Best Books for Kids 2023

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  • 9 Kilometers

    Art by Gabriela Lyon. Translated by Lawrence Schimel | Detailed acrylic illustrations convey the daily arduous journey that a young Chilean child makes in order to receive the education they so richly deserve. Extensive backmatter includes information about trips to school for children of other cultures.

    Cover of 9 Kilometers
  • An American Story

    Art by Dare Coulter | A teacher struggles to tell the story of American slavery in a society reluctant to grapple with its past atrocities. Mixed media illustrations and potent text convey the story of a people's strength, struggle, and resilience.

    Cover of An American Story
  • Ancestory: The Mystery and Majesty of Ancient Cave Art

    Luminous illustrations guide readers through the history and mystery of ancient art from the caves of Papua New Guinea to the deserts of North America.

    Cover of Ancestory: The Mystery and Majesty of Ancient Cave Art
  • Aniana del Mar Jumps In

    Recently diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, Aniana must navigate the dual obstacles of chronic pain and the familial trauma that keeps her mother stubbornly opposed to the young athlete’s dreams of life as a professional swimmer.

    Cover of Aniana del Mar Jumps In
  • At the Drop of a Cat

    Art by Violeta Lópiz. Translated by Karin Snelson and Emilie Robert Wong | In this heartwarming story translated from French, lush illustrations provide a verdant backdrop as a young child lovingly speaks about his grandfather. Luis, a Spanish refugee living in France, never learned to read or write, nonetheless his grandson admires his many talents.

    Cover of At the Drop of a Cat
  • Benita y las criaturas nocturnas

    Arte de Cocoretto | Cuando Benita comienza a leer su nuevo libro, recibe la visita de criaturas monstruosas. Pero en lugar de asustarla, los espeluznantes visitantes aprenden el placer de perderse en un buen libro. Esta historia divertida presenta de manera juguetona monstruos del folclor peruano.

    Cover of Benita y las criaturas nocturnas
  • Big

    A young girl transcends opinions of her to hold space for herself and own the person she is both inside and out. Powerful, full-page illustrations and striking use of color push the limits of the picture book form.

    Cover of Big
  • Big Tune

    Art by Shamar Knight-Justice | Shane brings his community together after a broken speaker threatens to end his Jamaican American community's weekly dancehall parties. Told in colorful collage illustrations, this is an exuberant story filled with joy that highlights one of NYC's most dynamic enclaves.

    Cover of Big Tune
  • The Boy Who Tried to Shrink His Name

    Art by Michelle Pereira | Zimdalamashkermishkada starts at a new school and is afraid others will have trouble pronouncing his name. He tries many ways to shrink his name until his friends help him see it from a new perspective.

    Cover of The Boy Who Tried to Shrink His Name
  • Breaking to the Beat!

    Art by Frank Morrison | Manolo, a shy Puerto Rican boy, discovers confidence that he never knew existed when he joins a break dancing team in the Boogie Down Bronx. Bold illustrations highlight the energetic dance moves of him and his crew in this historical fiction tale about the birth of hip-hop.

    Cover of Breaking to the Beat!
  • Bunny and Tree

    Bunny is separated from its colony and turns to a shape-shifting tree for help. Through nine wordless, thoughtfully illustrated acts, they brave predators, sail across oceans and fly through the sky in search of Bunny's new home.

    Cover of Bunny and Tree
  • Bábo

    Art by Anait Semirdzhyan | It's rug washing day! Tato and her siblings help Bábo soak, soap, and wash the family rugs clean in a story filled with lively action words that shows doing chores can be fun! Backmatter, including a glossary of Artsakh Armenian words, gives more detail on this family tradition.

    Cover of Bábo
  • Calling the Moon: 16 Period Stories from BIPOC Authors

    This empowering collection of short stories written by authors of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds shares the joy, gravity, and humor of menstruation from an array of perspectives.

    Cover of Calling the Moon: 16 Period Stories from BIPOC Authors
  • Cape

    Art by Kitt Thomas | A young Black child draws strength from their beloved superhero cape after the death of a loved one. Evocative and immersive illustrations and gentle text convey the experience of grief from a child's perspective.

    Cover of Cape
  • Chef Edna

    Art by Cozbi A. Cabrera | Meet Chef Edna Lewis, who introduced the flavors and traditions of southern cooking to New York City and the broader world. Lushly textured illustrations and evocative text tell the story of Edna's delicious success.

    Cover of Chef Edna
  • Chinese Menu

    From dumplings to fortune cookies, delectable short stories tell the origin legends of Chinese American menu staples.

    Cover of Chinese Menu
  • Con la cabeza en alto

    Arte de Vanessa Jaramillo | Únase a Paty y la comunidad de Sarayaku mientras luchan contra viento y marea para defender sus bosques sagrados de las compañías petroleras. Basada en una historia real de organización comunitaria y protesta.

    Cover of Con la cabeza en alto
  • Contenders

    Art by Arigon Starr | It's the 1911 World Series! For the first time, two Native American players, John Meyers and Charles Bender, are facing off on the field. Hand-drawn illustrations inspired by Cahuilla and Ojibwe art and archival photos recount their lives and the racism they experienced.

    Cover of Contenders
  • Cross My Heart and Never Lie

    In this sweetly sensitive graphic diary, 12-year-old Tuva navigates the difficulties that come with being a tween: balancing kid stuff with growing up, exploring relationships and first crushes, all while figuring out who she is and what she wants.

    Cover of Cross My Heart and Never Lie
  • Curlfriends: New in Town

    Twelve-year-old military kid Charlie Harper is no stranger to being the new kid. Middle school means a fresh start, and she is convinced this is her chance to be cool. However, Charlie feels like fitting in might mean pretending to be someone she isn't.

    Cover of Curlfriends: New in Town
  • Dear Mothman

    Through letters written to the mysterious Mothman of local lore, Noah explores the grief of losing his best friend and what it means to be trans.

    Cover of Dear Mothman
  • Deephaven

    Something sinister lurks in the halls of Deephaven Academy. Amid new friendships and rivalries, young nonbinary inventor Nev quickly discovers that the school contains dark secrets that put every student in peril.

    Cover of Deephaven
  • Do You Remember?

    A boy and his mother reflect on the past to bring comfort through a major life change. Poignantly illustrated vignettes depict the memories of birthdays, picnics, and heartfelt moments that help calm their spirits on their first night in a new home.

    Cover of Do You Remember?
  • Donde el corazón te lleva: La historia de Dindim y Joao

    Arte de Susannah Crispe, traducido por Ana Pániker | Un pingüino llega a la orilla del mar y hace un amigo humano, Joao, que cuida de él. Incluso después de regresar con sus compañeros pingüinos, no puede olvidar a Joao y emprende un largo viaje para reunirse.

    Cover of Donde el corazón te lleva: La historia de Dindim y Joao
  • Doodles from the Boogie Down

    In the Bronx circa 2000, it's time for eighth-grader Steph to apply to high school. Will she pick the private Catholic school chosen by her protective Dominican mother or LaGuardia, where she can pursue her own dreams of becoming an artist?

    Cover of Doodles from the Boogie Down
  • Eerie Tales from the School of Screams

    Emily and Davis don't want to tell a spooky story... but their classmates do! Creepy tales of ghosts, aliens, and other fantastical creatures will scare and delight.

    Cover of Eerie Tales from the School of Screams
  • El amor más grande

    Arte de Beck Feiner, traducido por Luis Amavisca & Ude AutumnLeaf | El amor de un padre hacia su hijo es más grande que una ciudad y más grande que una galaxia. El amor es aun más grande que el infinito.

    Cover of El amor más grande
  • El rebaño

    Arte de Guridi | Cuando una oveja traviesa se niega a hacer su trabajo en ayudar a un niño a dormir comienza la comedía.

    Cover of El rebaño
  • El sapo

    Traducido por Salvador Figueirido | ¿Cuánto sabes sobre los sapos? Sumérgete en este divertido libro lleno de datos re-salta-ntes y anécdotas que te harán brincar de la risa.

    Cover of El sapo
  • The Eyes and the Impossible

    Art by Shawn Harris | In a wildlife park ruled by a cast of quirky animals, Johannes, a charismatic free dog and the appointed Eyes of the park, narrates a story that dips into the philosophical and the humorous while exploring themes of loss, community, love, and hope.

    Cover of The Eyes and the Impossible
  • The Fire, the Water, and Maudie McGinn

    Neurodivergent Maudie settles into a small California town after wildfires force her to evacuate her dad's. As she learns to express herself through surfing, Maudie struggles with whether to confide in her dad about the physical and emotional abuse she experiences at her mom's house.

    Cover of The Fire, the Water, and Maudie McGinn
  • Frankie and Friends

    Art by Alea Marley | When Frankie's mom leaves to cover a breaking news story, Frankie copes by creating her own news show with the help of some imaginary pals and a furry friend. Can this news crew discover the source of the mysterious crying?

    Cover of Frankie and Friends
  • From Here to There

    Art by Ya-Ling Huang | Learn how to use and draw maps in everyday life! With child-friendly illustrations and a warm father-daughter bond, this book is a fun journey into the world of cartography.

    Cover of From Here to There
  • Ghost Girl

    Art by Alyssa Waterbury | While visiting their grandmother, 10-year-old Sly discovers the trapped spirit of a long-lost relative. Using their quick wit and intuition, Sly must decipher clues to free both their distant cousin and their grandmother from an eternity behind the mysterious mirror.

    Cover of Ghost Girl
  • Glitter Everywhere!

    Art by Chaaya Prabhat | From flitter to slivers to glitter: an engaging and wide-ranging look into the history, future, and impact of the sparkly stuff that has fascinated people for ages.

    Cover of Glitter Everywhere!
  • Great Carrier Reef

    Art by Gordy Wright | Dive deep to see new life flourish as a former aircraft carrier is transformed into the world's largest artificial reef.

    Cover of Great Carrier Reef
  • Greenwild

    Before Daisy’s mother disappeared, she instructed her daughter to seek help in Kew Gardens should something go wrong. Now that everything has fallen apart and Daisy is on her own, she must travel to a magical world to find her mother, herself, and the many meanings of family.

    Cover of Greenwild
  • Hands

    Twelve-year-old Trev just wants to protect his family. When he learns his violent stepfather is scheduled to be released from jail, Trev feels torn between using his hands to fight or to make art. Compelling prose and complex characters create a story that hits hard.

    Cover of Hands
  • Holding Her Own

    Art by Shannon Wright | Explore the life and legacy of Black cartoonist Jackie Ormes through joyful illustrations that reflect her evolving art style. This story draws attention to an oft-overlooked artist whose significant accomplishments broke down barriers of her time.

    Cover of Holding Her Own
  • Hoops

    When Title IX creates funding for a girls' basketball team, Judi gives up her spot on the cheer squad to join the Lady Bears. With enough determination and hard work, can the team earn their rights to equal treatment and climb their way to the championship?

    Cover of Hoops
  • The House That Whispers

    Between growing family tension, an increasingly forgetful grandma, and being called a name that feels all wrong, Simon is miserable on a would-be fun trip to Nanaleen's. When a ghost hunting game gets too real, Simon must fix everything before his life completely falls apart.

    Cover of The House That Whispers
  • How the Sea Came to Be

    Art by Amanda Hall | Travel back to the beginning of time and to the bottom of the sea in this captivating journey with vivid art and engaging verse that chronicles how life in our oceans has evolved over time.

    Cover of How the Sea Came to Be
  • How to Bird

    Discover the joy of birding in the heart of the city! This approachable and inclusive guide for children introduces birdwatching strategies that make nature accessible.

    Cover of How to Bird
  • I'm From

    Art by Oge Mora | A glimpse into the daily life of a young Black boy as he recognizes his place within his family and community and affirms: "I come from / somewhere."

    Cover of I'm From
  • José and El Perro

    Art by Gloria Félix | José tries to give the new family dog commands, but Feliz just won't obey—that is, until José realizes that his dog doesn't understand Spanish. He is determined to make Feliz as bilingual as the rest of the family.

    Cover of José and El Perro
  • Juego de libertad: Mestre Bimba y el arte de la Capoeira

    ¡Patada! ¡Golpe! ¡Salto! ¡Axé! La Capoeira es una combinación de artes marciales, acrobacias, danza y música. Descubre cómo estos movimientos rítmicos fueron inicialmente prohibidos y luego se convirtieron en una nueva tradición brasileña.

    Cover of Juego de libertad: Mestre Bimba y el arte de la Capoeira
  • Jumper

    Think, feel, move, JUMP! Discover the world from a bug's eye view in this immersive and informative look at a day in the life of an amazing arachnid.

    Cover of Jumper
  • Just Like Grandma

    Art by Julie Flett | In this warmly illustrated tale about a Native American family, Becca admires her grandmother's traditional beading and Fancy Shawl dancing, while Grandma appreciates Becca's basketball skills. Together, they realize that they have more in common than they thought.

    Cover of Just Like Grandma
  • Kicks in the Sky

    Ever wonder how those sneakers got on the power line? In this exuberant, energetic, and neon-hued story, a group of city kids develop skills beyond their wildest dreams as they search for an answer that "only the birds know."

    Cover of Kicks in the Sky
  • Lasagna Means I Love You

    Feeling disconnected from her roots when she finds herself in the New York City foster care system, Mo begins writing letters to her late grandmother. Inspired by a stolen cookbook, Mo builds a website and connects with others to share recipes and find her relatives.

    Cover of Lasagna Means I Love You
  • Link + Hud: Heroes by a Hair

    Imaginative brothers Lincoln and Hudson Dupré may have met their match when their parents hire a new, no-nonsense babysitter. Will Ms. Joyce put the boys in their place, or will Link and Hud retire yet another sitter?

    Cover of Link + Hud: Heroes by a Hair
  • The Lion Queen

    Art by Tara Anand | A compelling story of the first woman charged to protect India's Gir Forest and the endangered Asiatic lions that live there. Learn how her courage to pursue her dream inspired other women to do the same.

    Cover of The Lion Queen
  • The Lost Year

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, Matthew's Ukrainian American great-grandmother moves in. When Matthew discovers letters exchanged between cousins during the famine in 1930s Ukraine, his relationship with GG and understanding of her life and true identity are permanently altered.

    Cover of The Lost Year
  • Magia

    Una niña que crece en una finca de piñas en Mexico aprende el verdadero significado de la palabra magia y como esta puede encontrarse tanto en los momentos alegres y brillantes así como tristes y oscuros.

    Cover of Magia
  • Mama Shamsi at the Bazaar

    Art by Maya Fidawi | Samira is overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of the bazaar in Tehran. Through the fantastical lens of her grandmother's imagination and the comfort of her chador, Samira sees the joys and wonders of her bustling community and discovers that sometimes a little whimsy goes a long way.

    Cover of Mama Shamsi at the Bazaar
  • The Many Masks of Andy Zhou

    Andy has a lot on his plate: middle school, changing friendships, complicated family, and his own anxiety. Through a budding passion for art, Andy finds ways to help others in his life and discovers who he wants to be in this contemporary slice-of-life story.

    Cover of The Many Masks of Andy Zhou
  • Mascot

    A broad range of emotions, opinions, and cultures are on display when seventh graders at Rye Middle School debate the implications of their school's racially charged mascot.

    Cover of Mascot
  • Mehndi Boy

    Art by Jani Balakumar | Tehzeeb loves creating beautiful mehndi designs for his family and friends. When his uncle insists it's for girls, will Tez still enjoy practicing mehndi?

    Cover of Mehndi Boy
  • Mexikid

    As the first kid in his family to be born in the U.S., Pedro often feels more American than Mexican. While on a family roadtrip to bring his abuelito from Mexico to live in California, Pedro reconnects with his roots and learns more about the place his family calls home.

    Cover of Mexikid
  • Mil mariposas blancas

    Arte de Gina Maldonado, traducido por Carlos E. Calvo | Isabella acaba de mudarse de Colombia a los Estados Unidos y está entusiasmada con su primer día de clases. ¡Oh no! La escuela está cerrada debido a una tormenta de nieve. Con la ayuda de una amiga, ¿pudiese Isabella encontrar alegría en este nuevo clima?

    Cover of Mil mariposas blancas
  • The Mona Lisa Vanishes

    Art by Brett Helquist | The Mona Lisa has gone missing from the Louvre! Was it a daring thief, a famous painter, or someone else? Experience early 1900s Paris, meet legendary detectives, and contemplate the strange life of Leonardo da Vinci in this thrilling exploration of art, history, and fame.

    Cover of The Mona Lisa Vanishes
  • The Monkey Trial

    Meet John Scopes, arrested in 1925 for daring to teach about evolution. A narrative rich in primary sources vividly portrays the clash between science and religion, the intense media scrutiny, and the bravery of a teacher who challenged convention.

    Cover of The Monkey Trial
  • Mr. S

    A group of students arrive on the first day to find an impressive-looking sandwich seated at the teacher's desk. Baffled, they wonder, could this be their teacher? Hilarity ensues in this silly and unexpected story.

    Cover of Mr. S
  • My Baba's Garden

    Art by Sydney Smith | Tender illustrations tell the story of a young child and their grandmother. Despite the fact that they speak two different languages, they connect as they care for a garden together and, in the process, create a deep and lasting bond.

    Cover of My Baba's Garden
  • My Indigo World

    From seed to plant to the bluest blue of all, learn how indigo dye is crafted in community through a practice inspired by traditional jjok dyeing in Korea.

    Cover of My Indigo World
  • Nena, y Roberta ¿dónde está?

    Una conmovedora historia sobre una abuela y su nieta en una misión para rescatar momentos olvidados. A lo largo de su aventura, aprenden que aunque a veces la memoria se desvanece, el amor persiste.

    Cover of Nena, y Roberta ¿dónde está?
  • Nothing Else but Miracles

    Pop has gone off to fight in World War II. With no mother to keep them in line, Dory and her brothers rely upon the kindness of their Lower East Side community and their own ingenuity to outsmart a nosy landlord, solve a mystery, and hold things together until Pop comes home.

    Cover of Nothing Else but Miracles
  • Nuestro techo es azul

    Arte de Ashley Vargas | Después de que un huracán destruye su hogar en Puerto Rico, Antonio y su familia recurren a utilizar una lona azul como techo improvisado. Esta historia narra como dos hermanos encuentran consuelo tejiendo cuentos inspirados en el dosel azul que los cubre.

    Cover of Nuestro techo es azul
  • Papá's Magical Water-Jug Clock

    Art by Eliza Kinkz | Jesus is excited to go to work with Papa! Papa explains that when the water jug is empty, their work is done, so clever Jesus hatches a plan to distribute all the water by midday. Told through distinct, hand-drawn art, this story presents a balanced lesson about patience and ingenuity.

    Cover of Papá's Magical Water-Jug Clock
  • Parachute Kids

    When Mama's visa extension is denied, the Lin kids must stay behind in the U.S. while their mom travels back to Taiwan. With support from family friends, they must learn how to live in this new country, lean on each other, and handle tough life lessons together.

    Cover of Parachute Kids
  • The Party Diaires

    Art by Aaliya Jaleel | Contemplative Priya and her extroverted best friend plan a color-themed birthday party for Priya's aunt.

    Cover of The Party Diaires
  • Rainbow Shopping

    A recently emigrated Chinese family is usually too busy working to dine together. Textured illustrations provide a feeling of home as they take a long train ride to Chinatown to gather colorful ingredients for a meal that will bring them all together.

    Cover of Rainbow Shopping
  • Remember

    Art by Michaela Goade | A contemplative reminder of our universal connection to the earth and to each other, grounded in Mvskoke tradition. Dreamlike illustrations evoke Tlingit creation stories and landscapes in this new presentation of Harjo's acclaimed poem.

    Cover of Remember
  • Remember Us

    It's summer in "The Matchbox" Bushwick, and seventh-grader Sage just wants to play basketball. But outside the game, there's a world of changing friendships, sudden deaths, and homes lost and found. A gritty but lyrical look at what "once was" in 1970s Brooklyn.

    Cover of Remember Us
  • Rock, Rosetta, Rock! Roll, Rosetta, Roll!

    Art by R. Gregory Christie | Sister Rosetta Tharpe rock and rolled her way to stardom from a young age and became a major genre-crossing musical influence. Tharpe's story is illustrated in blocky colors as bold as her playing.

    Cover of Rock, Rosetta, Rock! Roll, Rosetta, Roll!
  • Roll, Roll, Little Pea

    Art by Magali Attiogbé | When one little pea escapes its bowl, an adventure begins. Chant along through the interactive text and vibrant art as little pea narrowly escapes the cat that will crunch, the pig that will munch, and the wolf that will devour it!

    Cover of Roll, Roll, Little Pea
  • Ruby Lost and Found

    It's the worst punishment 13-year-old Ruby could imagine: being forced to spend the summer at her grandmother's senior center. As Ruby delves deeper into her Chinese American community, she grapples with her grandfather's death and concern for Nai-Nai's fading memory.

    Cover of Ruby Lost and Found
  • Salma Makes a Home

    Art by Anna Bron | Salma's father is finally reuniting with the family in Canada, but she fears he won't love their new home as much as he loves Damascus.

    Cover of Salma Makes a Home
  • Saving Sunshine

    Muslim twins Zara and Zeeshan can't seem to get along! While on a family trip, they find an ailing sea turtle and realize they must work together to save its life and unite against the prejudice they face.

    Cover of Saving Sunshine
  • Search for a Giant Squid

    Art by Andy Chou Musser | Go on a deep-sea dive in this pick-your-path adventure! Readers choose a team, submarine, and route on their quest to spot an elusive giant squid.

    Cover of Search for a Giant Squid
  • Shipwrecked!

    Plunge into the depths of seven famed shipwrecks around the world and learn how they've contributed to our understanding of the past.

    Cover of Shipwrecked!
  • Sisters of the Lost Marsh

    Six sisters beset by one curse. Young Willa isn't about to let superstition dictate her family's fate, nor her cruel father, the mysterious Full Moon Fayre, or even the Shadow Man.

    Cover of Sisters of the Lost Marsh
  • The Skull

    Otilla stumbles upon a dark castle where a lonely talking skull resides. A true friendship can be found in the most unlikely of places.

    Cover of The Skull
  • The Sky Is Not the Limit

    Lyrical text and minimalist art guide budding astronomers on a journey with Voyager 2 over more than four decades of space exploration.

    Cover of The Sky Is Not the Limit
  • Stars of the Night

    Art by Selina Alko | Follow the perilous journey of a group of children at the outset of World War II in Czechoslovakia to safety in England and their relentless search for family in the aftermath. Poignant and layered art illustrates a gripping tale of survival and defiance.

    Cover of Stars of the Night
  • The Swifts: A Dictionary of Scoundrels

    Art by Claire Powell | The Swift family reunion gives young Shenanigan an opportunity to hunt for Grand Uncle Vile's hidden treasure. But when someone shoves Arch-Aunt Schadenfreude down the stairs, things take a dark and deadly turn, and Shenanigan employs her relatives' help to track down the killer.

    Cover of The Swifts: A Dictionary of Scoundrels
  • Thank a Farmer

    Art by Monica Mikai | Meet a diverse group of farmers that provide us with the food we eat every day. Told through colorful illustrations with text that begs to be read aloud.

    Cover of Thank a Farmer
  • That Flag

    Art by Nikkolas Smith | Keira and Bianca are best friends, but only at school. At home, Bianca's family flies a Confederate flag, and their differing perspectives on the flag's meaning cause conflict. When a tragedy occurs in their community, they must grapple with the flag's impact and racist history.

    Cover of That Flag
  • There Was a Party for Langston

    Art by Jerome and Jarrett Pumphrey | There's a party at the Schomburg Center and everyone's invited! Through a cast of famous luminaries of the 20th century, this beautiful and moving celebration of the life and work of Langston Hughes is told through handmade stamped illustrations and poetic text.

    Cover of There Was a Party for Langston
  • These Olive Trees

    A young Palestinian girl is forced to leave her home at a refugee camp along with the precious olive trees her family has cultivated. In pages of moving prose and distinctive illustrations, she finds a way to continue her family's legacy and sustain a connection to her homeland.

    Cover of These Olive Trees
  • They Hold the Line

    Art by Molly Mendoza | Lightning strikes, a spark ignites, smoke billows, and danger lurks! Vivid art and powerful text highlight the complex job of firefighters who battle fierce wildfires.

    Cover of They Hold the Line
  • Things in the Basement

    Milo ventures into the labyrinthian depths beneath his new house and discovers a world of adventure he never anticipated.

    Cover of Things in the Basement
  • To the Other Side

    In search of safety, a young girl invents a game to help her brother endure the long, hard journey across the border to asylum in a new home. Despite fears of monsters and unknowns, the refugee children remain motivated and resilient, even when the game is no longer fun.

    Cover of To the Other Side
  • Total Garbage

    Art by John Hendrix | Where does the garbage we make go and what happens to it once it gets there? Learn how our choices and those of the people and companies around us contribute to global waste and what we can do to lessen our impact.

    Cover of Total Garbage
  • The Train Home

    When a girl grows tired of her loud and crowded apartment, she takes a magical subway ride to fantastical destinations throughout the city.

    Cover of The Train Home
  • Two Tribes

    Since her Muskogee father and Jewish mother separated when she was three, Mia is constantly caught in between—out of place in her Jewish school and disconnected from her Indigenous roots. Can she find a way to forge an identity of her own and embrace all parts of herself?

    Cover of Two Tribes
  • The Umbrella Maker's Son

    In a city of unending rain, Oliver Buckle is expected to follow in his father's footsteps of umbrella-making. Fate, however, has different plans that will plunge Oliver and his best friend into a wild adventure on their way to the heart of a weather conspiracy.

    Cover of The Umbrella Maker's Son
  • The Unlovable Alina Butt

    Alina is a misfit: an awkward tween from Pakistan with frizzy hair, a nose she hasn't quite grown into, and a last name that is the "butt" of every joke. As Alina navigates new friendships and stands up to bullies, her confidence and self-understanding begin to take shape.

    Cover of The Unlovable Alina Butt
  • Unseen Jungle

    Art by Rob Wilson | Discover all the icky, silly, and DISGUSTING facts about the microbial world. From mind-controlling microbes to fart-saving termites, this is a truly engrossing adventure for the science-curious.

    Cover of Unseen Jungle
  • Valiente como un león

    Leonora supera sus miedos con la ayuda de su amigo león. Pero cuando el dúo prueba una resbaldilla nueva, le toca a ella ser valiente.

    Cover of Valiente como un león
  • The Walk

    Art by E.B. Lewis | A young girl and her neighbors walk together to participate in an important act of democracy: voting! Photorealistic illustrations modeled after a real-life town highlight how the difficult journey to the polls can be made easier through the power of community.

    Cover of The Walk
  • Wepa

    Mia no es como los demas: es creativa e inteligente. Algunos dicen que es demasiado desordenada o demasiado ruidosa. No es ella, es su wepa. ¿Podrá Mia encontrar un lugar donde quepa su wepa? Una historia que celebra el TDAH y la individualidad.

    Cover of Wepa
  • Whale Fall

    Art by Rob Dunlavey | What happens when a whale dies? One creature's end brings a new beginning as the whale becomes a feast for deep sea dwellers and a home to nourish all kinds of organisms from zombie worms to microbes.

    Cover of Whale Fall
  • What Happened to Rachel Riley?

    Aspiring investigative journalist Anna Hunt wants to figure out her new school dynamics and why no one talks to Rachel Riley. Anna dives in and uncovers an iceberg of issues, including Rachel's ostracization, pressure to remain silent, and sexual harassment disguised as a game.

    Cover of What Happened to Rachel Riley?
  • When You Can Swim

    Beautifully rendered, warm, pastel and watercolor illustrations depict diverse families enjoying swimming in the outdoors. Lyrical prose affirms that all children have a safe, joyful place in nature.

    Cover of When You Can Swim
  • Where the Lockwood Grows

    In this skillfully spun futuristic story, two sisters set out to uncover the sinister truth behind the vines that keep their town in never-ending darkness.

    Cover of Where the Lockwood Grows
  • Will on the Inside

    Amid the challenges of middle school, Will receives a diagnosis of Crohn's disease that may mean the end of soccer. His friendships, social standing, and identity suddenly feel a lot more complicated, and he must embrace who he is, both inside and out.

    Cover of Will on the Inside
  • Window Fishing

    Art by Rudy Gutierrez | When a boy hangs a paperclip on a string out of his window, the artist downstairs draws a colorful fish for the boy to reel in. Whimsical, brightly colored art illustrates how their clever idea catches on and spreads delight throughout their East Harlem neighborhood.

    Cover of Window Fishing
  • A Work in Progress

    Told through verse, prose, and illustration, this intimate and powerful novel tackles bullying, eating disorders, and self-esteem issues from the perspective of a middle school boy on the road to healing and self-acceptance.

    Cover of A Work in Progress
  • Worm and Caterpillar Are Friends

    Worm and Caterpillar are best friends! They have so much in common. Can their friendship survive some big changes?

    Cover of Worm and Caterpillar Are Friends
  • The Year My Life Went Down the Toilet

    The last thing Al Schneider wants to do is talk about her stomach problems, but after a diagnosis of Crohn's disease, that's all anyone wants her to do! When Al joins a support group and meets Mina, suddenly it’s more than just Crohn’s causing the butterflies in her stomach.

    Cover of The Year My Life Went Down the Toilet
  • You Are Here: Connecting Flights

    In this series of interwoven short stories by AAPI authors, Asian American families find themselves stranded in an airport during a storm. While they wait it out, these characters resist, resolve, and find solidarity against racism to show the world that they belong.

    Cover of You Are Here: Connecting Flights
  • You So Black

    Art by London Ladd | A racially charged insult is reclaimed for Black pride and power through bold mixed-media collage and affirming text.

    Cover of You So Black
  • ¡El Cucuy también tiene miedo!

    Arte de Juliana Perdomo, traducido por Renata Somar | Ramón y El Cucuy hacen una pareja dispareja al descubrir que comparten los mismos miedos y una fuerte aversión al cambio.

    Cover of ¡El Cucuy también tiene miedo!