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Posts by Gwen Glazer

#SubwayLibrary Suggestions: Short Reads

There's so much available to read on the #SubwayLibrary, it can be hard to choose which books to peruse on your commute. This week's category: short reads! You can read any of these short stories, essays, and other short pieces in just one or two subway trips. Read More ›

#ReadersUnite: Our Summer Reading Challenge for Adults

Summer means one thing to librarians: summer reading.Read More ›

#SubwayLibrary Suggestions: Books for Young Adults

There's so much available to read on the #SubwayLibrary—a service that delivers free e-books brought to you by MTA, Transit Wireless, and NYC's libraries—it can be hard to choose which books to peruse on your commute. Read More ›

Seeing Yourself on the Page: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 44

The fantastic Sona Charaipotra sits down with Frank and Gwen to talk representation and what it's like to see (or not see) your own experiences reflected in a book. Plus: Archie and Riverdale, Bollywood, Hollywood, and a lot of geeking out over our favorite YA authors.Read More ›

Steamy Summer Staff Picks

It's heating up outside, and our summer Staff Picks have arrived just in time for those long-awaited beach trips (or sweltering subway rides, when you really need an escape).Read More ›

NYPL Recommends: New Poetry for Kids

Poetry is perfect for the youngest readers—great for developing vocabularies and fun for adults to read out loud. Check out some newly published books, all of which can be found in the Library's nonfiction section.Read More ›

Sherlock vs. Sayers: Who Said It?

We've put a master of detective stories up against a master of detectives. Even though the words were written more than a century apart, Sayers and Sherlock share a similar sensibility and a wicked sense of humor.Read More ›

NYPL Recommends: New YA for June

A cappella, interstellar journeys, high-stakes card games in Sin City, and the Van Gogh brothers? Don't mind if we do! Check out some of our NYPL book experts' newest favorites.Read More ›

Announcing #SubwayLibrary: Free E-Books for Your Commute

We're excited to announce the launch of Subway Library, a new initiative between The New York Public Library, Brooklyn Public Library, and Queens Library, the MTA, and Transit Wireless that provides subway riders in New York City with free access to hundreds of e-books, excerpts, and short stories—all ready to read on the train.Read More ›

#RainbowReading for Teens: 30 Books for 30 Days of Pride Month 2017

We’re excited to present our favorite LGBTQ+ books each day of June -- and the books on this list are some of our favorites about and for LGBTQ+ teens. Read More ›

#RainbowReading for Kids: 30 Books for 30 Days of Pride Month 2017

June isn't just Pride Month, it's also GLBT Book Month -- which means we have an opportunity to talk about some of the coolest, sweetest, most innovative books for kids: literature by, for, and about LGBTQ+ families.Read More ›

#RainbowReading for Adults: 30 Books for 30 Days of Pride Month 2017

June is Pride month, of course, but it’s also GLBT Book Month! We’re excited to present our favorite LGBTQ+ books each day of June. Read More ›

Go West, Fair Readers

What makes a “modern Western”? In honor of Larry McMurtry’s birthday, we asked our book experts here at the New York Public Library to answer that question — and to name a book they’d recommend that fit into that category.Read More ›

Dark, Light, & In Between: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 41

We're swinging from heavy, major, important nonfiction to the frothiest and most delightful YA romance this week. Plus: Frank and Gwen make the producer thankful for his upcoming vacation.Read More ›

NYPL Recommends: New YA for May

Great reads for young adults are blossoming like crazy this spring. Check out some of the reads — fiction, nonfiction, and graphic novels — that our YA librarians are buzzing about. Read More ›

Making Grown Men Cry, Since 2015: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 39

Sweet-sad poems, ghosts of the Village Past, and melancholy post-Victorian tales of ruined childhoods in creeepy cults... But we manage to have a little fun, too.Read More ›

I Won’t Grow Up! Adult Books Featuring the Stubbornly Young

In honor of J.M. Barrie's most famous creation — Peter Pan, the eternally young boy forever living in Neverland — we asked our book experts at The New York Public Library for recommendations of books that have Peter-like characters who simply refuse to grow up.Read More ›

Serving the Least Served: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 38

This week, we talk libraries and activism with Cory Eckert, one of the joint chiefs of Storytime Underground! We go in-depth on libraries as non-neutral spaces and how children's librarians stand up for social justice. Plus: recommendations for romance novels and two brand-new picture books.Read More ›

Every Day Is Free Comic Book Day at the Library

A primer on comics and graphic novels! Expand your horizons, and visit your library AND your indie comic shop this Saturday. Read More ›

Books about the Best of Times, Books about the Worst of Times

We asked our book experts to pick a side: What are some of your favorite books that feature a character having the best of times OR the worst of times?Read More ›
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