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Posts by Ruth Rodriguez

9 Libros bilingües que deberias leer con su niño antes de kinder

Con el deseo de que más padres y educadores lean en español, he compuesto una lista de mis títulos favoritos. Read More ›

Frida Frenzy: Art Projects and Kids' Books Inspired by Frida Kahlo

This summer we went through a mini Frida obsession in Francis Martin Library. After reading some books about her, we created paintings, collages, and small poems inspired by her work in our Art in the Library program.Read More ›

Pic Pick of The Century: An Homage to Walter Dean Myers

It is with sad news that I write here today, a very short poem of a great writer that has just gone away. A man who's presence is no longer here, But whose words and spirit would remain and never disappear.Read More ›

Pic Pick: Francis Martin Creation Station Has Artsy Picture Books for Children

In my efforts to rebel against the paper plate and crayon phenomena I created the kids art program "Creation Station". Every other Tuesday I pick a modern/contemporary visual artist and order some of the library's extensive monographs on that particular artist.Read More ›

Pic Pick (LGBTQ Edition): King & King by Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland

King & King By Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland Recommended for Ages 6 and Up

How many times has your parent told you "That's it, I've had ENOUGH!"? Nevermind, I am sure everyone reading this blog is well behaved. Ok, well it has happened to me, I remember plenty of instances when my mom had had "enough." In this book, the Queen mother has had ENOUGH too!

King & King tells the fairy tale of a Queen who is ready to retire from ruling the kingdom. 

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Pic Pick! It's a Book! About a Book?

Today's pic pick is a book about being in a book? A book?

It's a book? Wait, I am confused and amused!

Yes, you read right, today's pic pick includes books about books, with the words book in the title.

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A Pic Pick For The Eloquent Child

Today's Pic Pick is...

Lester's Dreadful Sweaters

By debut author-illustrator K.G. Campbell.

Ages 7 and UpFor the eloquent child who's surpassed Fancy Nancy and her well-versed prototypes comes a more universal story, although not part of a series.

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The Ultimate Guide to Free Library eBooks: Kindle Edition

If it has happened to our patrons at the Grand Concourse Library and myself...

...then it must be happening somewhere else!

Here we are with our exciting new Amazon Kindles, and nothing to read except for Jane Eyre or Alice in the Wonderland 

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Pic Pick: "Monsters Eat Whiny Children"

Today's Pic Pick is Monsters Eat Whiny Children

By Bruce Eric Kaplan

Reading Level: Ages 4-8

Hmmm, I am pretty sure a parent could relate to this story.

Monsters Eat Whiny Children by New Yorker cartoonist 

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Pic Pick: "Hugs from Pearl"

After a short hiatus, I hope to bring another joyous book recommendation! 

The Pic Pick of the day is Hugs from Pearl By Paul Schmid.

Have you ever wanted to do something that makes others feel better, but don't know how to do it?

Sometimes things that are easy for some people can be very difficult for others.

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Database? What? Huh?

It was a sunny day at Grand Concourse Library. A patron who visits the Library every morning for the newspaper was discussing a book he had just ordered.

The book, Henry Kissinger's On China, reminded him of the American/Chinese political climate in the 1980s. He was curious to know if the Library had access to any articles from the 1980s or journals pertaining 

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Grand Concourse Library Sneak Peak

A different library and a new collection!

Grand Concourse Library is located at:

155 East 173rd Street (east of Grand Concourse) Bronx, NY 10457 (718) 583-6611

Grand Concourse Library has a recently renovated Children's Room, thanks to the generosity of Marilyn and Jim Simons, CIT, and the New York Yankees 

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July is Near!

July is almost here and Summer Reading has officially begun!

Are you registered at your local library?

To celebrate the start of July and how much you love the Library, check out a festive coloring sheet below.

Courtesy of Sedgwick Library.

Happy reading!

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Summer Reading Colors!

Summer is upon us once again!

What a wonderful sight, the sun will be shining bright and the school year will soon end.

It's a more than great time to stop by your local library and sign up for Summer Reading!

Sedgwick Library is ready, are you?

Below is a fun coloring page, illustrating a surfer pig ready for the summer!

Print it out and color!

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Pic Pick: Jeremy Draws a Monster

Picture Book Recommendation=Let's Pick a Pic (Picture book).

Ms. Rodriguez from Sedgwick Branch Library picks a pic.

Jeremy Draws a Monster

By Peter McCarthy

Ages 4-8


Oh, No!  

Not another scary 

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Sedgwick December Calendar 2010

Drop by and pick up our neat Calendar List of Events.

You can also print out this funky, black and white treat here.

Don't forget to stop by for

A Christmas Carol!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 at 4 pm Sedgwick Library 1701 University Ave (Martin Luther King Blvd) Bronx, NY 10453 718.731.2074

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Silly Sedgwick Comic Strip #1

Sometimes all we need is a good laugh!

Below I put together a simple comic strip, with a picture of the Sedgwick Branch Children's Information Desk and a silly version of myself. 

Read Right to Left.

Ms. Rodriguez VS. The Fish

Here is a cool site where you can make a comic strip of your own.

The library also has plenty of silly comic making books that you can check out

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Pic Pick: I Ain't Gonna Paint No More

Pic Pick: A Bad Case of the Stripes

The Pic Pick of the Week is...

A Bad Case of the Stripes

Written and Illustrated by David Shannon

Camila is always worried about what other people think about her. The first day of school has arrived and she has to make sure that everyone likes what she is wearing.  Nevermind what Camila likes, it's all about what other people like.  For her first day of school she tried on many dresses, and avoided her favorite dish, lima 

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Pic Pick of the Week! ... (Get it? Pic=Picture Book?...Ha Ha!)

WARNING TO PARENTS/GUARDIANS/AUNTS/BABYSITTERS/NANNIES/UNCLES/MEAN OLDER BROTHERS/NICE OLDER BROTHERS/NICE YOUNGER SISTERS... ok, ok, you get the point: if this blog is read aloud to children it must be read with a silly voice!  High pitches, low pitches and New York accents are welcomed. If a word is in caps you must get louder! LOUDER!

This week is Pic Pick is...



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