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Posts by Marianna Vertsman

Новые Поступления в Библиотеку : Декабрь 2016 /New Russian Arrivals :December 2016

Check out the new Russian language titles that arrived at the library this month.Read More ›

New Russian Books, October 2016 | Новые поступления в библиотеку

New Russian books available at Mid-Manhattan Library.Read More ›

It's Positively Medieval!

If you enjoy watching the Game of Thrones or reading historical fiction, or simply wish to know more about the tumultuous events of the period, check out these medieval titles.Read More ›

New Russian Books, August 2016 | Новые поступления в библиотеку Mid-Manhattan

New Russian books for August.Read More ›

Celebrating the 2016 Olympics in Rio

Mid-Manhattan is celebrating the Olympics with book displays and a reading list that includes titles on the history and politics of the Olympic Games, as well as Brazilian cultural heritage. Read More ›

Citizenship Fair / Feria de la ciudadanía / Un séminaire sur la Citoyenneté Américaine/ Информационная ярмарка по получению гражданства США

On July 25, Mid-Manhattan Library will be hosting an all-day Citizenship Fair, which will feature local and government agencies, ready to assist new Americans with their citizenship applications. Read More ›

New Russian Arrivals June 2016 | Новые Книги: Июнь 2016

Предлагаем нашим читателям новые поступления в библиотеку Mid-Manhattan. Read More ›

Around the World in 80 Episodes: International TV Series

Ever wonder what the rest of the world is watching on TV? You are missing out if you're not familiar with at least a few of these international series.Read More ›

Biographies, The Ultimate Self-Help Tool

If you are feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, read the story of someone else who has been there. Read More ›

Новые поступления в библиотеку: Февраль 2016 | New Russian Books

New Russian books at Mid-Manhattan Library, February 2016Read More ›

Expand Your Search for Love with Columbia Granger's

The trouble with a narrowly defined search for love is you might not find exactly what you are looking for. This Valentine's Day, fall hopelessly in love with Columbia Granger's World of Poetry. Read More ›

Around the World in 80 Cookbooks

If you are bored with cooking the same dishes or wish to challenge yourself, draw inspiration form this list of cookbooks arranged by country. Read More ›

Paris, je t'aime! A Love Letter to Paris

Find your own sense of joie de vivre in these books about Parisian history and culture.Read More ›

Kikimora, Domovoi, Baccoo, and Other Strange and Spooky Creatures

This Halloween, staff of the Word Languages Collection at Mid-Manhattan Library would like to introduce our readers to some unusual creatures from around the globe.Read More ›

Классика в Иллюстрациях - New Illustrated Classics in Mid-Manhattan's Russian Collection

Предлагаем нашим читателям ряд замечательно изданных классических произведений. Иллюстрированные книги из нашей коллекции будут интересны всем поколениям вашей семьи.Read More ›

Не хлебом единым: питайтесь разнообразнее и лучше! Recent Russian Cookbooks

В библиотеку Мid-Manhattan поступило большое количество новых кулинарных книг. Предлагаем нашим читателям большой ассортимент трудов об отечественной и зарубежной кулинарии.Read More ›

Never Bored: Great Books for Tweens

"I'm bored!" is a dreaded phrase for most parents. I prefer to view such a situation as an opportunity. Precocious tween readers often have difficulty finding books that are challenging and appealing at the same time, so here are some suggestions.Read More ›

В кругосветное путешествие с книгой - Armchair Travel 2015

New Russian-language books on European and Asian history and culture.Read More ›

How to Access Digital Resources For Children

The Library subscribes to digital resources for kids that incorporate reading, test taking, videos and games and meet local and national educational standards. Learn how to access them with a library card.Read More ›

Лекарство от Скуки Summer 2015

Cure for Boredom: Russian mystery and detective fiction.Read More ›
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