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Posts by Megan Honig

A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend: 5 Reasons You Need to Read This Book RIGHT NOW!

Why do you need to read Emily Horner's A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend? I've got 5 reasons right here.

1) The protagonist is a girl. Who crushes on girls. But unlike a lot of novels about LGBTQ teens, this one lets her story unfold subtly and simply. Cass’s sexuality isn’t some big reveal, just one more piece of the story, floating just out of view until it finally comes into view. 2) The characters are ACTUAL NERDS. Plenty of characters in YA fiction claim to be nerds, but how many 

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Memoir in the Teen Section: Marni, The Bite of the Mango, and Grace After Midnight

How long has it been since you’ve checked out the nonfiction side of the teen section in your library? Here are some standout titles—you can find them with young adult biographies.

The Bite of the Mango Mariatu Kamara grew up in Sierra Leone, where rebel soldiers and the government were at war. At age 12, Mariatu was caught in a rebel attack. She escaped—but first, the rebels cut off her hands. Wounded and separated from her family, Mariatu had to learn a new set of survival skills. Though there are 

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A Picture Is Worth…: Teen Nonfiction in Photographs

Have you got a few minutes? Good, because once you open these books, you’re going to want to keep flipping through.


This brilliantly simple concept comes from a website of the same name:

See two kittens.

Pick the cuter one.

Turn the page to see how other people people voted.


A Time Before Crack

Street photographer Jamel Shabazz takes us 

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Where Are the Books on Abuse?: Split, by Swati Avasthi

When I worked on a public information desk, it was one of the most common questions from teens: where are the books on abuse? Sometime readers related to the stories, sometimes they just wanted to read about awful things happening to someone else, and sometimes it was a mix of the two.

Split, by Swati Avasthi, is one of the most emotionally sophisticated teen books I’ve read about abuse in a long time.

Jace’s father beats Jace’s mother, beat Jace’s brother Christian until 

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Highlight from the Stuff for the Teen Age 2010 List: Gentlemen

Gentlemen by Michael Northrop

Micheal Benton (his parents spelled “Michael” wrong and never got around to fixing the birth certificate) and his friends Tommy, Bones, and Mixer aren’t stupid, but they aren’t the school type:

"Tattawa is a small high school. We call it the Ta-Ta’s or the Tits—another long day at the Tits, we’d say. There are four levels of classes at the Tits, and R is the last one. 10R is tenth grade, remedial. It’s not too hard to 

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Welcome to Stuff for the Teen Age!

For 80 years, New York Public Library staff shared the best titles for teens in an annual list called Books for the Teen Age. Last year, Books for the Teen Age became Stuff for the Teen Age, a multimedia, multi-format, targeted, and teen-tested list of the best of the year in teen books, music, graphic novels, movies, games, and more. This year, Stuff for the Teen Age becomes a blog.

We started with a list of the 100 best titles of last year, and we’ll be posting about our picks 

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