Best Books for Teens 2020

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  • All Boys Aren't Blue: A Memoir-Manifesto

    In this series of moving, personal essays, Johnson examines family, Black joy, gender identity, consent, and toxic masculinity.
    Cover of All Boys Aren't Blue: A Memoir-Manifesto
  • Almost American Girl: An Illustrated Memoir

    Being the new kid is tough. It's even tougher when you don't know the language, or anyone else in the entire country.
    Cover of Almost American Girl: An Illustrated Memoir
  • Apple (Skin to the Core): A Memoir in Words and Pictures

    In this lyrical memoir-in-verse, Gansworth discusses growing up Onondaga among Tuscaroras, family legacies, insiders and outsiders, and deep-rooted systemic oppression.
    Cover of Apple (Skin to the Core): A Memoir in Words and Pictures
  • Banned Book Club

    Hyun Sook is just trying to get a perfectly normal college education. Instead, she finds herself standing up to South Korea's authoritarian Fifth Republic regime.
    Cover of Banned Book Club
  • Be Not Far from Me

    Everyone agrees that Ashley has strong survival skills, but when she finds herself alone in the woods, injured and with no supplies, will she be able to make it out alive?
    Cover of Be Not Far from Me
  • Beyond the Clouds, Volume 1: The Girl Who Fell from the Sky

    Theo has dreamed his whole life of the adventures in his beloved fantasy books. When he stumbles across a mysterious new friend, he might just have found an adventure of his own.
    Cover of Beyond the Clouds, Volume 1: The Girl Who Fell from the Sky
  • BL Metamorphosis: Volume 1

    A teen and a 75-year-old widow become unlikely friends when they discover their shared love of yaoi manga.
    Cover of BL Metamorphosis: Volume 1
  • Black Girl Unlimited: The Remarkable Story of a Teenage Wizard

    Using her real life as inspiration, wizard Echo Brown recounts the struggles that she has overcome and the magic that helps her cope and realize her dreams.
    Cover of Black Girl Unlimited: The Remarkable Story of a Teenage Wizard
  • Blue Period: Volume 1

    Yatora Yaguchi struggles with his lack of passion as he goes about his usual routines. That all changes when art turns his colorless life bright.
    Cover of Blue Period: Volume 1
  • Burn

    This genre-bending fantasy takes on dragons, the Cold War, cults, racism, and much, much more.
    Cover of Burn
  • Charming as a Verb

    Henri wants to make his Haitian parents proud by getting into Columbia. Corinne wants to prove her teacher wrong by making friends. When they come together, will their pact work out, or are they barking up the wrong tree?
    Cover of Charming as a Verb
  • Clap When You Land

    What happens when your beloved father dies—and you realize you have a sister in a different country?
    Cover of Clap When You Land
  • A Cuban Girl's Guide to Tea and Tomorrow

    Leaving Miami for England felt like running away. But Lila is bound to find both her way—and her perfect tea.
    Cover of A Cuban Girl's Guide to Tea and Tomorrow
  • Displacement

    Kiku finds herself transported back in time to the 1940s. Temporarily "displaced," she has to survive living in a Japanese incarceration camp while searching for a way home.
    Cover of Displacement
  • Dragon Hoops

    A high school basketball team strives for an elusive state championship title in this thrilling story, as told by a cartoonist on the cusp of taking his own shot.
    Cover of Dragon Hoops
  • Fable

    Abandoned by her father on an island of cutthroats, Fable fights to prove her worth and claim her rightful inheritance as pirate royalty.
    Cover of Fable
  • Felix Ever After

    Felix is dealing with a lot, but on his path to self-acceptance, he discovers that he defies every label but his own.
    Cover of Felix Ever After
  • Fights: One Boy's Triumph Over Violence

    In this gripping graphic memoir, Gill recounts his childhood and how he broke a cycle of violence to build a more hopeful future.
    Cover of Fights: One Boy's Triumph Over Violence
  • Flamer

    In his last summer camp before high school, Aiden faces bullying and homophobia and struggles to fit in. Will learning to live in the wild help him live confidently in his skin?
    Cover of Flamer
  • Forget This Ever Happened

    Claire is sent to small-town Texas to care for her sick grammy, but terrifying creatures lurk around every corner. Worst of all, they may not even be the real problem.
    Cover of Forget This Ever Happened
  • Furia

    Futbol is not just a game for Camila, aka La Furia—it is her life. But with so many obstacles to becoming the best, will she be able to make all her dreams come true?
    Cover of Furia
  • Heartstopper: Volume 1

    Charlie never imagined he'd play any sport, let alone rugby, but when he meets Nick, all bets are off.
    Cover of Heartstopper: Volume 1
  • The Inheritance Games

    Avery just inherited billionaire Tobias Hawthorne's entire fortune, but she has no idea why. To figure it out, she's going to have to solve the most difficult puzzle of her life... and survive his cutthroat family.
    Cover of The Inheritance Games
  • Jane Against the World

    Full Title: Jane Against the World: Roe v. Wade and the Fight for Reproductive Rights | "My body, my choice." Discover the ongoing battle for reproductive rights that women have fought for nearly two centuries.
    Cover of Jane Against the World
  • Legendborn

    Away from home for the first time, Bree discovers a world where magic exists through King Arthur's legacy and her ancestors' Rootcraft. Now, she's in the fight of her life, for her past and for her future.
    Cover of Legendborn
  • The Magic Fish

    Tiến doesn't know the Vietnamese word for "gay." His mother doesn't know how to express her grief. But through the magic of fairy tales, they weave their own language.
    Cover of The Magic Fish
  • Miss Meteor

    Two former friends set out to upset the status quo and win the title of Miss Meteor. Will this bring them back together or tear them further apart?
    Cover of Miss Meteor
  • Most Likely

    Four girls cemented their friendship in preschool. One is destined to become president. But first, all of them will have to make it through senior year.
    Cover of Most Likely
  • Not So Pure and Simple

    Accidentally signing up for his church’s Purity Pledge gives Del the chance to get closer to his dream girl but ends up challenging his understanding of what it means to be "the man."
    Cover of Not So Pure and Simple
  • The Pocket Change Collective Series

    This Is What I Know About Art by Kimberly Drew, The New Queer Conscience by Adam Eli, Concrete Kids by Amyra Léon, Imaginary Borders by Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Taking on the Plastics Crisis by Hannah Testa, and Beyond the Gender Binary by Alok Vaid-Menon.
    Cover of The Pocket Change Collective Series
  • Poisoned Water

    Full Title: Poisoned Water: How the Citizens of Flint, Michigan, Fought for Their Lives and Warned the Nation | What do you do when you discover your city officials have been lying to you and endangering you and your family? The people of Flint, Michigan, chose to fight back.
    Cover of Poisoned Water
  • Punching the Air

    Convicted of a crime he didn't commit, Amal takes refuge in his words and art. Will he find a way to reclaim his life from a system that has already failed millions just like him?
    Cover of Punching the Air
  • A Quick & Easy Guide to Consent

    "No means no," but consent is so much more!
    Cover of A Quick & Easy Guide to Consent
  • A Quick & Easy Guide to Sex & Disability

    Sex is for everyone! And so is this crystal-clear, body-positive guide to accessible sex and sexuality.
    Cover of A Quick & Easy Guide to Sex & Disability
  • Raybearer

    Tarisai is compelled by a magical wish: To kill the Crown Prince. But is she strong enough to fight back and choose a different path for herself?
    Cover of Raybearer
  • Red Hood

    Blood and death seem to follow Bisou through her life. Does she dare ask questions and confront her bloody past?
    Cover of Red Hood
  • The Sacrifice of Darkness

    What do you do when you're the son of the sun stealer? Joshua chooses to resist and break the cycle.
    Cover of The Sacrifice of Darkness
  • Sazan & Comet Girl

    This sci-fi romance is a bundle of energy (literally!) as an earthling chases a mysterious girl all over the planet and beyond.
    Cover of Sazan & Comet Girl
  • Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You

    This remix of Stamped from the Beginning describes the history of racism in America and ways to fight for an antiracist future.
    Cover of Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You
  • Superman Smashes the Klan

    Illustrated by Gurihiru | The Lees move from Chinatown to Metropolis and find themselves targeted by the Klan of the Fiery Kross. To protect her family and friends, Lan-Shin Lee must join forces with Superman.
    Cover of Superman Smashes the Klan
  • This Train Is Being Held

    "Stand clear of the closing doors!" Love is on the (1) line.
    Cover of This Train Is Being Held
  • Today Tonight Tomorrow

    It's the last day of senior year, and longtime rivals Rowan and Neil are forced to put their differences aside to try to win a class-wide scavenger hunt. Could their unexpected alliance actually be… love?
    Cover of Today Tonight Tomorrow
  • Vampires Never Get Old: Tales with Fresh Bite

    You've never known vampires like these.
    Cover of Vampires Never Get Old: Tales with Fresh Bite
  • The Voting Booth

    Marva and Duke's lives collide at a polling place as they vote (or try to vote) for the first time.
    Cover of The Voting Booth
  • Watch Over Me

    Ghosts have a knack for turning up in unexpected places.
    Cover of Watch Over Me
  • We Are Not Free

    Fourteen distinct Nisei voices weave a tale of friendship, identity, and anger in incarceration camps during World War II.
    Cover of We Are Not Free
  • We Are Not from Here

    Imminent danger and life-threatening violence force three teens to flee from Guatemala to America, but the journey there is even more perilous.
    Cover of We Are Not from Here
  • Yes No Maybe So

    Jamie is terrified of public speaking and dreads knocking on doors. Maya has to sign up for canvassing in order to get a much-needed set of wheels. Together, they take an unexpected ride on an emotional and electoral rollercoaster.
    Cover of Yes No Maybe So
  • You Call This Democracy?

    Full Title: You Call This Democracy?: How to Fix Our Government and Deliver Power to the People | Think our government has problems? Discover ways you can help create change.
    Cover of You Call This Democracy?
  • You Should See Me in a Crown

    Liz Lighty’s small high school has never had a Black, queer band geek for a Prom Queen, but that won't stop her from trying to be the first.
    Cover of You Should See Me in a Crown