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  • collage of three book covers

    10 September Fiction Releases To Get Your Hands On

    By Carrie McBride, Communications | September 21, 2023
    New September books are the equivalent of freshly sharpened pencils and uncreased folders.
  • Two people and a dog lay on a hardwood dance floor

    Outside the Frame: Amanda Hamp on “Downtown” Dance Artists in the 1980s

    By Amanda Hamp, Associate Professor of Dance, University of New Mexico | September 19, 2023
    The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts
    Amanda Hamp wrote about her research on dance performances and papers of selected “downtown” dance artists working in the 1980s.  
  • Author Luis Urrea speaking on stage at an NYPL event

    Library Talks: Luis Alberto Urrea, 'Good Night, Irene'

    By NYPL Staff | September 19, 2023
    The new novel by award-winning author Luis Alberto Urrea, Good Night, Irene, tells an overlooked story of women’s heroism in World War II.
  • head and torso of Hunter Augeri, facing the camera, in a dark blue shirt; behind him are an iron spiral staircase and an exposed brick wall.

    NYPL Researcher Spotlight: Hunter Augeri

    By Jeanne-Marie Musto, Librarian II | September 19, 2023
    What does it mean to be an artist who doesn’t make art? Hunter Augeri explores hoarding and the role it plays in the artistic process.
  • collage of three book covers

    Reading for Anyone Thinking About the Roman Empire Today

    By Carrie McBride, Communications | September 18, 2023
    History, biography, literary fiction, and political thrillers for all the classics lovers out there.
  • collage of three world flags

    Raise a Flag: Kids' Activities for Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month

    By Ruth Rodriguez, Manager, Bilingual Children's Services | September 15, 2023
    Fun flag activities for kids available to download in multiple languages.
  • collage of three book covers

    The Fascinating Histories of Barbie, LEGO, Monopoly and More

    By Carrie McBride, Communications | September 15, 2023
    Ken is in the running to be inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. Will he be Kenough or will he be always number two?
  • Illumination from Hildegard's Scivias (1151) showing her receiving a vision and dictating to teacher Volmar.

    Mining Hildegard von Bingen’s 12th Century Scores for a New Performance

    By Alex Teplitzky, Senior Communications Manager, Library for the Performing Arts Communications | September 15, 2023
    We speak to researcher, performer, and musician Rocky Duval about her new performance on Hildegard von Bingen.
  • collage of three book covers

    Celebrate Latin & Hispanic Culture Through Food | Celebre la tradición culinaria de la cultura latina e hispana

    By Kirsten Grunberg, Children's Librarian | September 14, 2023
    Exquisite recipes bring to life the Latin & Hispanic cultures. Las recetas exquisitas revelan las culturas latina e hispana.
  • A man in a jacket holds up a book and smiles at the camera.

    Theatre Curator Doug Reside on His New Book, 'Fixing the Musical'

    By Alex Teplitzky, Senior Communications Manager, Library for the Performing Arts Communications | September 13, 2023
    We speak to theatre curator Doug Reside about his new book, Fixing the Musical: How Technology Shaped the Broadway Repertory.