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  • Women in Sport: Kids Books to Celebrate Title IX

    By Carrie McBride, Communications | June 20, 2022
    These women and girls have broken barriers and achieved greatness in sports.
  • New Picture Books to Celebrate Dads

    By Vibrant Voices Reading Committee | June 16, 2022
    Check out these new gems from diverse writers for young children that celebrate Dads and Granddads.
  • Inspire Young Inventors: Books & Resources For Elementary Educators

    By Dhariyah Luqman, Specialist II, School Outreach and Samantha Simoes, Specialist II, School Outreach | June 8, 2022
    These books and resources will help children with problem solving, patience, and perseverance as they begin to think like future inventors!
  • Books for Young Readers about Friendship Recommended by the Teen Reading Ambassadors

    By Rachel Roseberry, Manager, Young Adult Literacy Programs | June 8, 2022
    Books for young readers that explore all types of friendships and what it means to be a good friend
  • Middle Grade Books About Biking To Promote Exercise & Mental Health

    By Dhariyah Luqman, Specialist II, School Outreach | June 3, 2022
    These books for middle grades highlight the independence, freedom, and adventure cycling can bring.
  • Picture Books to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

    By Samantha Simoes, Specialist II, School Outreach | April 25, 2022
    Throughout all the challenges teachers have faced recently, they always put their students and the needs of their community first.
  • Picture Books Celebrating Irish Stories

    By Chelsea Condren | March 14, 2022
    From classic folklore to new and exciting titles by talented Irish authors and illustrators.
  • Picturebook Adventures at Sea

    By Clarissa Cooke, Children's Librarian | March 2, 2022
    This list includes voyages on the ocean and voyages of the imagination along with some true sea stories from our nonfiction section.
  • Classroom Connections: Women and Their Passions

    By Amber Certain, Educators and Schools Outreach Specialist | March 1, 2022
    March is Women's History Month—a time to celebrate achievements women have made throughout the course of American history in various fields.
  • Children's Books About Women Artists

    By Clarissa Cooke, Children's Librarian | February 28, 2022
    96th Street Library
    If seeing art around New York City inspires young kids to learn more, NYPL has wonderful children's books about inspiring women artists.