Best Books for Adults 2023

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  • An Island Princess Starts a Scandal

    In 1889 Paris, heiress Manuela offers ambitious businesswoman Cora her Venezuelan property in exchange for one last thrilling summer before her impending marriage of convenience.

    Cover of An Island Princess Starts a Scandal
  • Knockout

    In Victorian London, Tommy, a Scotland Yard detective, and Imogen, a vigilante, have been circling one another since they met. But Imogen is unsure whom she can trust as they could be tied to a string of crimes she and her friends are investigating.

    Cover of Knockout
  • The Man in the McIntosh Suit

    Part film noir and part dizzying romance, this tale follows Bobot, Filipino American farmhand-turned-rogue investigator. With its shifting monochromatic watercolors and an expertly researched Depression-era setting, readers won't be able to put down this immigrant story.

    Cover of The Man in the McIntosh Suit
  • Marry Me by Midnight

    In Victorian London, Jewish heiress Isabelle could lose everything unless she marries the right man. She secretly enlists synagogue custodian, Aaron, to research her potential matches but she quickly finds his understated charm irresistible.

    Cover of Marry Me by Midnight
  • The Mis-Arrangement of Sana Saeed

    Sana embraces the prospect of an arranged marriage to secure guardianship of her brother. But when an old love unexpectedly returns, she has to make a choice between her head and her heart.

    Cover of The Mis-Arrangement of Sana Saeed
  • Mrs. Nash's Ashes

    With a storm grounding planes, a former child star, a writer, and an old friend's ashes find themselves on an adventurous road trip to the Florida Keys to reunite former lovers. Along the way, they discover a heartfelt wartime love story.

    Cover of Mrs. Nash's Ashes
  • The New Guy

    New to Brooklyn, Hudson and Gavin hit it off in a bar. They have no idea that they’re neighbors and colleagues on the same professional hockey team. Both have their own reasons to stay away, but their attraction to each other is unstoppable.

    Cover of The New Guy
  • The Seven Year Slip

    Clementine opens the door to her late aunt’s Manhattan condo… and finds herself seven years in the past. Navigating her life between past and present, she tries to reconcile the differences between the sweet guy she meets there and the man he becomes.

    Cover of The Seven Year Slip
  • Thank You for Sharing

    It all started at Jewish summer camp, and Liyah can’t let it go. However, after running into her former teenage fling turned enemy, Daniel, they agree to a truce as they work together to promote the Chicago Field museum.

    Cover of Thank You for Sharing
  • We Could Be So Good

    In 1950s New York City, two reporters—an Italian American Brooklynite and the Upper East Side-raised son of the newspaper's owner—go from colleagues to roommates, finding friendship and more as they navigate the social norms of the era.

    Cover of We Could Be So Good
  • With Love, from Cold World

    Asa and Lauren are antagonistic colleagues at a failing winter-themed amusement park in Florida. Things heat up as they are forced to work together over the holidays to brainstorm ways to increase attendance.

    Cover of With Love, from Cold World