Best Books for Adults 2021

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  • Act Your Age, Eve Brown: A Novel

    Jacob likes things in life to be neat and orderly. But everything is turned upside down when Eve Brown blows into his life like a sparkly tornado. This steamy opposites-attract romance will have you laughing out loud and begging for more. Third in a series but it stands alone.
    Cover of Act Your Age, Eve Brown: A Novel
  • Afterparties: Stories

    Seamlessly transitioning between the absurd and the tenderhearted, this book offers a portrait of Cambodian-American lives. Children of refugees shoulder the inherited weight of the Khmer Rouge genocide and grapple with the complexities of race, sexuality, friendship, and family.
    Cover of Afterparties: Stories
  • All Her Little Secrets: A Novel

    Ellice has safely guarded her secrets for years, but when she discovers her boss dead in his office, all of them begin to unravel.
    Cover of All Her Little Secrets: A Novel
  • Asadora!, Vol. 1

    How does a typhoon in 1959 Nagoya lead to a gigantic monster making Tokyoites flee for their lives in 2020? One thing is certain: our lovable protagonist Asa is going to be at the heart of it all!
    Cover of Asadora!, Vol. 1
  • Ballad for Sophie

    Illustrated by Juan Cavia | Translated from the Portuguese by Gabriela Soares | The curtains of a famous pianist's life are pulled back by a determined reporter to uncover secrets, betrayal, highs and lows, and finally a shared passion for music.
    Cover of Ballad for Sophie
  • Barbalien: Red Planet

    Art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta | In this Black Hammer spinoff, Barbalien examines Mark Markz in his early days on Earth as a police officer and superhero. Mark has a secret that leads to an internal battle while facing the costs of police brutality during the AIDS epidemic.
    Cover of Barbalien: Red Planet
  • Bolla: A Novel

    Translated from the Finnish by David Hackston | A young married Albanian man studying in Kosovo in 1995 meets and falls in love with a young Serbian man on the eve of the outbreak of war and begins down a dark path.
    Cover of Bolla: A Novel
  • Bullet Train: A Novel

    Translated from the Japanese by Sam Malissa | A highly stylized assassin narrative—think Murder on the Orient Express but written by Quentin Tarantino.
    Cover of Bullet Train: A Novel
  • A Lot Like Adiós

    In this sultry second-chance romance, former friends Gabriel and Michelle are reunited when Gabe comes back to New York and needs Mich’s help. The hurt is still there but so is the scorching chemistry—and it cannot be denied. Standalone second book in the Primas of Power series.
    Cover of A Lot Like Adiós
  • A Master of Djinn

    Cairo, 1912: In a new world where the Egyptian Ministry of Alchemy, Enchantments, and Supernatural Entities maintains an uneasy peace, the Ministry’s youngest agent, Fatima, must stop an imposter who threatens to tear apart the very fabric of this new Egyptian society.
    Cover of A Master of Djinn