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Posts by Miranda McDermott

Booktalking "The Secret Language of Sisters" by Luanne Rice

Mathilda and Ruth, aka Tilly and Roo. Two sisters, so excited to be in the same school again once Tilly entered ninth grade. Then a dog runs in front of Roo's vehicle as she is traveling to pick up Tilly. The ensuing crash devastates her life.Read More ›

Booktalking "The Survival Guide for Parents of Gifted Kids" by Sally Walker

Learning how to effectively parent and advocate for a gifted child not easy, but it can be highly rewarding. Read More ›

Summer Reading Kickoff 2017 at Harlem Library

As usual, we had a fantastic Summer Reading kickoff celebration this year. We celebrated the beginning of warm weather with a focus on literacy and kids maintaining their reading skills during the upcoming summer vacation. Read More ›

Booktalking "Parenting Gifted Kids" by James Delisle

Being gifted means that you lead a charmed life and everything is easier for you, right? Not necessarily. Read More ›

Booktalking "The Power of Noticing" by Max Bazerman

We can all become so focused on a particular task that we ignore helpful and relevant information. This is why it is so helpful to take a step back from what you are doing and see if there is a different tactic that could be applied to the situation.Read More ›

Booktalking "The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly" by Stephanie Oakes

This was a fascinating and morbid glimpse into the brutal world of religious cults. The author's alternation of past and present gives the book a dreamy, surreal feel.Read More ›

Booktalking "Everything, Everything" by Nicola Yoon

All Madeleine has ever known is life inside of her house with her nurse, Carla and her mother. Until Olly moved next door, that is.Read More ›

Bronx Book Fair 2017

I attended the Bronx Book Fair and heard from editors, authors, agents, and library administrators about the world of books, publishing, and accessing materials. Read More ›

Financial Planning Day at SIBL: Spring 2017

This was my second visit to the semi-annual Financial Planning Day at the Science, Industry and Business Library. This is a terrific event where I always learn much about finances and money.Read More ›

Booktalking "Faceless" by Alyssa Sheinmel

As if losing half of her face to electrical burns is not enough, 16-year-old Maisie must get used to having a stranger's nose, cheeks and chin hanging off of her countenance.Read More ›

Booktalking "Bringing Down the House" by Ben Mezrich

No one, except the highest trained security, would ever suspect they could be making off with a cool million.Read More ›

Booktalking "When You Work For a Bully" by Susan Futterman

Ever heard of a constructive discharge? That's when an employer makes an employee's work experience so miserable that any reasonable person would leave under the circumstances. But, good news: there are strategies that one can use to fight back. Read More ›

Women in Comics Con 2017

I was happy to attend the third annual Women in Comics Con at the Bronx Library Center. I only had time to attend one of the panels, but it included scintillating conversation about women and femininity in comics. Read More ›

TeenLIVE: Gene Luen Yang on Comics and Reading Without Walls

Gene Luen Yang is the current National Ambassador for Young People's Literature. We were lucky enough to have him join us for a conversation about comics and his Reading Without Walls challenge.Read More ›

NYC Teen Author Festival 2017

I love attending the annual NYC Teen Author Festival, and, as usual, this year's program did not disappoint.Read More ›

Booktalking "The Weight of Zero" by Karen Fortunati

Catherine, Cat, Cath... whatever you call her, she is terrified of Zero... Zero breathing down her neck...Zero and approaching D Day...Zero threatening to end everything.Read More ›

Author Talk: "Before the Fires" by Mark Naison and Bob Gumbs

On February 18, 2016, the Bronx Library Center invited Bob Gumbs to discuss his book about Bronx history. Read More ›

Booktalking " All We Have Left" by Wendy Mills

All We Have Left is a fictive contemplation on 9/11 and its effect on a family 15 years later.Read More ›

Booktalking "Killing It!" by Sheryl O'Loughlin

The author gives a unique, more personal look at the world of starting and running a business. She does a fantastic job of addressing the topic in a personable way.Read More ›

Booktalking "Courageous Women Rebels" by Joy Crysdale

The stories of these women and more fill the pages of this book: stories of strong women who fought for what they believed in, despite the prevailing views of the day. Read More ›
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