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Posts by Louise Lareau

50 Favorite Illustrated Children’s Books of 2017

There were lots of wonderful books published in 2017. Not all of them are going to make the “best of” lists, but here are 50 of my favorites.Read More ›

#SharkWeek: Take a Bite Out of a Book!

The Library has dozens of children's books about sharks. Here is a short list to get you started.Read More ›

Recommendations for the #1000BlackGirlBooks Campaign

Marley Dias wanted to read books she could relate to, and decided to collect 1000 of these books to donate to a library in Jamaica. Here are fifteen of our recommendations for followers of the #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign.Read More ›

For the Love of Poetry

I always tell kids that it is okay if they are not fans of a certain genre or literary form as there is something in the library for everyone. You never know when you will find something, like a silly poem about boogers, that will tickle your funny bone and get you excited about reading. Read More ›

Skating Dreams: Twelve Kinds of Ice

Every winter when Bryant Park opens its skating rink and I see people walking into the Children's Center with skates hung over their shoulders I am taken back to the time I spent on the ice as a child.Read More ›

Encyclopedia Brown: A 50th Anniversary

It is hard to believe, but Encyclopedia Brown has been solving cases for 50 years. I vividly remember checking out the Encyclopedia Brown books from my elementary school library. Although I never seemed to be able to solve the cases correctly, I loved the idea of having the answers waiting for me at the back of each book. My favorite story was "The Case of the Skunk Ape" and had I known what a cello was, I would have picked up on the clues. Read More ›

Bundles of Joy: Books to Bring to a Baby Shower

Last week, I overheard some colleagues commenting on how hard it is to buy baby shower gifts.  As librarians, we feel obligated to buy books for our friends and family.  As a children's librarian, I am never at a loss of when it comes buying board books for showers.  I always seem to go overboard with my purchases, but I can understand how co-workers, who do not work with children, might feel daunted.  Here are some helpful tips and a list of great books that you can use next time you go shopping for baby gifts.

I avoid buying "classic" titles 

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Balloons Over Broadway

One of my favorite Thanksgiving Day traditions is sitting down to watch the Macy's parade with a bagel and a cup of tea. Watching the parade helps get me ready for the long day of cooking that awaits.

Last year, Melissa Sweet published a wonderful book entitled Balloons Over Broadway: the True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy's Parade. Tony Sarg first began working at Macy's when he was hired to create movable puppets for the store's holiday windows. In 1924, Macy's asked Sarg to help 

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Syd Hoff: A Birthday Celebration

Do you remember the first time you read a book by Syd Hoff? If you were too young to read on your own, maybe someone in your life shared the book with you. For some, books such as Danny and the Dinosaur, Grizzwold, Barney's Horse and Sammy the Seal bring back vivid childhood 

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Silly Sushi Makes a Big Splash

Caryn's Candy Sushi by reynolds.james.e, on FlickrThis summer the staff of the Children's Center at 42nd Street planned an array of food-related craft activities to help highlight the ongoing Lunch Hour NYC exhibition. We started with bean/lentil picture frames and moved on to food label collage. On August 3rd, we decided to try an edible activity involving sushi made 

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Cakes, Pies and Cookies! Oh My!

By Jonathan LondonHave you ever had a slice of cake or pie for lunch? I hate to admit it, but it is a guilty pleasure that I have partaken in numerous times.

Red Velvet, German Chocolate, Lemon Meringue and Strawberry/Rhubarb are just a few of my favorites. Next time you have lunch, have dessert first. The children in your life will get a kick out of mixing up the menu.

Publicity Photograph from the Horn & Hardart AutomatAfter finishing your cake, come in and visit the Lunch Hour NYC 

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What's Waldo Reading? Summer Reading 2012

What are your summer plans this year? Are you leaving the city for an exotic destination? Or is your family having a stay-cation. Either way, I hope that you will be participating in the Library's summer reading program. Register your family members at and start reading. Have a lighthearted competition to see which family member can read the most books.

The Library has a recommended reading list, but children can read whatever they like. As always, reading should be fun. Pick a story for your 

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Lost & Found at the Children's Center at 42nd Street

Have you ever lost something?  I have.  At some point in our childhoods, we have lost a cherished possession.  Sadly, the staff of the Children's Center regularly discover an array of toys and clothing that have been left behind by mistake.  We display some of the toys at our circulation desk in hopes that the small owners will return to claim them.  Happy reunions are our mission.

Last summer, we mailed a small stuffed hedgehog to Virginia after getting an email from a mother determined to track down her daughter's favorite toy.  Humphry the Hedgehog 

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Redheads Run Rampant in the Children's Room

fotologic on flickrAs a child, I was not always happy with my red hair.  It attracted lots of attention, both good and bad.  I come from a family of brown-eyed brunettes, so I was somewhat of a surprise. I would like to blame Mary MacLean, my great-great-grandmother, for my hair color, but I know that the blame should really fall on some mutated genes. Growing up in small town Quebec, redheads were few and far between. This did not matter, however, as I always had Madeline, Pippi Longstocking and Anne Shirley to keep 

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Winnie-the-Pooh: Celebrating 90 Years

Happy Birthday Winnie!

This summer, our beloved Winnie-the-Pooh turns 90. How is that possible you may ask? Winnie, originally known as Edward Bear, was given to Christopher Milne by his parents on his first birthday — August 21, 1921. Who could have guessed that the 18-inch-high teddy bear, from Harrods, would eventually become a literary superstar?  Winnie and his companions have been on display at The New York Public Library since

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Canadian Accents @ the Library: A Booklist

Photo: Michael-N

Something interesting happened when I started working at the Children's Center at 42nd Street in July 2010. I have lived in New York for over 13 years and up until last summer, I could count on one hand the number of times someone has recognized my accent. People would often say "you're not from here," but they could not place me on a map. I now have customers commenting on my Canadian accent on a weekly basis. I always laugh and ask them what tipped them off since I do 

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