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Posts by Gwen Glazer

John Green Readalikes All the Way Down

Waiting for Turtles All the Way Down? You're not alone. So put your name on the holds list and then check out some of our favorite John Green readalikes — character-driven, emotional, engaging reads about teen relationships — to check out while you wait. Read More ›

Kazuo Ishiguro: Where to Begin

Kazuo Ishiguro, consummate British novelist and 2014 Library Lion, won the Nobel Prize in Literature today. His work is varied, complicated, and fascinating — and these three books are a good place to start.Read More ›

Cat Books for the Youngest Readers, Like #Ramona

Seven picture books for Ramona, her dad, and all the other young feline fanatics out there.Read More ›

Heaven Is a Place on... Another Planet? The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 58

Frank and Gwen traverse the globe and beyond this week, with two dystopian YA books about life on other planets and a memoir about international travel, journalism, and feminism. Plus: Banned Books Week and, yes, Belinda Carlisle.Read More ›

Top 5 Most-Challenged Books of 2016 Include LGBTQ Themes

When the American Library Association (ALA) recently published its annual list of the most frequently challenged books in the nation, we noticed something similar about the top five most-challenged books: All of them feature LGBTQ characters and storylines.Read More ›

Llama-Famous! Poetry Extravaganza: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 57

Podcasts are red/Podcasts are blue/This episode's all poetry/We hope you like it too!Read More ›

Quiz: Whodunnit? Marple vs. Poirot

In honor of Christie’s birthday on Sept. 15, 1890, we created a quiz to see if you can tell her two most memorable creations apart.Read More ›

The Great Nancy Pearl! The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 55

Frank and Gwen are beyond thrilled to talk to Nancy Pearl, a.k.a. America's Librarian, a.k.a. the guru of readers' advisory, a.k.a. OUR HERO. We talk about her new novel, George & Lizzie, and the perils of and triumphs of writing fiction. Plus: We guess Nancy's mystery book on the very first try...Read More ›

Books for Kids' Back-to-School Jitters

Six stories that might help ease the minds of kids feeling anxious about their first days of school.Read More ›

The Biggest Fish in the Sea

What’s your favorite book in which a character chases a seemingly unattainable goal? (And do they achieve it?) Read More ›

Our Favorite Literary Wafflers

We asked our NYPL book experts to come up with characters who make readers suffer along with their agonizing indecision — in other words, the best literary wafflers! Read More ›

NYPL Recommends: New YA Fiction, Dog Days Edition

Romance, relationships, action, adventure, Korean dramas, letters to Mars... what more could a YA fan ask for? Read More ›

Charlottesville in Context: A Reading List

Events of the past week have left many of us struggling for understanding. In such times, it can help to turn to books and authors to help us see the world through a broader lens.Read More ›

The Right Book at the Right Time: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 52

Frank and Gwen tackle two powerful narratives of self-acceptance -- and then take respite in a roller derby comic and a love story.Read More ›

Celebrating New Arab-American Literature

Satan and Death presiding over the waiting room of a psychiatric clinic, a sailboat and a map to pirate’s treasure, the loss of a beloved cat… the subjects of the books that won this year’s Arab American Book Awards are as diverse as they are creative.Read More ›

Only Love Will Save the World: Wonder Woman Readalikes

With nearly $800 million in revenue and counting, Wonder Woman is smashing box-office records and lighting imaginations on fire. And books are smoldering, too!Read More ›

Books That Talk and Books You Touch: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 50

Frank and Gwen learn about the Library's work with patrons with print disabilities with Jill Rothstein, chief librarian at the Andrew Heiskell Braille & Talking Book Library. Plus: More book recommendations than we've ever crammed into any episode, probably ever.Read More ›

Children's Books about Death, Loss, and Grieving

Many children must face the terminal illness and death of pets, grandparents, other friends and family members, and more. Even children who aren’t directly dealing with loss or grieving often still have questions about the concepts.Read More ›

NYPL Recommends: New YA for July

No such thing as summer vacation for great new YA fiction, nonfiction, comics, and graphic novels! Here are the titles for teens that we're most excited about putting on our shelves.Read More ›

What Kind of Beach Read Do You Need?

"Beach read" could mean something different to everyone — so we've come up with some categories of recommendations that will help you figure out what kind of beach book you're looking for. Read More ›
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