami: two men who are unapologetically horny for each other, last-minute wedding planning, a British period drama, and one very scandalous spreadsheet.

    Cover of The Best Men
  • Bet on It: A Novel

    All bets are on when Aja and Walker make a bingo-based sex pact. As their friendship grows, so do feelings. Will their pact keep things between them from getting out of hand?

    Cover of Bet on It: A Novel
  • The Bodyguard: A Novel

    Bodyguard Hannah is having a terrible year. Enter Hollywood heartthrob Jake Stapleton. He needs protection from his stalkers while visiting his family’s ranch—with one stipulation: they can’t know who she is and she must pose as his girlfriend instead.

    Cover of The Bodyguard: A Novel
  • Book Lovers

    Literary agent Nora never gets to be the plucky heroine of her own love story until she heads to a small Southern town for vacation and runs into brooding book editor Charlie—a plot twist she didn’t see coming.

    Cover of Book Lovers
  • The Bride Goes Rogue

    In Gilded Age New York, Katharine is tired of waiting for her potential groom to get his act together and finally propose to her, so she decides to take matters into her own hands—scandal be damned!

    Cover of The Bride Goes Rogue
  • A Caribbean Heiress in Paris: A Novel

    Sparks fly in 1899 Paris when Dominican heiress Luz Alana Heith-Benzan travels to the Paris Exposition to market her family's rum and meets Lord Evan Sinclair, a Scottish Earl and whiskey distiller. As problems arise, they realize an arranged marriage could benefit them both.

    Cover of A Caribbean Heiress in Paris: A Novel
  • A Daring Pursuit

    A feud between their families has always kept Carys and Tristan apart. When Carys, who is doing everything in her power to never get married and avoid scandal, proposes a week of indecency together, they might find they are more entwined than expected.

    Cover of A Daring Pursuit
  • The Dark King

    Tricked into marrying a faerie king on a trip to Vegas, Bryn is now a pawn in a deadly game of power and every night of passion with Caiden makes it harder for her to be certain if she wants to leave or not.

    Cover of The Dark King
  • The Dead Romantics: A Novel

    A floundering romance ghostwriter and medium, Florence Day’s belief in true love has died…along with her new editor Benji. Then he shows up in her hometown as a ghost. Turns out Benji is one broodingly handsome and irritating ghost that cannot be ignored.

    Cover of The Dead Romantics: A Novel
  • Delilah Green Doesn't Care

    Pressured into photographing her estranged stepsister’s wedding, Delilah Green returns to the small town she ran from. She plans to do the job and leave. But her plans go sideways when she runs into Claire, a single mom and her stepsister’s BFF.

    Cover of Delilah Green Doesn't Care
  • Electric Idol

    After Aphrodite orders her son Eros to kill Psyche, he does the next worst thing. He marries her. A modern retelling of the famed Greek myth.

    Cover of Electric Idol
  • Every Summer After: A Novel

    Persephone and Sam had six summers to fall in love and one to ruin it all. Now, twelve years later, they have one weekend to make it right. Told between past and present, this is also a great YA crossover novel.

    Cover of Every Summer After: A Novel
  • From Bad to Cursed

    The witch families of Thistle Grove are back. When Beltane festivities are brought to a halt by dark magic, it’s up to wild child Issa Avramov and her nemesis, (wildlife superhero) Rowan Thorn to find out the cause before it’s too late.

    Cover of From Bad to Cursed
  • Funny You Should Ask: A Novel

    Chani Horowitz once wrote a career-defining profile of heartthrob Gabe Parker. Ten years later, Chani has the chance to set the record straight about that weekend—but only if she can keep her cool around the man she’s never been able to forget.

    Cover of Funny You Should Ask: A Novel
  • Grace Under Fire

    In this romantic suspense novel, Grace is just supposed to be making a quick trip to Boston on her way to Scotland. While on a walk, she gets lost, a wounded man stumbles into her arms, and she ends up firing at his shooter in self defense. Surrounded now by more questions than answers, she has ex-Navy Seal, Michael, to watch over her whether she wants him to or not.

    Cover of Grace Under Fire
  • Heartbreaker: A Hell's Belles Novel

    Matchbreaker and thief Adelaide Frampton and Henry, the crusading Duke of Clayton, race to Gretna Green together to both make and break a marriage—if they don’t kill each other first.

    Cover of Heartbreaker: A Hell's Belles Novel
  • Honey & Spice

    College student Kiki Bongo is smart, sassy, and no man’s fool as the campus relationship expert on her popular radio show, Brown Sugar. Then one kiss from her nemesis Malakai Korede, compromises her credibility. The only way to fix it? Have a fake relationship with Malakai.

    Cover of Honey & Spice
  • Hook, Line, and Sinker: A Novel

    Local fisherman and ladies man Fox Thorton has not been one to change his ways, until he meets Hannah Bellinger. Only problem is she has her eyes set on her coworker and asks for his help in getting the man’s attention.

    Cover of Hook, Line, and Sinker: A Novel
  • The Hookup Plan

    For pediatric surgeon London, a weekend hookup with her former high-school archnemesis Drew is exactly what the doctor ordered. But when he shows up for work at her hospital a few days later, London must devise rules and a plan to keep it casual. What could go wrong?

    Cover of The Hookup Plan
  • How the Wallflower Was Won

    In order to secure an inheritance and gain admission to a scholarly society, gambler Finn and bluestocking Tabitha enter a marriage of convenience.

    Cover of How the Wallflower Was Won
  • How to Deceive A Duke

    Fiona McTavish, a self taught scientist, goes to London to market her newest invention, only to get caught up in a street protest and thrown in jail. To get released she’ll need to live with the unyielding and oh-so-proper Duke of Wildeforde—the man who broke her heart.

    Cover of How to Deceive A Duke
  • I'm So (Not) Over You

    When Kian receives a text from his ex, Hudson Rivers, he doesn’t know what to expect: a declaration of undying love or an anguished apology. What Hudson needs is a favor—he wants them to pretend they’re still together while his parents are visiting.

    Cover of I'm So (Not) Over You
  • The Kiss Curse

    By-the-book Wells Penhallow learns the hard way what happens when you open up a competing witchcraft shop across from the woman who drives you crazy. Newbie witches, a talking cat, and witchy hijinks included...

    Cover of The Kiss Curse
  • Kiss Hard

    Daniel and Catie are both athletic, focused, and always at odds—until they get snowed in together and rumors start to swirl. To avoid a PR scandal, they agree to a pretend courtship. Can these two fierce competitors survive this new game they’re playing with hearts intact?

    Cover of Kiss Hard
  • A Lady for a Duke

    In this groundbreaking romance, Viola, presumed dead after Waterloo, returned to England to live as her true self. But it came with the cost of losing her best friend, the Duke of Gracewood. Now, years later, they get the chance to regain what they’ve lost.

    Cover of A Lady for a Duke
  • A Lady's Guide to Fortune-Hunting: A Novel

    With massive debts and sisters to support, Kitty Talbot needs a husband with a fortune, and fast. When she starts circling his younger brother, Lord Radcliffe tries to put a stop to her plans, but he’s never met a woman like Kitty before… A very Austen-esque romance.

    Cover of A Lady's Guide to Fortune-Hunting: A Novel
  • Lead Me Astray

    In this romance/mystery, more than just sparks fly between a new ghost, a non-binary empath, and a werewolf detective down in New Orleans.

    Cover of Lead Me Astray
  • Lizzie Blake's Best Mistake: A Novel

    When a one-night stand with Aussie Rake becomes a two-night stand followed by an unexpected pregnancy, Lizzie will have made her best mistake.

    Cover of Lizzie Blake's Best Mistake: A Novel
  • A Merry Little Meet Cute: A Novel

    Adult film star Bee is trying to change up her acting career when she’s cast as the lead in a family-friendly Christmas movie with former bad boy pop star Nolan. Things heat up when Nolan recognizes her from her ClosedDoors account—which he just happens to be a member of.

    Cover of A Merry Little Meet Cute: A Novel
  • Much Ado About Dukes

    Beatrice believes marriage is a trap. But when she finds herself without a fortune or home, the forward-thinking Duke of Blackheath proposes. Entering a marriage of convenience with her former rival is the only sensible decision, even if the duke refuses to fall in love.

    Cover of Much Ado About Dukes
  • Not the Witch You Wed

    Violet Maxwell is a witch who never came into her powers. Lincoln Thorne is the alpha werewolf who shattered her heart when she was just a teenager. Now as adults they need to pretend to be together, but their mutual animosity grows into something else.

    Cover of Not the Witch You Wed
  • The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes: A Novel

    In this Georgian Era romance, Marian has just shot her husband (he had it coming), and the only person she can turn to for help is Rob, the cheerful criminal who has been blackmailing her.

    Cover of The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes: A Novel
  • The Proposal Playbook

    Cheery wedding planner Daisy gleefully helps her brother come up with the perfect proposal, only to come up against his friend—grumpy ex-Navy Seal Xander who doesn’t believe in love or happily ever after.

    Cover of The Proposal Playbook
  • A Proposal They Can't Refuse: A Novel

    Forced into a fake engagement by their scheming grandfathers, Puerto Rican chef Kamilah Vega and Irish American whiskey distiller Liam Kane are perfect for each other if they could just stop fighting and admit it.

    Cover of A Proposal They Can't Refuse: A Novel
  • The Rake Gets Ravished

    Mercy Kittinger is determined to do anything, including ravishing the most captivating man she’s ever met, in order to steal back the deed to her home. However, Silas Masters won't be played like that.

    Cover of The Rake Gets Ravished
  • The Rodeo Queen

    The Closed Circuit Rodeo is back with lawman Diablo joining Rodeo Queen Sierra in the arena. While sparks instantly fly between them, their contracts clearly prohibit fraternizing. With so much at stake, is their budding romance worth the price?

    Cover of The Rodeo Queen
  • Rules of Engagement

    United in tragedy, Raleigh and Adam, operatives for a top-secret organization, are thrown together for one last mission to bring down a terrorist group. Forced to untangle a web of secrets and lies, tensions mount as their suspicions of each other begin to turn into intense desire. A romantic suspense novel from politician and activist Stacey Abrams.

    Cover of Rules of Engagement
  • The Runaway Duchess: A Novel

    Lavinia was born to be a duchess, but is desperate for a way out after her wedding to the most terrible duke in England. When Neal mistakes her for the botanist correspondent he invited to his nursery to woo, Lavinia sees her chance to escape.

    Cover of The Runaway Duchess: A Novel
  • The Season

    When Henrietta, the only child of a country gentleman, goes to London for the Season and becomes the toast of the town, Charles, her longtime, friend-zoned neighbor must join her to head off the sudden competition. A sweet, Austen-esque romance.

    Cover of The Season
  • Shenanigans

    Charli and Neil are melting the ice as their teams return to the hockey rink. After a drunken night, the pals return home married. With annulment not an option, Neil suggests they leverage their situation for good. Will their rocky start put an end to what could have been more?

    Cover of Shenanigans
  • Ship Wrecked: A Novel

    What’s worse than being abandoned by the best one-night stand of your life? Finding out you’ve been cast as each other’s love interests in a hit, fantasy TV show.

    Cover of Ship Wrecked: A Novel
  • The Stand-Up Groomsman: A Novel

    What do you get with a pink limo, fried crab claws, mochi donuts, and a karaoke-singing grandma? A laugh-out-loud romance between stand-up comedian Melvin Lee and corporate financier Vivian Liao... who also doesn’t quite know what to do with these elements.

    Cover of The Stand-Up Groomsman: A Novel
  • Starry-Eyed Love

    London does not have the time for a new relationship. She is focused on expanding her family’s hotel business, but when hunky millionaire Jackson enters her life, offering a partnership, she has to decide if it will be business or personal.

    Cover of Starry-Eyed Love
  • The Summer Proposal

    After entering an open relationship, Georgia isn't expecting hot hockey star Max to crash her blind date. With Georgia's boyfriend on the other side of the world and the likelihood of Max being traded, the two decide to date just for the summer.

    Cover of The Summer Proposal
  • Thank You, Next

    After seeing her most recent ex’s fiance say “yes to the dress”, divorce attorney Alex decides to revisit boyfriends past to find out why she’s never been “the one.” Her long time best enemy, Will, goes along for the ride.

    Cover of Thank You, Next
  • A Thousand Miles: A Novel

    Ten years ago, BFFs Dee and Ben took a road trip and buried a time capsule. Then their friendship imploded and they haven’t talked since – until Ben shows up at Dee’s door, asking for her help in digging up the capsule. After all, what’s a thousand miles between old friends?

    Cover of A Thousand Miles: A Novel
  • To Catch a Raven

    In the Reconstruction Era South, expert thief Raven is forced to use her skills to retrieve a stolen artifact. She and new partner Braxton must pretend to be married to infiltrate the household of a vile person. Raven is resistant to love, but Braxton has plans to make her truly his.

    Cover of To Catch a Raven
  • Would You Rather: A Novel

    Best friends Noah and Mia would do anything for one another—even get married to secure a good insurance plan. When a suspicious coworker and hopeful friends start to meddle, the pair are forced to confront old feelings and baggage.

    Cover of Would You Rather: A Novel