Best Books for Adults 2020

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  • Finna: Poems

    Marshall examines and celebrates African America vernacular with an open and conversational attitude.
    Cover of Finna: Poems
  • The Galleons: Poems

    In simple language, Barot explores the Spanish colonial and postcolonial periods in Phillipine history, looking for his place in the world.
    Cover of The Galleons: Poems
  • Grimoire

    One cup history, two spoonfuls memoir, a dash of modern folklore.
    Cover of Grimoire
  • Gut Botany

    Visceral poetry about the natural world exposes an internal human landscape teeming with life.
    Cover of Gut Botany
  • Homie: Poems

    An intimate tribute to friendship weaves stories of community building and breaking with brilliant wit.
    Cover of Homie: Poems
  • Kontemporary Amerikan Poetry

    A wrathful and personal analysis of American myths, Kontemporary Amerikan Poetry is a new classic.
    Cover of Kontemporary Amerikan Poetry
  • My Baby First Birthday: Poems

    Radiant and tender, Zhang's collection examines innocence, asking who gets to be loved like a baby and who must struggle just to survive.
    Cover of My Baby First Birthday: Poems
  • A Nail the Evening Hangs On

    Sok uses fast and chaotic poetry to describe the intergenerational trauma of the Khmer Rouge and the lingering silence among families and communities.
    Cover of A Nail the Evening Hangs On
  • The Nancy Reagan Collection

    Nancy Reagan gets her hair done while the AIDS epidemic gets ignored.
    Cover of The Nancy Reagan Collection
  • Postcolonial Love Poem

    Diaz explores identity and desire in this mordant and funny collection, which moves seamlessly from the personal to the universal and back again.
    Cover of Postcolonial Love Poem