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  • 12 Bookish Contemporary Romances To Check Out

    By Carrie Mcbride, Blog Editor | May 25, 2022
    In these charming books, the protagonists have a clear love of the written word. But can they find love for themselves off the page?
  • Nine New Contemporary Romances That Make Love Feel Possible

    By Carrie McBride, Communications | April 19, 2022
    For maximum enjoyment, pair these with a park bench under chirping birds, a sunny window seat, or a picnic blanket near a blossoming tree.
  • 50 All-Time Favorite Romance Books

    By Anne Rouyer, Supervising Young Adult Librarian | February 11, 2022
    Mulberry Street Library
    Classics, contemporary, LGBTQ, historicals, sci-fi/fantasy, thrillers—these books still have the power to make us smile or catch our breath.
  • Big-Hearted Novels for Fans of Starstruck

    By Cierra Bland, Social Media Manager | August 23, 2021

    If you love Starstruck and other stories of odd couples and star-crossed lovers, check out these joyful stories.

  • Enter the Jasmine Guillory Universe

    By Cierra Bland, Social Media Manager | February 13, 2021

    Her contemporary romance novels depict relatable characters navigating race, gender, friendships, careers, politics, and more. Oh, and they…

  • More Teen Romances For Readers Who Hate Romance Novels

    By Andrea Lipinski, Young Adult Librarian | February 12, 2021
    Perhaps these teen titles will tempt you to give romances a try.
  • Quiz Yourself on These Romantic Literary Quotes

    By Cierra Bland, Social Media Manager | February 11, 2021

    Whether you love the classics or wait with baited breath for the latest release, we want to see if you can match these famous quotes with t…

  • 30+ Bridgerton Readalikes to Steam Up All Your Nights

    By Anne Rouyer, Supervising Young Adult Librarian | January 4, 2021
    Don't be discouraged if you're in a holds queue for one of the Bridgerton books—here are dozens of similar books to try while you wait.
  • The Heir Affair and a Royal Romance Roundup

    By Anne Rouyer, Supervising Young Adult Librarian | July 20, 2020
    A round-up of adult and young adult royal romances, old and new, to keep you busy all summer long.
  • 11 Ice Hot Hockey Romances

    By Anne Rouyer, Supervising Young Adult Librarian | April 10, 2019
    You don't have to know the rules of everyone's favorite frozen sport to enjoy these steamy selections from a romance sub-genre.