Best Books for Teens 2023

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  • Akane-banashi, Vol. 1

    Illustrated by Takamasa Moue | When Akane's father is forbidden to become a rakugoka (Japanese storyteller), she decides to become one herself to avenge her father's humilation.

    Cover of Akane-banashi, Vol. 1
  • Alondra

    Alonda channels her professional wrestler persona, Alondra, with friends Spider, Pretzel, and King during a fateful summer in Coney Island.

    Cover of Alondra
  • America Redux: Visual Stories from Our Dynamic History

    A non-linear, visual portrayal of American history through photography and collage. Explore little-known facts that are rarely talked about in schools today.

    Cover of America Redux: Visual Stories from Our Dynamic History
  • Bianca Torre Is Afraid of Everything

    When Bianca Torre witnesses the murder of their next door neighbor, they find themselves caught up in a conspiracy they never could have imagined.

    Cover of Bianca Torre Is Afraid of Everything
  • A Bright Heart

    After her murder by the fiance she helped become king, Mingshin is transported two years into the past with one goal: avenge her own death.

    Cover of A Bright Heart
  • Brooms

    Illustrated by Teo DuVall | Witches fighting racism, ableism, and sexism on brooms in 1930s Mississppi.

    Cover of Brooms
  • Buzzing

    Illustrated by Rye Hickman | Isaac is struggling with his recent diagnosis of OCD. When he joins a roleplaying game with his friends, the thoughts get a little quieter and his world a little brighter. Can he convince his mother that the game is actually good for him?

    Cover of Buzzing
  • Chloe and the Kaishao Boys

    Chloe eagerly awaits her new start at USC, but not before her auntie and dad give her a big traditional Filipino debut to send her off, complete with matchmaking.

    Cover of Chloe and the Kaishao Boys
  • A Crooked Mark

    Matt has a deadly job: ridding the world of those who are cursed with the devil's mark. But does he have the courage to finish the job when the marked one is also his first crush, Rae?

    Cover of A Crooked Mark
  • Dear Medusa

    Alicia has been trying to swallow her trauma ever since her teacher sexually abused her. While facing constant scrutiny from her classmates, she disovers she might not be the only victim at school. Alicia’s vulnerable and fierce story unfolds in breathtaking verse.

    Cover of Dear Medusa
  • The Fall of Whit Rivera

    Whit Rivera gets diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and learns to navigate her new life. Together with her two best friends, she plans the Fall Fest of her dreams.

    Cover of The Fall of Whit Rivera
  • For Lamb

    Lamb is the peacemaker between her mother and brother, who have different ideas about how to survive in the Jim Crow South while Black. But her conciliatory nature leads to a friendship with a white girl that will change her family’s lives forever. CW lynching, sexual assault.

    Cover of For Lamb
  • Forgive Me Not

    Violetta's drunk driving kills her younger sister Viv. The grueling Trials she must now face are made all the more painful by the fact that the people Violetta wronged are her own family.

    Cover of Forgive Me Not
  • From Here

    Luma Mufleh's struggle to obey and stay with her beloved Muslim family clashes with the growing self-discovery that she's a lesbian. From Jordan to America, Luma must decide what it means to be herself, and what she's willing to sacrifice for that chance.

    Cover of From Here
  • Give Me a Sign

    Lilah is hard of hearing and relies upon lipreading and hearing aids to function in daily life. When she goes to a camp for deaf and blind kids as a counselor to brush up on her ASL, she’s not expecting to make friends and find love.

    Cover of Give Me a Sign
  • Godly Heathens

    Gem is having fun in high school exploring their sexuality and gender identity, but their life is completely changed when they find out that they are the reincarnation of a god from another world

    Cover of Godly Heathens
  • Going Bicoastal

    It's almost summer and Natalya must decide whether to stay in NYC, find odd jobs, and perhaps talk to the cool girl she keeps bumping into. Or take an internship in LA at her mother's marketing firm. But what if there was a way to see what happens in both timelines?

    Cover of Going Bicoastal
  • Gorgeous Gruesome Faces

    After a scandal ends her career, Sunny Lee joins a K-pop workshop to reconnect with former groupmate Candie and find out what happened the night the third member of their group tragically died.

    Cover of Gorgeous Gruesome Faces
  • Hidden Systems

    Have you ever wondered about where the things we use every day come from? This graphic nonfiction describes the history, science, and people behind the utilities that run our lives.

    Cover of Hidden Systems
  • I'd Rather Burn than Bloom

    Marisol never got along with her mother—but when she suddenly dies in a car crash, Marisol is left to contend with what it means to find peace.

    Cover of I'd Rather Burn than Bloom
  • In Limbo

    In this coming-of-age graphic memoir, Lee shares her experiences with racism, mental wellness, identity, and parental dynamics with her mother. TW: Eating Disorder, Attempted Suicide

    Cover of In Limbo
  • In My Feelings

    Dr. Annan succinctly and thoughtfully explores universal teen emotions, unpacking the concept of emotional intelligence. In My Feelings asks readers to reconsider emotions as useful signals or messengers, not scary thoughts that need to be avoided.

    Cover of In My Feelings
  • Lion's Legacy

    After a disagreement while filming a reaity TV show, Tenessee and his archeologist dad have a falling out. After two years of not communicating, his dad unexpectedly shows up and invites Tennessee on a new adventure.

    Cover of Lion's Legacy
  • Love's in Sight!, Vol. 1

    Morio’s tough exterior usually scares people off, but since Yukiko has low vision, all she notices is the lovesick sweetheart underneath the facade.

    Cover of Love's in Sight!, Vol. 1
  • Made of Stars

    Shane and Ava lead a life of interplanetary crime. Cyrus is fresh out of military school and ready to keep the peace at all costs. But when Cyrus learns that his general has plans that would destroy the world he’s stationed on, he suddenly finds himself allied with the outlaws.

    Cover of Made of Stars
  • Magic Has No Borders

    Edited by Sona Charaipotra, Samira Ahmed | New twists on old tales in this collection of South Asian folklore, legends, and short stories retold by contemporary authors.

    Cover of Magic Has No Borders
  • The Making of Yolanda La Bruja

    Unsure of what to do when the new kid is acting sketchy, Yolanda channels her Brujas Diosas to guide her. With the help of her ancestors and South Bronx community, Yolanda finds a way to protect her loved ones and stand up for what’s right. CW school shooting, gun violence.

    Cover of The Making of Yolanda La Bruja
  • Money Out Loud: All the Financial Stuff No One Taught Us

    Illustrated by Monique Sterling | Tackle your financial fears and trauma with real conversations about money management in real life.

    Cover of Money Out Loud: All the Financial Stuff No One Taught Us
  • Monstrous: A Transracial Adoption Story

    Sarah Myer's graphic memoir covers their childhood as a transracial adoptee growing up in the American South during the 1990s. Sarah struggles to connect with the world around them, often finding the only way to truly express themselves is through their art.

    Cover of Monstrous: A Transracial Adoption Story
  • The Moon on a Rainy Night, Vol. 1

    Saki learns her new classmate, Kanon, has isolated herself because she's extremely hard of hearing, but once she cracks Kanon's cold exterior, she discovers a girl she can't wait to get to know better.

    Cover of The Moon on a Rainy Night, Vol. 1
  • The Next New Syrian Girl

    Khadija is not happy when Leene, a refugee from Syria, comes to stay with her family. It only brings attention to the fact that in her mother's eyes, she is not a perfect Syrian daughter. What happens when Khadija and Leene discover their stories may not be so different?

    Cover of The Next New Syrian Girl
  • Nigeria Jones

    Nigeria has not known life outside of The Movement, a Black separatist group led by her father. When her mother disappears, Nigeria learns that she was preparing a separate life for them.

    Cover of Nigeria Jones
  • Only This Beautiful Moment

    Moud has always felt more connected to his grandfather than his own father. A visit to Iran not only reveals the country's deep history, but hidden family secrets as well.

    Cover of Only This Beautiful Moment
  • The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    To protect her careless and free lifestyle, Lady Camembert takes up the guise of a man and intends to lay low in her new city. When Princess Brie of Fromage—activist and fashionista—catches her attention, their growing romance puts both of their futures at risk.

    Cover of The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  • Project Nought

    It's 1996 and Ren is suddenly transported 126 years into the future. He finds himself in the year 2122 as part of a time travel experiment. But what happens when the future decides it's done with him?

    Cover of Project Nought
  • Promise Boys

    When J.B., Ramón, and Trey find themselves as the prime suspects in the murder of their principal, they take matters into their own hands to clear their names.

    Cover of Promise Boys
  • The Queens of New York: A Novel

    Everett, Ariel, and Jia are spending their first summer apart. Despite the miles between them, their friendship is as important as ever as they navigate racism at theater camp, grapple with unresolved grief, and balance family obligations with hopes and dreams of their own.

    Cover of The Queens of New York: A Novel
  • Rez Ball

    Tre is the star basketball player of his high school and its up to him to represent his Ojibwe rez and take his team to the state championships for the first time.

    Cover of Rez Ball
  • Saints of the Household

    When brothers Max and Jay step in to help a classmate, the struggle turns violent, leaving them to worry about taking after their abusive father. The once inseparable Bribri American brothers look to their futures, wondering if growing up needs to mean growing apart.

    Cover of Saints of the Household
  • Secret of the Moon Conch

    A moon conch connects Sitlali, who's fleeing from Mexico to the US in 2019, and Calizto, in 1521 just before the fall of the Aztec Empire. Can their love truly change history?

    Cover of Secret of the Moon Conch
  • Something More

    Join Jessie as she navigates her first year of high school right after learning she has autism. What happens when Jessie finds herself torn between two very different boys? Will she find out the true meaning of love and friendship?

    Cover of Something More
  • Stars in Their Eyes: A Graphic Novel

    Maisie looks forward to meeting her hero, an actress who also has a lower leg amputation, at a convention. When she meets Ollie, she gets sidetracked, leading her to wonder if her day with them is what love feels like.

    Cover of Stars in Their Eyes: A Graphic Novel
  • The Summer Hikaru Died, Vol. 1

    Yoshiki's best friend, Hikaru, has just come back from a trip to the mountains. But something is not quite right. Where is the real Hikaru and why is this thing pretending to be him?

    Cover of The Summer Hikaru Died, Vol. 1
  • Superman: The Harvests of Youth

    Following the death of a classmate attached to an online conspiracy theory group, Clark Kent looks to be the support his town needs. But when another student helps the group plot an attack on the people of Smallville, can Superman put a stop to something he can’t fight?

    Cover of Superman: The Harvests of Youth
  • Their Vicious Games

    Adina has lost everything after being provoked at her private, predominantly white high school. But everything changes when she's invited by the town's founding family to compete in a high-stakes contest where the winner gets their wildest dreams granted.

    Cover of Their Vicious Games
  • Those Who Saw The Sun

    Listen up! This collection of interviews with some of our Black Elders sheds light on their childhoods in the Jim Crow South. Reading these oral histories reminds us that we are all connected to the past, and that it’s important to hear about experiences other than our own.

    Cover of Those Who Saw The Sun
  • The Twenty-One

    "Just look at what random teenagers can do." Twenty-one Americans aged 8 to 18 sue the Federal government for actively working against providing them with a sustainable climate.

    Cover of The Twenty-One
  • What Stalks Among Us

    A day of playing hooky leads to a waking nightmare when Sadie and Logan find themselves trapped in a never-ending, ever-changing corn maze with the belongings and bodies of those who visited before them—including those of past versions of themselves.

    Cover of What Stalks Among Us
  • Where You See Yourself

    Effie has spent her life battling odds as a person with a visible disability. But during her senior year, she's overloaded with discrimination, college applications... and a cute boy. How is Effie supposed to navigate these new worlds where she doesn't see herself represented?

    Cover of Where You See Yourself
  • Young Queer America: Real Stories and Faces of LGBTQ+ Youth

    Hear from queer youth themselves through their collected personal essays and unfiltered photographs, coast to coast!

    Cover of Young Queer America: Real Stories and Faces of LGBTQ+ Youth