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Blog Posts by Subject: Industry Surveys and Profiles

Bed, Bath and Flying Machines: Highlights from SIBL's Public Domain Collection

There are 2,000 images from the Science, Industry and Business collection in the recent public domain release. Here is some of what you can find.Read More ›

Long-Term Occupational Projections in New York City

The following information is from the New York State Department of Labor.

Long-term occupational employment projections represent an extensive and valuable data source for those interested in future employment patterns. It is important to note they measure only occupational demand. When exploring career options, employment projections are most useful when used with other types of data, such as supply of workers in a particular occupation, educational requirements, wages, etc. It is also important to note that these projections are 

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Adventures in Marketing Research: IBISWorld - Market Research Reports

I know the danger of first impressions. And of reportage on the basis of superficial knowledge. But when something newsworthy comes along, caution must yield in the moment. So, permit me to introduce you to NYPL's newest marketing research electronic resource: IBISWorld.

Let's start with a (nearly) real-world example from the research desk at SIBL—Where can I find 

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The Sound of Trade: MondoMusica New York 2013

Today I'm going to write about trade shows. I'm going to use as an example the recent trade show/exhibition for the violin (really, string instrument) trade, MondoMusica New York 2013.

What are Trade Shows? The name says it all. Businesses and businesspeople getting together at an event organized for the chance to network, display their wares, buy and sell — to each other and, possibly, the public.

How do you find out about trade shows? Good sources would be Trade Journals and Directories. Some directory titles:

Association Meeting & Event ... Read More ›

How the Sausage Gets Made: Books About the Food Industry

E. coli in spinach. Salmonella in peanut butter. Pink slime. Horse meat! It seems like every year there is a new food safety scandal, and efforts made to reform the enormous industry that delivers calories (

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Start your Business Research at SIBL!

If you're thinking of starting your own business, or you're in business and need to keep up with trends, you can save time by using the industry and market research databases at NYPL's business library, SIBL. The library provides access to a range of premium information which is not available free on the Internet. At SIBL, you can research an industry or market sector to get the background and data you need for a business plan or for a marketing plan.

Two of the best industry databases are First Research and Plunkett's Research 

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Breaking News: Morningstar Available to NYPL Cardholders at Home!

Extry! Extry! Extry! Read all about it! Newsflash! Morningstar Investment Research Center — in the New York Public Library's subscription — is now available to NYPL Library Card Holders offsite.

Don't have a library card yet? It's simple! Find out how to get one.

I reported on this database in a

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Small Business Research Tips: Trade Associations

Trade Associations exist for nearly every industry and can be valuable sources of information for new business owners and those doing industry research. Some trade associations offer continuing professional training and certifications, and many conduct market research, to keep their members up to date with industry data, reports and statistics.

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Brightest Star at SIBL? Morningstar!

Working at SIBL has distorted my vision; I seem to have this sixth sense: I see advertising for financial services. Brokerage accounts, mutual funds, ETFs, bank accounts (online and otherwise) - everywhere. Do normal people see these?

Of course, working at SIBL also means I encounter people researching investments and other financial services topics, and have been able to steer them to, and help them with, the excellent investment related resources we have. One of these, for which I offer an executive summary below, is

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Adventures in Marketing Research: First Research

A little while ago, I gave a presentation at a session for FastTrac® GrowthVenture™. These sessions have to be held outside the Library, and they're very brief with lots of information to cover, so there's no chance to do a hands-on demonstration. This time I was told by one of the participants that she had been to visit us here at SIBL, but wasn't able to find current industry information in her business area, cleaning services.

While I thought that didn't seem right, there 

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