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Blog Posts by Subject: Graffiti

March Author @ the Library Programs at Mid-Manhattan

Join us for an Author @ the Library talk this March at Mid-Manhattan Library to hear distinguished non-fiction authors discuss their work and answer your questions.Read More ›

Grand Central Library Presents From Sketchbooks and Black Books

The Grand Central Library is pleased to present From Sketchbooks and Black Books, an exhibit of over 100 images from a diverse group of artists.  

Ranging from pencil and ink sketches to vibrant graffiti pieces, the works on exhibit provide an intimate glimpse into the creative process. While a few of the images were created as preliminary sketches for larger works, most are personal visual explorations. And although most images reflect an internal dialog, some—particularly the graffiti-inspired pieces—were created to be shared by 

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São Paulo: A Street Artist’s Paradise @ Grand Central Library

Come now through December to see an Exhibit at Teen Central in the Grand Central Library of Photos, Stickers and Zines from the streets of São Paulo.

In this pulsating, polluted metropolis of 18 million people – many of whom barely survive – exists a flourishing array of subcultures.  An extraordinary range of vibrant public art thrives amid broken buildings, garbage-strewn 

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Artist ELBOW-TOE: A Conversation with Brian Adam Douglas on Wed, Sept 1 @ 6:30, at the Mid Manhattan Library

“How do you begin?” I asked. "Well, I usually start with the head, the face, the eyes. Once I get the eyes I can move on.  The process becomes easier for me. It is at though there is a conservation going on between me and the piece and it is all because of the eyes. You know Lucian Freud always started with the nose, from there he would work his way out, letting the piece unfold naturally. I start 

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Silence, Exile, Cunning: The Anonym as Celebrity: A Critical Bibliography

 "What ails you, Polyphemos? Why do you cry so sore/in the starry night? You will not let us sleep./Sure no man's driving off your flock? No man/has tricked you, ruined you?/ Out of the cave/the mammoth Polyphemos roared in answer:/ 'Nobody, Nobody's tricked me, Nobody's ruined me!'"

The Odyssey, Book IX

 As any librarian today 

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Where Is St. Marks? Investigating Place Names in the East Village

It is 8th Street, but from Third Avenue to Avenue A it is called St. Marks Place and is named for St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery, which is not even on 8th Street, or St. Marks Place, but at the intersection of 10th Street, Second Avenue, and Stuyvesant Street. The land there has been a site of Christian worship since 1660. The history of St. Marks Place doesn’t go back that far, but a surprising amount of history has happened on these four 

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Art and the Subway: New York Underground... Program at the Mid-Manhattan Library. Monday, Sept 14 @ 6:30 PM.

Artists have long used the NYC subway system as a wellspring of ideas, using their experiences to express themselves by way of the written word, visually on film, in oils on canvas, pen to paper, prints and sculpture. Sometimes the artwork is officially sanctioned and sometimes it is not.

When I moved to New York the 1982 the subway system was like a traveling road show of urban expression. Graffiti covered the walls inside and out, where there was a space to make a mark a mark was made. It was a cacophony of visual noise, much of which I could not 

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Shepard Fairey's Tour de Force

At the LIVE from the NYPL sold-Out event on Thursday, February 26th, the artist Shepard Fairey will be in conversation with Lawrence Lessig and Steven Johnson about Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy. He'll speak specifically about his extensive body of work and share highlights of his collection with the audience.

Fairey, known for his influential street art and strong political messages, has been drawing even more attention recently for frequenting the headlines. The 

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LIVE from the NYPL presents "Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy" - Feb 26

What is the future for art and ideas in an age when practically anything can be copied, pasted, downloaded, sampled, and re-imagined? LIVE from the NYPL and WIRED Magazine kick off the Spring 2009 season on February 26th with a spirited discussion of the emerging remix culture. Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy February 26th, 7pm (buy tickets) Celeste Bartos Forum The New York Public Library 5th Avenue 

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Art (or Graffiti) Around the Town

Last night, while I was looking for a place to eat with my family in the Greenwich Village, I came across several light posts that were beautifully covered with tiles and glass. This sparked my interest once again about the different types of Street Art around the City.

At the Library today, I came across a really good article in The New York Times titled “To the Trained Eye, Museum Pieces Lurk Everywhere,” by Seth Kugel, March 9, 2008.  

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