Best New Comics of 2022 for Adults

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  • After Lambana: Myth and Magic in Manila—A Graphic Novel

    Art by Mervin Malonzo | In this haunting and beautiful fantasy based on Filipino folklore, a young man and his mysterious friend search for a cure to his magical illness while roaming in the shadows of the law.

    Cover of After Lambana: Myth and Magic in Manila—A Graphic Novel
  • Alice in Borderland, Vol. 1

    Translated by Jonah Mayahara-Miller | Arisu and his two best friends are suddenly transported to an alternate version of Tokyo. To live, Arisu has to play various life-or-death games that will force him to collaborate with or betray his friends.

    Cover of Alice in Borderland, Vol. 1
  • Always Never

    Art by Clémence Sapin | Translated by Montana Kane | A former mayor and soon-to-be-retired bookstore owner becomes involved in a forbidden romance. This graphic novel is a mesmerizing tale of attraction told unconventionally, taking the reader from their retirement to when they first meet.

    Cover of Always Never
  • Animal Castle, Vol. 1

    Art by Felix Delep | Translated by Ivanka Hahnenberger | In this spiritual successor to Animal Farm, a group of animals live under the oppressive regime of bull President Silvio and his dog militia. But when a new visitor comes to the farm, the sparks of revolution soon fly.

    Cover of Animal Castle, Vol. 1
  • Batman: The Imposter

    Art by Andrea Sorrentino | A stranger takes on the mantle of the Batman and begins killing criminals in Gotham. In this title, Batman wrestles with his inner demons and whether he is a force for good or evil.

    Cover of Batman: The Imposter
  • Campisi: The Dragon Incident

    Art by Marco Locati | When a fire-breathing dragon threatens Green Village, their only defense is... a mobster? This original fantasy is equal parts humor and drama.

    Cover of Campisi: The Dragon Incident
  • Chef's Kiss

    Art by Danica Brine, Hank Jones (colorist) | Recipe for a splendid graphic novel: two dashes romance, three parts self-discovery, one charming protagonist. Serve over 160 pages of phenomenal artwork and you have an instant classic.

    Cover of Chef's Kiss
  • Chivalry

    Art by Colleen Doran | When an elderly widow discovers the Holy Grail in a secondhand shop, she unknowingly attracts the attention of a questing knight. This illustriously drawn cozy fantasy is the perfect read for a rainy day.

    Accessible formats

    Cover of Chivalry
  • Compass, Vol. 1: The Cauldron of Eternal Life

    Art by Justin Greenwood | Two adventure-seeking women search for a mystical cauldron in 13th-century Wales. There's plenty of action and daring escapes, combined with beautiful artwork that evokes medieval times. Recommended for those who like magic and adventure in a historical setting.

    Cover of Compass, Vol. 1: The Cauldron of Eternal Life
  • Days of Sand

    Translated by Christopher Bradley | An eager photojournalist from NYC is tasked with covering a then-unknown novel tragedy in the Midwest: the Dust Bowl. As his role shifts from objective observer to active participant, taking staged photos of the folks he's come to care about becomes a very questionable task.

    Cover of Days of Sand
  • Deadpool: Samurai, Vol. 1

    Art by Hikaru Uesugi | Translated by Amanda Haley | The manga universe gets its fourth wall demolished by Deadpool. Recruited to join the Avengers’ Samurai Squad in Tokyo, the Regenerating Degenerate unleashes his hijinks while chaos ensues. What could go wrong?

    Cover of Deadpool: Samurai, Vol. 1
  • Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands

    New York Times–bestselling cartoonist Kate Beaton tells a story from her early years working in the oil sands in her native Canada. Beaton depicts a harsh reality where misogyny is an everyday occurrence yet is never discussed.

    Cover of Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands
  • Flung Out of Space

    How much do we know about the notorious woman who wrote The Price of Salt and Strangers on a Train? This unflinching look at Patricia Highsmith's life follows not only her struggles and dazzling perseverance but also her brash behavior and toxic views. Full title: Flung Out of Space: Inspired by the Indecent Adventures of Patricia Highsmith

    Cover of Flung Out of Space
  • The High Desert: Black. Punk. Nowhere—A Memoir

    James found acceptance amongst the West Coast punk scene but, as a biracial teen, still struggled to find his place in the world at large. This eye-opening memoir has the makings of an instant classic with its reflections on what it meant to be Black and punk.

    Cover of The High Desert: Black. Punk. Nowhere—A Memoir
  • The Human Target, Vol. 1

    Art by Greg Smallwood | Master of disguise Christopher Chance makes a living as a body double. When a routine job ends with him poisoned, he's left with 12 days to solve his murder. This dramatic fusion of superhero stories and noir mysteries will delight newcomers and longtime DC fans.

    Cover of The Human Target, Vol. 1
  • Island in a Puddle, Vol. 1

    Translated by Iyasu Nagata | Minato and Nagisa are two kids abandoned by their mother. When a freak lightning accident forces Minato to switch bodies with a cold-hearted murderer, the children quickly realize their problems are only beginning...

    Cover of Island in a Puddle, Vol. 1
  • Karmen

    Translated by Dan Christensen | After ending her own life, Catalina finds herself under the care of a surprisingly cheerful grim reaper. This dark yet hopeful book examines death and life in a new way.

    Cover of Karmen
  • Keeping Two

    During an argument, a couple briefly parts ways to run errands, only to find themselves lost in harrowing thoughts of grief, conflict, anger, aging, co-dependency, and suicide. Will they work out their demons before coming back together?

    Cover of Keeping Two
  • King of Spies

    Art by Matteo Scalera | When faced with his mortality, a retired spy aims to right his wrongs by taking out the corrupt leaders he used to protect in service to the Royal Crown. John Wick meets James Bond in this bombastic tale of action and espionage.

    Cover of King of Spies
  • The Lines that Define Me, Vol. 1

    Art by Atsunori Horiuchi | Translated by Kevin Gifford | The relationship between an artist and their medium is a strong one. College student Sosuke meets his new mentor, his new rival, and most importantly, the medium of India-ink painting that will usher him into becoming the artist he was destined to be.

  • Made in Korea

    Art by George Schall | The future of artificial intelligence can play out in many ways: some hopeful, some frightening. What happens when a gifted engineer in Korea hides his best, top-secret work in a robot child... and a suburban American couple adopts her on a whim?

    Cover of Made in Korea
  • The Many Deaths of Laila Starr

    Art by Filipe Andrade | When a human is prophesied to unearth the key to immortality, Death is out of a job; now bound to a mortal form, she races against the clock to stop this discovery. This book reflects on death, its effect on people's lives, and the importance of embracing life while you have it.

    Cover of The Many Deaths of Laila Starr
  • Mazebook

    A father grieves his optimistic, maze-loving daughter. When he begins to receive strange text messages and clues about an otherworldy labyrinth spanning the entire city, he suspects she's somehow still out there. But can he find her?

    Cover of Mazebook
  • The Nice House on the Lake, Vol. 1

    Art by Álvaro Martínez Bueno | An all-expenses-paid trip to a beautiful lake house with your rich, somewhat estranged buddy and all his favorite people! Sound too good to be true? Throw in an apocalypse outside the gate, and it all starts adding up.

    Cover of The Nice House on the Lake, Vol. 1
  • The Night Eaters, Book 1: She Eats the Night

    Art by Sana Takeda | Chinese American twins are asked by their grandparents to help clean up the house next door inhabited by supernatural forces. This haunting story with delightfully dark art explores the dynamic between different generations.

    Cover of The Night Eaters, Book 1: She Eats the Night
  • Our Little Secret: A Graphic Memoir

    In this raw and emotional memoir, Emily Carrington describes her sexual abuse as a teen at the hands of a family friend, her journey toward healing, and her fight for justice.

    Cover of Our Little Secret: A Graphic Memoir
  • The Peanutbutter Sisters and Other American Stories

    There is no one way to illustrate the American immigrant experience. Whether a cute story about classmates doing a project or an adventurous saga of a journalist at an interplanetary vehicle race, the imaginative worlds in this collection are sure to give us a little perspective.

    Cover of The Peanutbutter Sisters and Other American Stories
  • Pinball: A Graphic History of the Silver Ball

    A fun history of pinball, from its origins to today's current popularity as a multiplayer electric machine. Beautifully drawn color graphics loaded with informed historical text, here's the story of why pinball is popular and a focus of today's video-game arcade rooms.

    Cover of Pinball: A Graphic History of the Silver Ball
  • Policing the City: An Ethno-Graphic

    Art by Jake Raynal | Translated by Rachel Gomme | After the 2005 French riots, a police force is assembled to crack down on crime and vagrancy in Paris. The officers gladly offer the author their problematic, violent, and xenophobic approach to policing, drawing shocking parallels to today's police brutality conversation.

    Cover of Policing the City: An Ethno-Graphic
  • Primordial

    Art by Andrea Sorrentino | Part government conspiracy, part imaginative fantasy. Able, Baker, and Laika, the first three animals shot into space, may still be out there and are trying to come home. A Russian scientist and an American doctor abandon their missions to explore this astounding possibility.

    Cover of Primordial
  • Putin's Russia: The Rise of a Dictator

    Putin's Russia: The Rise of a Dictator paints a biography of Putin's early days, charting his rise to the presidency of Russia. The reader will learn about his history and his brutal tactics against political opponents. This is a timely read.

    Cover of Putin's Russia: The Rise of a Dictator
  • Rooster Fighter, Vol. 1

    Translated by Jonah Mayahara-Miller | A rooster on a quest for vengeance wanders the earth battling giant demons. This fighting manga will have readers crowing with laughter.

    Cover of Rooster Fighter, Vol. 1
  • Silk Hills

    Art by Kate Sherron | The son of a business tycoon in a small Appalachian town is missing, and Beth Wills is the perfect investigator to find him. She's tough, determined, and, most importantly, has not yet been sucked into the secret societies, hallucinogens, and boundless weirdness of Silk Hills.

    Cover of Silk Hills
  • The Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton, Vol. 1

    Art by Chris Schweizer | No one sheds a tear when Trigger Keaton, the world’s most abusive action star, dies. But when clues about his death point towards foul play, his six television sidekicks must band together to solve his murder... while figuring out why they should.

    Cover of The Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton, Vol. 1
  • Snelson: Comedy Is Dying

    Art by Fred Harper | Snelson takes readers on a journey through the world of stand-up comedy. The author explores themes such as cancel culture, the volatility of online communities, how online decisions spill into real life, and the dangers involved when participating in toxic rhetoric.

    Cover of Snelson: Comedy Is Dying
  • Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

    Art by Bilquis Evely | After the death of her beloved father, a young woman asks for Supergirl's help in punishing his killer. This gorgeously illustrated epic adventure is a perfect tribute to the Girl of Steel.

    Cover of Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow
  • Talk to My Back

    Translated by Ryan Holmberg | In this humorous (sometimes!) look at parenting, Chiharu juggles raising kids and dealing with a largely absent husband while trying to find her sense of self-worth.

    Cover of Talk to My Back
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin

    In a cyberpunk future, a lone warrior is on a quest to avenge his fallen brothers. This action-packed story, authored by the comic series' original creators, brings the tale of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to its thrilling conclusion.

    Cover of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin
  • Ten Days in a Mad-House: Adapted from the Work of Nellie Bly

    Art by Courtney Sieh | In this adaptation of her groundbreaking exposé, reporter Nellie Bly describes her undercover investigation into the Women's Lunatic Asylum. Bly's daring examination exposed systematic abuses and transformed the field of journalism.

    Cover of Ten Days in a Mad-House: Adapted from the Work of Nellie Bly
  • To Strip the Flesh

    Translated by Emily Balistrieri | Oto Toda brings us an anthology of short stories in which readers will figuratively learn that we should strip the flesh when it comes to humans and accept others for who they are in their barest form.

    Cover of To Strip the Flesh
  • Tokyo Rose—Zero Hour

    Art by Kate Kasenow | Discover the truth about the infamous Tokyo Rose! Learn the story of Iva Toguri, a Japanese American woman trapped behind enemy lines and forced to become radio personality Tokyo Rose. Hero or traitor? You decide! Full title: Tokyo Rose—Zero Hour: A Japanese American Woman's Persecution and Ultimate Redemption after World War II

    Cover of Tokyo Rose—Zero Hour
  • Vann Nath: Painting the Khmer Rouge

    Art by Paolo Castaldi | Translated by Mark Bence | Art does more than imitate life in this true story of the Cambodian genocide. Painter Vann Nath is imprisoned and forced to highlight the power of Pol Pot. Upon his release, he tells his story of these violent times through art to help bring those responsible to justice.

    Cover of Vann Nath: Painting the Khmer Rouge
  • Walk Me to the Corner

    Love can make us do irresponsible things. Middle-aged Elise experiences a romantic and sexual infatuation with a person outside her marriage she simply cannot ignore. How much is she willing to sacrifice to explore these new feelings?

    Cover of Walk Me to the Corner
  • Wash Day Diaries

    Art by Robyn Smith | Four Black women share their experiences with lovers, friends, and family through the ritual of hair washing. Authentic, relatable, and artistically captivating through its palette of cool tones, this title teaches appreciation and commonality through the upkeep of hair.

    Accessible formats

    Cover of Wash Day Diaries
  • We Only Kill Each Other

    Art by Peter Krause | When two Jewish gangsters are forced to work together by the government, they discover that the only people they hate more than each other... are Nazis. This action-packed alternate history adventure is filled with suspense and intrigue.

    Cover of We Only Kill Each Other
  • What Is Home, Mum?

    A journey through Khan's struggle with home and identity examines how she sees herself and how the rest of the world sees her too. We glimpse this wild world through her perspective with poetic, vulnerable storytelling, and beautiful art mirroring her experiences.

    Cover of What Is Home, Mum?
  • What's the Furthest Place from Here?

    There is no end in sight for a teen gang in this surreal postapocalyptic saga. When one of their own vanishes, the group bands together to find their friend. They must go up against dangerous rivals to survive in this gritty and rugged world.

    Cover of What's the Furthest Place from Here?
  • When a Cat Faces West, Vol. 1

    Translated by Mari Au | Flow is the universal matter that exists in this world, and when it's disrupted, strange things happen. Hirota Flow Inc., comprising a chill contractor, a cute, shameless cat, and a woman stuck in a child's body, is on the case to restore the natural flow of the city!

  • The White Lady

    Translated by Montana Kane | In this heartwarming and heart-wrenching story, nursing home employee Estelle tries to find a balance in her personal and professional lives while coping with the harsh reality of grief and loss. The calm palette of the artwork will bring this story to life.

  • X-Gender, Volume 1

    Translated by Kathryn Henzler | Take a journey of self-discovery with Asuka, an X-Gender, or a nonbinary identity, as they learn what it takes to be themselves, and find their place in society. This lighthearted memoir is both informational and emotional.

    Cover of X-Gender, Volume 1