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  • Memories of 114 Years of Hudson Park Library

    By NYPL Staff | June 4, 2020
    Hudson Park Library

    A sampling of recollections from our patrons.

  • The Riot Grrrl Movement

    By Stevie Feliciano, Hudson Park Library | June 19, 2013

    Yesterday I went to the independent bookstore Bluestockings for a reading of Lisa Darms' The Riot Grrrl Collection with Johanna Fateman, Ra…

  • Where Is St. John's?: The Old Burying Ground

    By John Flood, Library Manager, Grand Central Branch Library | February 2, 2010

    St. John's Burying Ground used to occupy the space which is now James J. Walker Park, between Leroy, Hudson and Clarkson Streets. In a sens…

  • Where Is St. John's?: How Place Names Live On in the West Village

    By John Flood, Library Manager, Grand Central Branch Library | January 21, 2010

    Why was a former railroad freight terminal named for a church? What's odder still is that the terminal was named for a church that had been…