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  • Endearing YA Romances for Fans of Heartstopper

    By Carrie McBride, Communications | May 3, 2022
    Smitten by Heartstopper? Here are more heartfelt and affirming reads that highlight the sweetness of young love.
  • How Activists Harnessed the Telephone and Built the Nation’s First LGBTQ+ Hotline

    By Quinn Anex-Ries, NYPL Short-Term Fellow | April 28, 2022
    Stephen A. Schwarzman Building
    Short-term fellow Quinn Anex-Ries discusses the Gay Switchboard of New York and its callers' daily fears, joys, pleasures, and questions.
  • American Library Association Releases List of the 10 Most Challenged Books of 2021

    By NYPL Staff | April 5, 2022
    All of these titles are available at The New York Public Library in multiple formats.
  • Favorite Trans, Nonbinary, and GNC Titles of 2021

    By Hunter Albini, Alex Kohn, Emily Pullen, Jill Rothstein, Sam Scala, Rae Shevchuk-hill, Stephanie Whelan, and all of TRANSform NYPL | March 29, 2022
    Some of our favorite titles from this past year centered on TGNC (transgender and gender non-conforming) experiences.
  • Books to Celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month

    By Alex Kohn, Library Information Assistant | October 27, 2021

    These titles, for all ages, showcase how fascinating and colorful LGBTQ+ history is.

  • "A small and quite unimportant sect of perfect people": Oscar Wilde, Charles Ricketts & Charles Shannon

    By Julie Carlsen, Coordinator | October 12, 2021

    The books that English artist Charles Ricketts and his partner Charles Shannon designed for Oscar Wilde offer insight about a network of su…

  • 12 Great LGBTQ YA Books You Haven't Read Yet

    By Alex Kohn, Library Information Assistant | June 28, 2021
    There's no better time than Pride Month to discover a new favorite book!
  • 12 Classic LGBTQ Titles for YA Readers

    By Alex Kohn, Library Information Assistant | June 22, 2021
    Every year I wait for June so I can talk about these classic LGBT YA books, but you can enjoy them any time of the year.
  • Celebrate Pride with Short Story Collections by LGBTQ Authors

    By Desmond Hunnighen | June 17, 2021

    For Pride Month, check out of these collections of short stories that show some of the many dimensions of LGBTQ life.

  • Pride Month Recommendations for Kids by the Teen Reading Ambassadors

    By Rachel Roseberry, Manager, Young Adult Literacy Programs | June 10, 2021

    These titles emphasize love and acceptance above all, as they explore family relationships, gender, and more. We hope you carry these stori…