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June 18, 2015

Booktalking "Gluten-Free Birthday for Me!" by Sue Fliess

by Miranda McDermott.

June 18, 2015


Have to celebrate special occasions and birthdays with food intolerances? No problem. Gluten-free birthday cake is the answer to this dilemma! Rice and corn are often used in place of wheat flour in baking, but it can be rather dense if not treated carefully. The girl in this story solved the problem by baking a cake with her mother.

Piñatas, relay races, painted faces, removable tattoos, and even cake that gluten-free folks can eat. Sounds like a fabulous kids' birthday party to me! No one has to feel left out. Presents, party favors, and everyone goes home. Adults, kids, the baby, and the dog have a wonderful time.

Gluten-Free Birthday for Me! by Sue Fliess, 2013

One of the recipes at the end of the book includes oats; however, 10% of people who are gluten intolerant cannot ingest a protein found in oats. There are gluten-free resources in the book. I love the flushed faces of the people in the illustrations.


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