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Posts by Wayne Roylance

Book Notes From The Underground: An Open Letter To Philip Roth

Who am I to begrudge a person wanting to take it easy in the golden years of his or her life? You should do whatever it is that will make you happy, even if it means that your fans will no longer have a new Philip Roth novel to read every year.Read More ›

The Moviegoer: Bad Love, An Anti-Valentine's Day Movie List

Just in time for Valentine's Day: a list of movies where love goes south, or where one (or more) of the participants ends up in a bad way.Read More ›

The Summer David Bowie Made Me Cry (And Why I'm Grateful)

Working the graveyard shift and marking the days with David Bowie.Read More ›

The Moviegoer: Noel Marshall's 'Roar': Lions, and Tigers, and... Panthers! Oh My!

Some movies are so bad they're good. In this particular specimen, 70 cast and crew members were injured during filming too.Read More ›

Book Notes From The Underground: November 2015

Here are some recently published titles that may appeal to you if you are a fan of reading short stories:Read More ›

The Moviegoer: Films That Give You the Heebie-Jeebies

When most people think of horror movies, they usually think of lots of blood and a large body count, but the films that creep me out the most are the ones that mess with your head.Read More ›

Book Notes From The Underground: Going To The Dogs

Dogs and books. What could be better? How about if we combine the two? What do we get? Books about dogs! If you're a fan of books and dogs, here are a few titles that may interest you.Read More ›

Book Notes from the Underground: I've Got Your Back Edition

For this post I am only interested in one thing—the cover art; which is the one thing we're not supposed to judge a book by, right? For whatever reason, all of these covers show people from behind.Read More ›

Book Notes From The Underground: Independence Day Edition

The Fourth of July: Fireworks, hot dogs, potato salad, parades, washing the dog (hey, not everyone has the same rituals). These are just a few of the things that most people will be partaking of this Saturday.Read More ›

Book Notes From The Underground: June 2015 (New Books)

Although the summer is traditionally a slow season in the publishing world, it doesn't mean that there aren't any interesting books being published. Here are a few titles published this month that may appeal to you.Read More ›

Book Notes from the Underground: Summer Beach Reads, Country Noir Edition

What is "country noir?" Well, it usually involves criminal activity, and the setting is usually in the rural South, particularly in Appalachia or in the Ozarks, but anywhere that has a hardscrabble rural population will suffice. If you like good, dark crime fiction, than you also might enjoy reading some of the following examples—even at the beach.Read More ›

Book Notes From The Underground: May 2015 (New Nonfiction)

From magical realism to Nazi occupation, delve into essays, memoirs, and more.Read More ›

Vladimir Nabokov, écrivain, 1899-1977*

April 22 is the anniversary of his birth. If you haven’t read Nabokov—or if you’ve only read his most famous novel, Lolita—and you love to read books with exquisite language, here are three others to consider.Read More ›

Book Notes From The Underground: Books From The Future!

Running out of things to read? Panicking because your “to read” pile has dwindled down to 10 books or so? Not to worry! Here are some well-reviewed new titles coming out next month that you can add to your wish list.Read More ›

The Book on the Book: Biographies of Works of Literature

There has been a mini-boomlet in book biographies recently. Wouldn't you love to read a book about your favorite book?Read More ›

The Tracks of My Tears: Six Books (and a Poem) That Will Make You Cry

Books so good, they will bring a tear to your eye.Read More ›

Book Notes From The Underground: January 2015, Part 2

Recent short story collections that may interest you.Read More ›

Book Notes From The Underground: January 2015, Part 1

A look at recent books available in translation.Read More ›

The Nobel Prize in Literature Goes to Patrick Modiano

Who is Patrick Modiano? For our purposes, I'll just say that he is a French novelist whose first book, La Place de l'Etoile was published in 1968. Since then he has written more than two dozen books and several screenplays. Many of his novels deal with the experience of Jews during the Occupation of France during World War II. Read More ›

Book Notes From The Underground: September 2014

Here are some new noteworthy titles that may or may not be receiving the attention they deserve.Read More ›
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