Best Books for Adults 2022

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  • The Best Men

    One weekend in Miami: two men who are unapologetically horny for each other, last-minute wedding planning, a British period drama, and one very scandalous spreadsheet.

  • A Caribbean Heiress in Paris: A Novel

    Sparks fly in 1899 Paris when Dominican heiress Luz Alana Heith-Benzan travels to the Paris Exposition to market her family's rum and meets Lord Evan Sinclair, a Scottish Earl and whiskey distiller. As problems arise, they realize an arranged marriage could benefit them both.

    Cover of A Caribbean Heiress in Paris: A Novel
  • Delilah Green Doesn't Care

    Pressured into photographing her estranged stepsister’s wedding, Delilah Green returns to the small town she ran from. She plans to do the job and leave. But her plans go sideways when she runs into Claire, a single mom and her stepsister’s BFF.

    Cover of Delilah Green Doesn't Care
  • Electric Idol

    After Aphrodite orders her son Eros to kill Psyche, he does the next worst thing. He marries her.

    Cover of Electric Idol
  • Every Summer After: A Novel

    Persephone and Sam had six summers to fall in love and one to ruin it all. Now, 12 years later, they have one weekend to make it right.

    Cover of Every Summer After: A Novel
  • Heartbreaker: A Hell's Belles Novel

    Matchbreaker and thief Adelaide Frampton and Henry, the crusading Duke of Clayton, race to Gretna Green together to both make and break a marriage—if they don’t kill each other first.

    Cover of Heartbreaker: A Hell's Belles Novel
  • The Hookup Plan

    For pediatric surgeon London, a weekend hookup with her former high-school archnemesis Drew is exactly what the doctor ordered. But when he shows up for work at her hospital a few days later, London must devise rules and a plan to keep it casual. What could go wrong?

    Cover of The Hookup Plan
  • The Kiss Curse

    By-the-book Wells Penhallow learns the hard way what happens when you open up a competing witchcraft shop across from the woman who drives you crazy. Newbie witches, a talking cat, and witchy hijinks included...

    Cover of The Kiss Curse
  • A Lady for a Duke

    In this groundbreaking Regency romance, Viola, presumed dead after Waterloo, returned to England to live as her true self. But it came with the cost of losing her best friend, the Duke of Gracewood. Now, years later, they get the chance to regain what they’ve lost.

    Cover of A Lady for a Duke
  • The Stand-Up Groomsman: A Novel

    What do you get with a pink limo, fried crab claws, mochi donuts, and a karaoke-singing grandma? A laugh-out-loud romance between stand-up comedian Melvin Lee and corporate financier Vivian Liao... who also doesn’t quite know what to do with these elements.

    Cover of The Stand-Up Groomsman: A Novel