Best Books for Adults 2021

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  • Asadora!, Vol. 1

    How does a typhoon in 1959 Nagoya lead to a gigantic monster making Tokyoites flee for their lives in 2020? One thing is certain: our lovable protagonist Asa is going to be at the heart of it all!
    Cover of Asadora!, Vol. 1
  • Ballad for Sophie

    Illustrated by Juan Cavia | Translated from the Portuguese by Gabriela Soares | The curtains of a famous pianist's life are pulled back by a determined reporter to uncover secrets, betrayal, highs and lows, and finally a shared passion for music.
    Cover of Ballad for Sophie
  • Barbalien: Red Planet

    Art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta | In this Black Hammer spinoff, Barbalien examines Mark Markz in his early days on Earth as a police officer and superhero. Mark has a secret that leads to an internal battle while facing the costs of police brutality during the AIDS epidemic.
    Cover of Barbalien: Red Planet
  • The Black Panther Party: A Graphic Novel History

    Art, colors, and letters by Marcus Kwame Anderson | Many know the name, not so many the story. Vibrant colors and realistic drawings invite readers to learn about key figures, important events, and the tragic downfall and enduring legacy of the Black Panther Party.
    Cover of The Black Panther Party: A Graphic Novel History
  • Crude: A Memoir

    Drawing and color by Damien Roudeau | Translated from the Spanish by Hannah Chute | This book illustrates the struggles of a group of indigenous Ecuadoreans as they try to sue the Texaco/Chevron company for damage their oil fields did to the Amazon and her people.
    Cover of Crude: A Memoir
  • Cyclopedia Exotica

    This light-hearted and funny comic strip follows a group of people with just one eye, rather than the "normal" two. Their daily frustrations mirror all kinds of inequality that people experience.
    Cover of Cyclopedia Exotica
  • The Department of Truth, Volume One: The End of the World

    Art by Martin Simmonds | In a world where conspiracy theories reshape the universe, Cole finds himself working for an organization responsible for keeping reality in check. But the more he digs, the more questions arise. What is the Department of Truth hiding?
    Cover of The Department of Truth, Volume One: The End of the World
  • For Justice: The Serge & Beate Klarsfeld Story

    Art by Sylvain Dorange | "The slap felt round the world" leads this unrelenting couple across the world to seek justice for atrocities committed during the Holocaust and to uncover criminals hiding in plain sight.
    Cover of For Justice: The Serge & Beate Klarsfeld Story
  • Shadow Life

    Art by Ann Xu | Rebellious 76-year-old Kumiko escapes from a senior home to live happily on her own. But Death's shadow is stalking her every step. Can quick-witted Kumiko hold on to her independence... and her life?
    Cover of Shadow Life
  • Thirsty Mermaids

    In this hilarious fish-out-of-water tale, three feisty mermaids struggle to adapt to human life on land as they make new friends and try to stay out of trouble.
    Cover of Thirsty Mermaids