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  • Allergic

    Illustrated by Michelle Mee Nutter | Maggie wants to stop feeling like the odd girl out and is convinced that a puppy will help. A newly discovered allergy stands in the way of her puppy dreams, but does that rule out all animals?
    Cover of Allergic
  • Another Kind

    Cryptid kids with strange powers and "irregularities" are on the run from their high-security government facility, nicknamed the Playroom. In finding a new place to call home, they must evade the elusive Collector or risk being collected themselves.
    Cover of Another Kind
  • Artie and the Wolf Moon

    Artie finds her place when her mom confesses that they're werewolves and introduces her to their estranged werewolf community. But before Artie can hit her stride, her newly discovered pack comes under attack by an old enemy: vampires.
    Cover of Artie and the Wolf Moon
  • El ascenso del rey enano (Leyendas de la serpiente emplumada)

    Ilustrado por Charlene Bowles | Basada en la leyenda y la cultura maya, esta historieta muestra que un héroe puede surgir de cualquier lugar y triunfar. Este cuento está lleno de aventuras y hazañas. Pero, al final de cuentas, ¿qué podría ser más heroico que la bondad?
    Cover of El ascenso del rey enano (Leyendas de la serpiente emplumada)
  • Cuando brillan las estrellas: Una historia inolvidable

    Traducido por José C. Vales | Han pasado siete años desde que Omar y su hermano Hassan huyeron de Somalia, a un campo de refugiados en Kenia. Omar está perdiendo la esperanza de poder regresar o tener un futuro fuera del campamento. Todo cambia cuando puede ir a la escuela.
    Cover of Cuando brillan las estrellas: Una historia inolvidable
  • Las estrellas

    Traducido por Susana Tornero Brugués | Vecinos que comparten un amor por la astronomía. Jacob es judío y Aisha, musulmana, y sus padres tienen planes para ellos. Acompáñenlos en su recorrido mientras se separan y vuelven a encontrar gracias a las fuerzas cósmicas y estrellas.
    Cover of Las estrellas
  • Garlic and the Vampire

    Garlic worries that she can't get anything right. When a vampire moves into a nearby castle, Garlic's vegetable folk village agrees that she is the obvious choice to drive him away. Will Garlic find the courage to believe in herself?
    Cover of Garlic and the Vampire
  • The Girl From the Sea

    In this coming-of-age tale, Morgan meets a selkie, Keltie, after nearly drowning. When Morgan gives Keltie an impulsive kiss, they quickly become inseparable. Morgan has always kept her feelings for girls hidden, and Keltie also has a secret of her own.
    Cover of The Girl From the Sea
  • The Golden Hour

    Manuel uses photography to stay grounded after witnessing gun violence at school. When he teams up with his classmates Caysha and Sebastian for a county fair project, the new friends learn to open up, confront fear, and even find love.
    Cover of The Golden Hour
  • Living with Viola

    Livy doesn't feel like she belongs anywhere, and Viola just makes it worse. But who's Viola? She's Livy's anxiety, ready to do anything to bring Livy down. Can Livy find a way to be stronger than Viola and be true to herself?
    Cover of Living with Viola
  • No One Returns from the Enchanted Forest

    The Enchanted Forest is forbidden, but feisty Pella can't stay away. Distraught older sister Bix must gather the strength to find her. This fantasy adventure is about overcoming fear when you have something to fight for.
    Cover of No One Returns from the Enchanted Forest
  • Pawcasso

    During summer vacation, Jo spots a dog shopping alone. Amazed by the sight, she decides to follow him and is mistaken for his owner. Her tiny lie grows into a great deal of trouble involving the whole town!
    Cover of Pawcasso
  • Power Up

    Illustrated by Darnell Johnson | Online, Miles and Rhys are BFFs. Offline, they are strangers, despite attending the same school. As Miles chases his classmates' approval and Rhys evades his classmates' scrutiny, will their friendship be able to cross into real life?
    Cover of Power Up
  • Tiny Tales: Shell Quest

    Slug notices new friends that look a lot like her, except they have shells! Slug decides she needs one too, but finding one is a lot harder than she expected.
    Cover of Tiny Tales: Shell Quest