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  • three Black women in long dresses and hats stand outside a large stone building

    Online Resources for Researching the Caribbean

    By NYPL Staff | June 7, 2023
    Research Caribbean history, culture, and more with these digital research books and online databases.
  • teen girl outside with her arms outstretched. text reads: "warm-up/beginner arm circles"

    Introducing Hiveclass: NYPL's Newest Online Resource for Kids & Teens

    By Kevin Kelley, Associate Director, School-Age Programs and Services | June 6, 2023
    Discover Hiveclass, a digital sports encyclopedia of training videos for kids and teens.
  • collage of a film canister and small protest signs that say "Library Workers Will Help Make NY a Union Town"

    Struggle in the Stacks! Researching NYPL's Labor History

    By Nora Dolliver, Dorot Jewish Division & Mia Bruner, General Research Division | June 6, 2023
    Stephen A. Schwarzman Building
    NYPL's labor history thrusts readers into a heated debate about library workers' rights and the union's role in the American library.
  • a woman standing in a field looks into the distance smiling while behind her is a man also smiling

    Warmhearted Stories of Connection for Fans of "Somebody Somewhere"

    By Carrie McBride, Communications | June 2, 2023
    While you wait for season three, these books offer similar themes of friendship, chosen family, a sense of place, and staying open to life.
  • Against a black background, an illustration of Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-George

    Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, First-Known Composer of African Descent

    By Lisa Herndon, Manager, Schomburg Communications and Publications | June 1, 2023
    Materials in the Schomburg Center's collections highlight the activism, bravery, genius, and magnificence of this multi-talented man.
  • Close-up of Christina Dumetz, smiling, in blue shirt and glasses, with shelves of books behind her.

    NYPL Researcher Spotlight Interview: Christina Dumetz

    By Jeanne-Marie Musto, Librarian II | May 31, 2023
    Christina Dumetz discusses her research on "homeland" and home as understood by first-generation German immigrants to the US and France.
  • illustration of an open book with flowers growing out of it and text: Chinese Books Discussion

    Online Chinese Book Discussion May 2023 網上中文書籍討論

    By Qi Wu, Adult Librarian | May 31, 2023
    每月一次中文書籍研討會。 無論線上或館內的討論會,都是大家講,大家聽,大家都能暢所欲言,講出各自獨特的見解。
  • Oil portrait of Mary Wollstonecraft

    Work/Cited Episode 26: "How to Think Like a Woman" by Regan Penaluna

    By Ian Fowler, Curator of Maps, History and Government Information | May 31, 2023
    Regan Penaluna discusses influential early feminist philosophers who have been written out of history.
  • Pictures of Former Korean Palaces

    An Album of Korean Palaces at The New York Public Library

    By Hee-Gwone Yoo, Librarian II, General Research Division | May 31, 2023
    There are a number of rare Korean prints, manuscripts, and photographs in NYPL that date from the 14th century to the early 20th century.
  • close-up of Miriam Schwartz outdoors, smiling at the camera, with purple and black hair and wearing a purple shirt and black sweater

    NYPL Researcher Spotlight Interview: Miriam Schwartz

    By Jeanne-Marie Musto, Librarian II | May 31, 2023
    A scholar of Yiddish and Hebrew literature tells us about "dubbed literature" and the Yiddish writer Rivke Rus (1912-1983).