Best Books for Kids 2022

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  • A veces, yo soy todo lo que necesito

    ¡Este libro es como un cálido abrazo a ti mismo! Es estupendo disfrutar de la compañía de los demás, pero a veces tú eres todo lo que necesitas.

    Cover of A veces, yo soy todo lo que necesito
  • ¡A viajar, semillas!

    Lee cómo las semillas emprenden su viaje para convertirse en plantas nuevas. ¡Te sorprenderá descubrir que no es tan sencillo como caer del árbol!

  • Abdul's Story

    Illustrated by Tiffany Rose | Abdul is faced with the challenge of expressing himself through writing. The use of primary colors in this picture book speaks to the experience of being self-conscious at school and the warmth of finding a teacher who understands.

    Cover of Abdul's Story
  • Ablaze with Color: A Story of Painter Alma Thomas

    Illustrated by Loveis Wise | Pore over the life of American visual artist Alma Thomas, from her childhood through her career as a teacher to her later life as a painter and changemaker. A biography told in spare text to make space for vivid and colorful illustrations as bold and bright as their subject.

    Cover of Ablaze with Color: A Story of Painter Alma Thomas
  • Alias Anna: A True Story of Outwitting the Nazis

    Young Jewish piano prodigies Zhanna and Frina outsmart the Nazis at every turn as they are forced deep into the heart of Germany during World War II. The sisters rely on surprising allies and their own wit and will to survive in this incredible true story in verse.

    Cover of Alias Anna: A True Story of Outwitting the Nazis
  • Antarctica: The Melting Continent

    Illustrated by Angela Hsieh | An information-packed guide to an icebound continent where scientists live and research in some of the harshest conditions on Earth. Explore a changing landscape where dinosaurs used to roam and giant sea life swims beneath the shifting ice.

    Cover of Antarctica: The Melting Continent
  • April & Mae and the Tea Party

    Illustrated by Briana Dengoue | It's teatime for April and Mae, but uh-oh! As April tries to show off a new skill, one of Mae's favorite cups is accidentally broken. Can these two best friends work through their very first disagreement?

    Cover of April & Mae and the Tea Party
  • Aviva vs. the Dybbuk

    Aviva is overwhelmed. Why? Her father's death has left her mother depressed. Aviva is stuck planning the Best Bas Mitzvah Party Ever with her ex-friend. Anti-Semitic vandalism plagues the community. To top it all off, a mischievous dybbuk haunts her home.

    Cover of Aviva vs. the Dybbuk
  • Bathe the Cat

    Illustrated by David Roberts | A diverse family frantically attempts to clean the house before Grandma visits. Things take a wacky turn when the family cat mixes up the chore list to avoid a dreaded bath. Playful text pairs with watercolor and pencil illustrations to tell this silly tale.

    Cover of Bathe the Cat
  • Beauty Woke

    Illustrated by Paola Escobar | A positive and affirming poem about family and community coming together to help a child celebrate being Boricua. Bright illustrations bring the NYC backdrop to life.

    Cover of Beauty Woke
  • Berry Song

    Breathtaking artwork and sing-song verse depict an afternoon journey of berry foraging. A lyrical celebration of family and the Indigenous custom of giving thanks, "Gunalchéesh," to the land for what it provides.

    Cover of Berry Song
  • Black: The Many Wonders of My World

    Illustrated by Constance Moore | The second installment in a series of books celebrating the spectrums of color and race (the first being Brown: The Many Shades of Love), illustrated in crisp and colorful collage. A joyous ode that deliberately tackles anti-Black language in a rhyming, poetic style.

    Cover of Black: The Many Wonders of My World
  • Blast Off!: How Mary Sherman Morgan Fueled America into Space

    Illustrated by Sally Wern Comport | A brightly illustrated biography of Mary Sherman Morgan, America's first female rocket scientist. Using math, chemistry, and determination, she leads her team to develop the fuel needed to blast the first U.S. satellite into space.

    Cover of Blast Off!: How Mary Sherman Morgan Fueled America into Space
  • Blue

    Illustrated by Daniel Minter | Elegant illustrations will mesmerize younger readers, while older readers will learn something new about a familiar color—blue! A vibrant historical piece that is as poetic as it is informational. | Full title: Blue: A History of the Color As Deep As the Sea and As Wide As the Sky

    Cover of Blue
  • A Blue Kind of Day

    Illustrated by Tori-Jay Mordey | Coen is having the worst of days, and his family wants nothing more than to help cheer him up. In the end, they learn that what he really needs is for them to listen. An empathetic look at depression told with sparse yet powerful text and soft, realistic illustrations.

    Cover of A Blue Kind of Day
  • Breda's Island

    In this lushly descriptive story, rebellious Breda is sent to Ireland to stay with her cranky grandfather whom she's never met. Breda learns to love the land and Granda’s Gaelic stories. Along the way, she solves more than one family mystery.

    Cover of Breda's Island
  • La casita de Esperanza

    Ilustrado por Raúl Colón | Esperanza y su familia emigran de Cuba a los Estados Unidos. Su hogar les otorga consuelo y deciden convertirlo en un espacio seguro para otras familias necesitadas. Van y vienen, saliendo un poco más optimistas que cuando llegaron, haciéndola una verdadera casita de esperanza.

    Cover of La casita de Esperanza
  • Caves

    Illustrated by Kalen Chock | Spectacular illustrations of caves all over the world will enthrall budding spelunkers and armchair adventurers alike. Brave readers explore the depths and mysteries of some of nature's most hidden ecosystems.

    Cover of Caves
  • Chirimiri

    Una familia de pájaros necesita resguardarse de la lluvia. ¿Qué harán para mantenerse secos? Juega con los sonidos de las vocales y comprueba si puedes descifrar lo que cada pajarito está tratando de decir.

  • Choosing Brave

    Illustrated by Janelle Washington | A sensitive and approachable biography of Mamie, the mother of Emmett Till, told through graceful, paper-cut illustrations with bold silhouettes. Readers gain new insight into Mamie's life and how she and her son's legacy shaped the Civil Rights Movement. | Full title: Choosing Brave: How Mamie Till-Mobley and Emmett Till Sparked the Civil Rights Movement

    Cover of Choosing Brave
  • The Civil War of Amos Abernathy

    Amos volunteers at a historical site with his best friend, Chloe, and his new friend (and crush!) Ben. The trio's idea for a new exhibition on local queer history upsets Ben's family and others in the community. Who gets to decide which stories are told at the Living History Park?

    Cover of The Civil War of Amos Abernathy
  • The Clackity

    Illustrated by Alfredo Cáceres | Aunt Des has been abducted by a serial killer ghost to a terrifying otherworld. Now, Evie must make a desperate deal with The Clackity, a dreadful, conniving creature, in order to rescue her aunt.

    Cover of The Clackity
  • Copycat: Nature-Inspired Design Around the World

    Quick and witty tanka poems pair with lush illustrations and vibrant photographs to reveal the many ways that art, architecture, and design mimic the natural world.

    Cover of Copycat: Nature-Inspired Design Around the World
  • Counting in Dog Years and Other Sassy Math Poems

    Illustrated by Priscilla Tey | Fun-filled verses and imaginative illustrations add up to an accessible collection for even the most number-averse reader!

    Cover of Counting in Dog Years and Other Sassy Math Poems
  • Cómo Aidan llegó a ser un hermano

    Ilustrado por Kaylani Juanita | Traducido por Rita Elena Urquijo-Ruiz | ¡Hay un nuevo bebé en camino! ¿será niño o niña? A Aidan no le importa, ¡está emocionado por ser un hermano mayor! Se toma su nuevo trabajo muy en serio y su prioridad es asegurarse que el género del bebé no se dé por hecho como el suyo.

    Cover of Cómo Aidan llegó a ser un hermano
  • Cómo llegar a la luna

    Ilustrado por Ana Sender | Un niño y su abuelo dan un mágico paseo nocturno por el bosque. Por la mañana, vuelven con una gran historia que contar.

  • Daddy Speaks Love

    Illustrated by E.B. Lewis | Touching portraits of all kinds of loving fathers illustrate their lasting impact on the lives of their children and the world. Written in rhythmic verse, the text addresses unity and Black Lives Matter in a gentle, kid-appropriate way.

    Cover of Daddy Speaks Love
  • Days Like This

    Illustrated by Alice Gravier | From a beautiful poetic introduction to an ending that may pleasantly surprise readers, this charming and extraordinarily detailed picture book presents experiences in nature from two perspectives.

    Cover of Days Like This
  • The Depth of the Lake and the Height of the Sky

    A stunning wordless picture book in deep blue watercolor depicts a summer exploration through forest, lake, and field. A calming escape from the city that children and their caregivers can make their own with every read.

    Cover of The Depth of the Lake and the Height of the Sky
  • Does a Bulldozer Have a Butt?

    Illustrated by K-Fai Steele | On the way to school, a child and their dad walk through the city asking one of life's most important questions: what exactly has a butt? Pages filled with hidden details will have readers chuckling at every hilarious turn.

    Cover of Does a Bulldozer Have a Butt?
  • The Door of No Return

    In this searing verse novel, Asante-born Kofi challenges his bully cousin to a swimming competition to defend his crush, Ama. Suddenly, Kofi is traumatically and violently plunged into the world of slave trafficking when he is kidnapped and sold off to an unknown fate.

    Cover of The Door of No Return
  • Dragon Bones: The Fantastic Fossil Discoveries of Mary Anning

    Illustrated by Maris Wicks | A picture-book biography of pioneering British paleontologist Mary Anning and her glorious adventures in dinosaur fossil hunting. Sparkling illustrations and well-written prose inspire young readers to dig for their own finds!

    Cover of Dragon Bones: The Fantastic Fossil Discoveries of Mary Anning
  • A Duet for Home

    After the unexpected death of her father, June's family is evicted and lands in Huey House shelter. June is befriended by Tyrell and the other residents and begins to find herself again. When the shelter is threatened, June and her friends must find a way to save it.

    Cover of A Duet for Home
  • El cuarto turquesa/The Turquoise Room

    Ilustrado por Adriana M. Garcia | Traducido por Cinthya Miranda-McIntosh | La imaginación y la creatividad se transmiten de generación en generación en esta historia inspiradora de un linaje de mujeres artísticas. Las historias de Esther, Isabel y Mónica muestran la importancia del apoyo familiar cuando uno persigue sus sueños.

    Cover of El cuarto turquesa/The Turquoise Room
  • Escondida

    Ilustrado por Amanda Mijangos | ¿Alguna vez has sentido que quieres expresar algo que está escondido en tu corazón? Este poema se abre literalmente a medida que la protagonista explica que se siente escondida, pero aun se conoce a sí misma y lo que tiene adentro. ¡Esta es una oda a los introvertidos!

  • Esperanza

    Ilustrado por Francesca Ballarini | Si tuvieras una tiendita, ¿qué venderías? ¿Algo a la vez barato, ampliamente disponible y valioso? ¡Algo para todos! El poeta Gianni Rodari ofrece esperanza en este libro bellamente ilustrado. El mensaje atemporal es un bálsamo para los tiempos inciertos y difíciles.

  • Every Dog in the Neighborhood

    Illustrated by Matthew Cordell | How do you survey a neighborhood to determine if it already has enough dogs? Follow Louis and his grandma in this door-to-door adventure, where readers will discover new details and humor with every read.

    Cover of Every Dog in the Neighborhood
  • La falda morada de Leo

    Ilustrado por Francesco Fagnani | A Leo le encanta llevar su falda púrpura, pero duda si debe hacerlo cuando un desconocido le llama niña. Sus padres le cuentan historias de hombres de todo el mundo que llevaban y siguen llevando faldas. Con ese apoyo, Leo se mantiene fiel a sí mismo.

    Cover of La falda morada de Leo
  • El fantasma de las bragas rotas

    Ilustrado por Gómez | En Villa Pesadilla todo es una pesadilla gracias a un fantasma que acecha día y noche. Descubre cómo un pueblo se defiende y el fantasma se enfrenta a una gran rival.

    Cover of El fantasma de las bragas rotas
  • The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza

    Illustrated by Shawn Harris | A mind-bending, laugh-out-loud story about a cat, a toenail-clipping robot, and a lunar princess who are tasked with saving the moon from being eaten by a sea of rats. Will the moon be saved in time? Will the cat EVER get a slice?

    Cover of The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza
  • The Flamingo

    A visit to Lao Lao and a found feather launch a universal story about longing, family connection, and legacy. Sparse text and evocative illustrations create space for an individual experience in fantasy storytelling that readers can make their own.

    Cover of The Flamingo
  • Free at Last: A Juneteenth Poem

    Illustrated by Alex Bostic | A celebration in free verse of June 19, 1865, and the liberation of “all who live in bondage” in the United States. Exquisitely illustrated, this child-friendly history of new paths taken is full of hope and joy—a fitting ode to our national holiday.

    Cover of Free at Last: A Juneteenth Poem
  • Freewater

    In this atmospheric historical adventure, Homer and Ava flee slavery, leaving their mother behind. In the Great Dismal Swamp, they discover Freewater, a community of formerly enslaved people. When danger encroaches, Homer plots to save both his new friends and his mother.

    Cover of Freewater
  • Frizzy

    Illustrated by Rose Bousamra | Marlene hates it when her mom drags her to the salon to blow out her frizzy hair. But with the help of her cool tía, Marlene learns how to embrace her curls and, ultimately, how generations of cultural judgment have influenced Mami's heady opinions of natural hair.

    Cover of Frizzy
  • Las gallinas de Sonia

    Traducido por Laura Piperno y Gema Zamorano | En esta tierna historia, la pequeña Sonia aprende a ser responsable del cuidado de sus animales y del apego que se forma a partir de ese cuidado. También llega a comprender que la tragedia es inevitable y parte del orden de la naturaleza.

  • Gibberish

    Dat struggles to adjust on his first day of school in a new country. Imaginative illustrations empathetically portray the experience of learning a new language and feeling out of place in unfamiliar surroundings.

    Cover of Gibberish
  • Gigi and Ojiji

    Gigi is thrilled that her grandfather is coming to live with her! But when Ojiji arrives from Japan, Gigi discovers that change can be both exciting and difficult.

    Cover of Gigi and Ojiji
  • Going Places: Victor Hugo Green and His Glorious Book

    Illustrated by Eric Velasquez | A poignant narrative layered with dynamic illustrations and historical materials chronicles the work of Victor Hugo Green and his creation of the Green Book, which helped Black people safely navigate the United States during the Jim Crow Era.

    Cover of Going Places: Victor Hugo Green and His Glorious Book
  • Good Eating: The Short Life of Krill

    Illustrated by Dan Tavis | Lively illustrations and a humorous voice follow one lucky krill from egg to almost whale food. Learn about the brief life cycle of one of the ocean's tiniest and most important creatures.

    Cover of Good Eating: The Short Life of Krill
  • Hasta que alguien me escuche

    Ilustrado por Teresa Martínez | Traducido por Cecilia Molinari | Cuando la mamá de Estela es deportada inesperadamente a México, decide escribir a la gente en el poder. Tras muchos años de llamar la atención sobre esta injusticia, por fin se reúnen, pero la lucha no ha terminado. Una historia de perseverancia, familia y amor.

    Cover of Hasta que alguien me escuche
  • Hola, mi luna

    Ilustrado por Neus Caamaño | El bebé saluda a todo, incluida la luna, las pantunflas de mamá y... ¿una sirena? Una imaginativa aventura a la hora de dormir para inspirar sueños.

  • Hora de dormir, mamá

    Traducido por Sebastián Vargas | Un niño sabe que su mamá ha trabajado todo el día y quiere que descanse. En esta dulce historia, los papeles se intercambian cuando el niño ayuda a su mamá a dormir.

  • Hot Dog

    Turn through brightly illustrated pages to discover what a dog and their owner do to escape the oppressive NYC heat. With as much heart as it has steam, sand, and sea, this simple travel adventure celebrates the tiny victories in life.

    Cover of Hot Dog
  • Housecat Trouble

    Buster's human goes on a trip, and he's left in charge of protecting the house. Sounds simple enough—until the amorphous purple spirits invade!

    Cover of Housecat Trouble
  • How to Build a Human: In Seven Evolutionary Steps

    Illustrated by John Gurche | Dolphins used to be the brainiest species on the planet. How did humans surpass them? Take seven steps down the evolutionary path of humanity in this riveting archaeological account.

    Cover of How to Build a Human: In Seven Evolutionary Steps
  • How to Teach Grown-Ups About Pluto

    Illustrated by Aaron Blecha | Sometimes grown-ups get it wrong! This wickedly funny guide to our recently redefined solar system equips kids with an understanding of the scientific method and all the planetary facts they need to set adults straight about Pluto. | Full title: How to Teach Grown-Ups About Pluto: The Cutting-Edge Space Science of the Solar System.

    Cover of How to Teach Grown-Ups About Pluto
  • I Hate Borsch!

    A young Ukrainian girl absolutely hates borsch, but when she grows up, she longs for it with nostalgia. A whimsical and funny look at the impact and nuance of cultural ties.

    Cover of I Hate Borsch!
  • In the Beautiful Country

    In this lyrical novel in verse, Taiwanese-born Ai Shi becomes Anna when she immigrates to "the beautiful country." California brings unexpected difficulties: bullying, money problems, and vandalization of her family's restaurant. Can they overcome their troubles and find home?

    Cover of In the Beautiful Country
  • In the Key of Us

    Everyone expects the only Black girls at Harmony Music Camp to be friends, but Andi and Zora couldn't be more different. When forced to spend time together, they confide in each other about performance pressure, family issues, and a self-harm secret. They discover a spark of friendship—and maybe something more.

    Cover of In the Key of Us
  • Isla to Island

    Marisol must leave Cuba and her family behind to start a new life in Brooklyn as part of Operation Peter Pan. Beautiful colors accenting black-and-white illustrations communicate great spirit and emotion in this wordless graphic novel.

    Cover of Isla to Island
  • Kunoichi Bunny

    Illustrated by Brayden Sato | On an outing with her dad, Saya secretly deploys her lovable stuffed bunny to keep their neighbors safe from danger. This spunky, almost-wordless graphic picture book will have readers cheering on an unassuming pair of heroes.

    Cover of Kunoichi Bunny
  • The Last Mapmaker

    Determined to plot her own destiny, mapmaker apprentice Sai sets sail aboard a ship bound for the mythical Sunderlands. As the ship enters uncharted territory, rumored to be home to a fierce dragon and untold riches, Sai finds herself in deeper waters than she'd anticipated.

    Cover of The Last Mapmaker
  • Last Week

    Illustrated by Emilie Leduc | This gentle novella explores a child's experience of grief, uncertainty, and questioning as they spend one last week with their beloved grandmother before her medically assisted death.

    Cover of Last Week
  • Leila, la brujita perfecta

    La talladora de calabazas más creativa y voladora más rápida en su aquelarre, Leila Wayward es una brujita superlativa, excepto en las artes oscuras de la pastelería. ¿Podrá Leila convocar las capacidades que necesita para ganar el Concurso de Repostería de la Magnífica Bruja?

    Cover of Leila, la brujita perfecta
  • The Little House of Hope

    Illustrated by Raúl Colón | As a newly immigrated family settles into their little home, they create a space big enough to serve as a safe haven for other immigrants. Bright pastel colors add light and life to this semi-autobiographical story about compassion and community building.

    Cover of The Little House of Hope
  • Little Monarchs

    In a dystopian future, 10-year-old Elvie and her guardian track monarch migration patterns, convinced that the butterflies are the key to a vaccine for a mysterious ailment that has killed most of the world's population.

    Cover of Little Monarchs
  • Maizy Chen's Last Chance

    Maizy is dreading summer in Last Chance, Minnesota, where she'll help care for her ailing opa. But soon, Maizy is captivated by the history of her grandparents' restaurant, her family story, and how these narratives intertwine with the history of Chinese immigrants in America.

    Cover of Maizy Chen's Last Chance
  • Mama and Mommy and Me in the Middle

    Illustrated by Kaylani Juanita | Missing someone can be hard. In this sweet, sentimental story, a little girl experiences mixed emotions while Mommy is away on a business trip. A significant representation of inclusive and diverse families, relationships, and love.

    Cover of Mama and Mommy and Me in the Middle
  • Mamo

    Young witch Orla returns home after her grandmother's death and finds her town in peril. Is Mamo's disturbed spirit causing all the mayhem? An earthy palette illustrates the quest of Orla and new friend Jo as they endeavor to save the town and reconcile with Orla's past.

    Cover of Mamo
  • Manual para espías

    Ilustrado por Oyemathias | ¿Tienes lo que hay que tener para ser un espía? Este manual tiene todo lo que necesitas saber, desde cómo crear una identidad secreta y un disfraz hasta la historia del espionaje a través de los tiempos.

  • Maya's Song

    Illustrated by Bryan Collier | Inspiring verse and moving illustrations chronicle the legacy of Maya Angelou from youth to adulthood. Through the details of her life, readers discover the story of how she found her voice.

    Cover of Maya's Song
  • El mercado

    Ilustrado por Aljoscha Blau | Julia, de nueve años, cree que Nueva York es genial, pero nada extraordinario. Cuando la envían a El Salvador para conocer a la abuela, lo que encuentra es como una fantasía: ¡tamales hechos con ceniza, un gigante de la vida real, un hombre con los pies al revés! ¿Era todo un sueño?

  • Mi mamá

    Ilustrado por Rocío Araya | En esta carta de amor a mamá, una niña nota todo sobre ella, desde sus collares hasta cómo reacciona cuando no le gusta un corte de pelo. ¿Qué aprecias de tus seres queridos?

  • Mi naturaleza

    Este ingenioso libro muestra los opuestos que se encuentran en la naturaleza, con sutiles colores que combinan con cada par. Piensa en tu animal favorito y sus cualidades: ¿qué criatura sería su opuesto?

  • Mimi and the Cutie Catastrophe

    Mimi and her toy dog Penelope are so cute—maybe too cute to be taken seriously. And that is becoming a problem! This bubbly story in anime-style graphics shows young readers where the true source of their power lies: within!

    Cover of Mimi and the Cutie Catastrophe
  • Moonwalking

    In 1980s Brooklyn, misfits JJ and Pie bond over graffiti art and punk rock while seeking a sense of belonging in this dual-narrative novel in verse.

    Cover of Moonwalking
  • Morning Sun in Wuhan

    With her father working around the clock at a hospital, Mei uses her love of cooking and computer games to help her community band together during the chaotic first weeks of the pandemic in Wuhan.

    Cover of Morning Sun in Wuhan
  • My Hands Tell a Story

    Illustrated by Tonya Engel | Expressive and textured illustrations paint the story of a day spent baking bread. Zoe watches her grandmother knead the dough and learns of the many stories of life and love held in Grandma's guiding hands.

    Cover of My Hands Tell a Story
  • My Paati's Saris

    Illustrated by Art Twink | In vibrant illustrations and joyful text, a young child helps their paati (the Tamil word for grandmother) get ready for a night of festivities while admiring and finding refuge in all the beautiful textures and patterns of her many colorful saris.

    Cover of My Paati's Saris
  • The Nguyen Kids: The Secret of the Jade Bangle

    Illustrated by Clayton Nguyen | Through the magic of a gifted jade bangle, the spirit of Anne's late Grandma Nội materializes to help her navigate grief, explore her Vietnamese cultural identity, and confront the racism she experiences in ballet class.

    Cover of The Nguyen Kids: The Secret of the Jade Bangle
  • El nido de Tit

    Ilustrado por Sophie Chérer | Traducido por Àuria G. Galcerán | Dos carboneros construyen su nido, ponen huevos y sufren pérdidas. Al ver esto, los humanos vecinos los ayudan a construir un nuevo hogar y los acogen como viejos amigos. Los naturalistas principiantes aprenderán cómo crece un carbonero y y algunos detalles sobre otras especies de aves.

  • Nigel and the Moon

    Illustrated by Gracey Zhang | Each night, Nigel tells the moon what he dreams of being: an astronaut, a dancer, and a superhero too. With pride in where he comes from, he finds the courage and confidence to show his true self to the world.

    Cover of Nigel and the Moon
  • La noche en el bolsillo

    Ilustrado por Mariana R. Johnson | Con reminiscencias de poetas como Rafael Pombo, esta colección de versos bellamente ilustrados es perfecta para leer en voz alta a la hora de dormir.

  • Nothing Special

    Illustrated by Bec Sloane | Photographed textile figures made from entirely repurposed materials breathe whimsy into the everyday activities PopPop and Nana share with their grandson. Join them on a timeless summer weekend on the coast of Virginia.

  • 9 kilómetros

    Ilustrado por Gabriela Lyon | Sigue los pasos de un niño mientras camina 9 kilómetros para ir a la escuela cada día. Hay un amplio contenido al final sobre las aves que vemos en el camino y ejemplos reales de niños de diferentes países y sus caminatas a la escuela.

  • The Ogress and the Orphans

    A shapeshifting dragon full of malicious intent and a town at odds with itself. A kindhearted ogress and a wiser-than-their-years group of orphans. Who will prevail in this compelling allegorical tale?

    Cover of The Ogress and the Orphans
  • Oso y el murmullo del viento

    Traducido por Pau Joan Hernàndez | Oso vive una vida de satisfacción, pero descubre que eso ya no es suficiente. Un murmullo del viento lo envía en un viaje para encontrar lo que puede faltar. Esta historia es una gran lección para los jóvenes, que el cambio puede dar miedo pero es posible.

  • Our Story Starts in Africa

    Illustrated by Jeanetta Gonzales | Tante Janet takes her niece back in time, from their roots in the Caribbean to ancient African origins. This journey through African history touches on the dark days of slavery, honors the days of African warrior queens, and amplifies the importance of cultural memory and pride.

    Cover of Our Story Starts in Africa
  • Out of This World: Star-Studded Haiku

    Illustrated by Matthew Trueman | Outer space can seem pretty big and complicated, but astonishing illustrations and celestial haiku put the cosmos within reach for young readers. Comprehensive resources provide plentiful opportunities for further exploration.

    Cover of Out of This World: Star-Studded Haiku
  • Pets Rule!: My Kingdom of Darkness

    Illustrated by Wendy Tan Shiau Wei | Ember, an adopted Chihuahua bent on world domination, sets about taking charge of his human minions and inspiring other pets to take on the acorn-lobbing squirrels next door in this super fun, laugh-out-loud early chapter book.

    Cover of Pets Rule!: My Kingdom of Darkness
  • Pizza!: A Slice of History

    Slice into the history of one of the world's favorite foods in this vibrant exploration of how pizza has been enjoyed in different ways throughout time.

    Cover of Pizza!: A Slice of History
  • PPPRRRRRIIIT: Un libro para crear y experimentar con los sonidos

    Ilustrado por Joana Casals | ¡Prepárate para una aventura auditiva! Las páginas llenas de onomatopeyas, símbolos e ilustraciones detalladas guían al lector. Este libro también incluye contenido complementario para una experiencia multimedia.

  • Racing Ace: Drive It! Fix It!

    Illustrated by Kaylani Juanita | Vroom! Ace is ready to race, but her car keeps breaking down! Can she fix it in time to win first place? This irresistible little hero will get readers all revved up!

    Cover of Racing Ace: Drive It! Fix It!
  • The Real Riley Mayes

    Starting a new school year is hard, but it's even harder when your best friend moves away! Budding comic book artist Riley tries to navigate the school year and new friendships while also guarding a secret—she might like girls.

    Cover of The Real Riley Mayes
  • Rueda que rueda

    Sigue a un corazoncito inquieto que gira y gira con la esperanza de encontrarse a sí mismo.

  • Sábado / Saturday

    ¡Mira cómo se prepara esta familia para la graduación de la hija mayor! En este libro cartoné inspirado en el arte y la tradición azteca, cada detalle es parte importante de la historia.

    Cover of Sábado / Saturday
  • The Second Chance of Benjamin Waterfalls

    Benjamin finally gets caught stealing... a teddy bear. As punishment, he’s court-ordered to “Native boot camp” with his estranged dad on an Ojibwe reservation in Minnesota. But this boot camp is run by a kid his age, the Chief's mysterious masked daughter, Niimi Waatese.

    Cover of The Second Chance of Benjamin Waterfalls
  • A Seed Grows

    A bold and colorful look at the life cycle of a sunflower. Clear, dynamic illustrations convey the scientific process for younger readers.

    Cover of A Seed Grows
  • Seeking Freedom

    Illustrated by E.B. Lewis | From enslaved person to hero, self-emancipator George Scott faced many dangers during his service to the Union in the Civil War. Gripping and muted watercolor illustrations present the untold story of a crucial moment in American history. | Full title: Seeking Freedom: The Untold Story of Fortress Monroe and the Ending of Slavery in America

    Cover of Seeking Freedom
  • Seen and Unseen

    Illustrated by Lauren Tamaki | An insightful look at the unjust internment of Japanese and Japanese Americans during World War II through the lenses of three important photographers. | Full title: Seen and Unseen: What Dorothea Lange, Toyo Miyatake, and Ansel Adams's Photographs Reveal About the Japanese American Incarceration

    Cover of Seen and Unseen
  • Shapes, Lines, and Light: My Grandfather's American Journey

    An honest yet concise and sentimental account of the life of World Trade Center architect Minoru Yamasaki. Personal touches abound in this biography authored and illustrated by his artist granddaughter.

    Cover of Shapes, Lines, and Light: My Grandfather's American Journey
  • Shot Clock

    When basketball star Dante is murdered by the police, Tony vows to carry on his friend's legacy. But Coach offers Tony only a position off-court: team statistician. Can Tony help lead the team to victory and move forward from the tragedy that has devastated his community?

    Cover of Shot Clock
  • Sir Ladybug

    What's all the buzz about? It's Sir Ladybug, a beetle always looking for his next heroic quest!

    Cover of Sir Ladybug
  • Skater Cielo

    A relatable story of overcoming fears gets a fresh twist when Cielo and her crew meet at the local state park to practice their moves. Emerging readers and skaters will find the glossary of skate terms and lingo a welcome bonus.

    Cover of Skater Cielo
  • Somos animales humanos

    Traducido por Araya Goitia Leizaola | Los primeros humanos vivían junto a la naturaleza. A pesar de lo mucho que hemos evolucionado, algunas cosas siguen siendo las mismas. Un conjunto diverso de personajes muestra cómo seguimos contando historias en torno a la fogata y formando vínculos con los que nos rodean.

  • Song in the City

    Illustrated by Jenin Mohammed | Emmalene, a young blind girl, hears music in all the vibrant sounds of her busy city, but her grandma only hears noise. Follow along as Emmalene shows Grandma Jean how to be present and hear the beautiful and joyful song of their city.

    Cover of Song in the City
  • Star Child

    A creatively written biography about African American science-fiction author Octavia Butler. This tribute from one writer to another is an innovative combination of verse and prose, a must-read for aspiring writers. | Full title: Star Child: A Biographical Constellation of Octavia Estelle Butler

    Cover of Star Child
  • The Stars Did Wander Darkling

    Illustrated by Carson Ellis | Ever since Archie's dad started construction on the cliffs of Seaham, the town has been beset by strange and gruesome events. Archie and his friends are the town's only hope for survival as this real-life horror film unfolds.

    Cover of The Stars Did Wander Darkling
  • Still Dreaming/Seguimos soñando

    Ilustrado por Magdalena Mora | Traducido por Luis Humberto Crosthwaite | Durante la Repatriación de México, la familia de un niño se enfrenta a la difícil decisión de empezar de nuevo con la esperanza de permanecer juntos. A lo largo de su viaje, la familia conoce a otras personas con sueños similares: felicidad y oportunidades sin obstáculos.

  • Sweet Justice: Georgia Gilmore and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

    Illustrated by R. Gregory Christie | This vividly illustrated biography celebrates the life of Civil Rights leader Georgia Gilmore, who nourished and helped fund the Montgomery Bus Boycott with both her famous Southern dishes and her dedication to the cause.

    Cover of Sweet Justice: Georgia Gilmore and the Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • Swim Team

    Bree misses everything about Brooklyn, and Florida is lonely and overwhelming. When she winds up on the swim team even though she can't swim, it will take all of Bree's determination, a new community of friends, and even a few history lessons to keep her head above water.

    Cover of Swim Team
  • Te busco

    Las mamás pueden encontrar todo, ¿verdad? En esta dulce historia con un giro inesperado, una niña le pide ayuda constantemente a su mamá para encontrar cosas. Ilustraciones sencillas complementan la simplicidad de la historia.

  • Ten Blocks to the Big Wok: A Chinatown Counting Book

    Young Mia and Uncle Eddy stroll through Chinatown counting all the enriching cultural items in their community that embody a Chinese American experience. Told in Mandarin and English with soft watercolor illustrations, this joyous story will leave readers hungry for some dim sum!

    Cover of Ten Blocks to the Big Wok: A Chinatown Counting Book
  • Tengo hambre

    Ilustraciones vívidas y divertidas explican la cadena alimenticia de forma directa. ¡Hace hambre y ningún animal sabe a dónde irá a parar!

  • Tengo mucho sueño

    Ilustrado por Pupé | Paz y papá están en un aprieto porque Paz no tiene nada de sueño y papá dice que es hora de dormir. Sigue los planes de Paz para alargar el día unos minutos más y ver si al final su papá consigue tener paz.

    Cover of Tengo mucho sueño
  • The Tiltersmith

    Four friends in Brooklyn find themselves drawn into a parallel universe on a magical adventure to save the seasons from the diabolical Tiltersmith, who has infiltrated their school in his bid to make winter last forever.

    Cover of The Tiltersmith
  • The Tower of Life

    Illustrated by Susan Gal | Many years after her family flees their thriving Jewish community to escape the Nazis, Dr. Yaffa Eliach creates a permanent exhibition at the United States Holocaust Museum using photographs to rebuild the stories of the lost. | Full title: The Tower of Life: How Yaffa Eliach Rebuilt Her Town in Stories and Photographs

    Cover of The Tower of Life
  • Troublemaker

    This fast-paced, action-packed historical fiction follows Jordan as he navigates the streets of LA to his father's store on the first night of the 1992 riots sparked by the brutal police beating of Rodney King.

    Cover of Troublemaker
  • Troublemakers in Trousers

    Illustrated by Kaja Kajfež | A collection of boldly illustrated biographies of women through the ages and the clothes they wore to change the world. | Full title: Troublemakers in Trousers: Women and What They Wore to Get Things Done

    Cover of Troublemakers in Trousers
  • True You: A Gender Journey

    Illustrated by Shelley Rotner | In their own words, kids speak about the different ways to show, explore, and be who they are in this affirming photographic picture book about gender identity and self-expression.

    Cover of True You: A Gender Journey
  • The Tryout

    Illustrated by Joanna Cacao | Struggling to fit in as one of the few Asian American kids in her Texas town, Christina jumps at the opportunity to try out for the cheerleading squad with her best friend, Megan. If Christina makes it, she would finally belong... right?

    Cover of The Tryout
  • Tumble

    Addie is determined to use her research smarts to find her birth father. Her mom has kept his identity hidden all of Addie's life, but discovering her lucha libre lineage leaves her wrestling with what family really means and where she might fit in with her legendary new familia.

    Cover of Tumble
  • Twin Cities

    Mexicali twins Teresa and Fernando choose to attend middle schools on opposite sides of the U.S.-Mexico border, a decision that brings new friends and challenges to their relationship.

    Cover of Twin Cities
  • Un remolino

    Ilustrado por Martina Cúneo | Un remolino codicioso quiere llevarse todo a su paso. Al final decide que es mejor dar, así que crea algo nuevo y entusiasmante para los niños en la plaza.

  • Una noche sin dormir

    Ilustrado por Joaquín Camp | Es de noche y la pequeña Elisa llora y llora mientras todo el vecindario agoniza. Se encuentran sin sueño y sin solución hasta que una apestosa sorpresa les proporciona por fin alivio.

  • Unfadeable

    Young graffiti artist Bella Fades is used to flying solo and surviving on her own in urban Indianapolis. But when she suspects some local community leaders of suspicious activity, she'll need a little help—both human and canine—to take them down.

    Cover of Unfadeable
  • Unlawful Orders

    A fascinating and sometimes suspenseful real-life story spanning generations from the Jim Crow Era to the present. This pioneering Black American and other important but largely ignored figures creatively fight racism time and time again. | Full title: Unlawful Orders: A Portrait of Dr. James B. Williams, Tuskegee Airman, Surgeon, and Activist

    Cover of Unlawful Orders
  • The Visitors

    A ghost trapped on an abandoned plantation has no recollection of his past or how he died: accident? suicide? murder? When a group of living kids shows up, the ghost joins forces with the visitors to defy the evil that binds the plantation and wake the memories of how he came to be there.

    Cover of The Visitors
  • Viva's Voice

    Illustrated by Carlos Vélez | Viva, a zealous young Latina girl, admires her dad and his job as a bus driver in Los Angeles. When the transit workers go on strike, Viva accompanies her dad to a protest. Energetic illustrations depict a vivacious young voice in an important and empowering role.

    Cover of Viva's Voice
  • Wednesday and Woof #1: Catastrophe

    Illustrated by Gladys Jose | Wednesday and her support dog, Woof, run a detective agency in their backyard. When Wednesday’s operatic neighbor’s cat disappears, the detectives are on the case, sleuthing around their lakeside neighborhood to collect evidence and test theories.

    Cover of Wednesday and Woof #1: Catastrophe
  • When Winter Robeson Came

    Eden is excited for two weeks of harmonious fun with her cousin Winter in this novel in verse. When he arrives, Winter reveals his intention to search for his missing father, which launches the duo on a fact-finding mission in the midst of the discord of the 1965 Watts Rebellion.

    Cover of When Winter Robeson Came
  • The Wolf Suit

    Terrified of the rumored wolves in the woods, Bellweather the sheep makes himself a wolf costume to blend in and enjoy berry picking in peace. When his plan begins to unravel, he realizes things may not be exactly what they seem.

    Cover of The Wolf Suit
  • Yo no fui

    Ilustrado por Alejandra Acosta | Cosas "inexplicables" suceden en la casa a diferentes miembros de la familia, aparentemente como resultado de alguna travesura. Los jóvenes lectores se verán reflejados en esta divertida historia.

  • Yoshi and the Ocean: A Sea Turtle's Incredible Journey Home

    "Hello from Yoshi. I am here." Yoshi the sea turtle is rescued as a baby, but after years of rehabilitation she is tagged and released into the ocean, where she follows her instinct to her natural home. This true story features powerful images of nature and survival.

    Cover of Yoshi and the Ocean: A Sea Turtle's Incredible Journey Home
  • Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor

    When Chinese American Muslim Zack meets the new kid at school, his world is turned upside down. First, an ancient Chinese emperor attempts to take over Zack’s body. Then, his mom is abducted. AR gaming, myth, and history combine as Zack embarks on an epic adventure across China.

    Cover of Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor