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  • collage of book covers

    Winter and Holiday Titles for the K-12 Classroom

    By Chelsey Masterson, School Outreach Librarian | December 1, 2022
    Whether your students celebrate Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Lunar New Year, or none of the above, find them the perfect wintry title!
  • Collage of photos. Top left: Photo of Arturo Schomburg sitting in a chair. In the top middle, 2 men are seated and three women are standing in a photo of W.E. B. Du Bois & Fisk University class of 1888. On the top right, an illustration of writer Jarena Lee. On bottom left, a photo of  Dr. Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò & Dr. Robin D.G. Kelly. Each is seated in a chair onstage at the Schomburg Center. A table between the chairs showing Kelley’s book.

    The Top 2s of 2022

    By Lisa Herndon, Manager of Communications and Publications | December 1, 2022
    Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
    Find out the Schomburg Center’s most-viewed blogs, online programs, and research guides of 2022.  
  • poster for the Committee to Defend America Aiding the Allies

    Our Own Propagandists: The Risks of Unverified Social Media

    By Chad Levinson, NYPL Short-Term Fellow | December 1, 2022
    Social media technology makes it possible for anyone to spread propaganda, but there’s nothing new about this dangerous idea.
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    Perfectly Frank and Crystal, Ep. 229

    By NYPL Podcasts | December 1, 2022
    Our hosts discuss stories narrated by animals, a mystery about a missing woman, and a nonfiction title by a disability studies scholar.
  • Seanan Forbes

    NYPL Researcher Spotlight: Seanan Forbes

    By Jo-Ann Wong, Librarian II | November 29, 2022
    Seanan Forbes discusses their research at NYPL as they craft a queer young adult novel that retells Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.
  • Wendell Pierce and Sharon D. Clarke stand in the background behind McKinley Belcher III and Khris Davis who kneel in the foreground.

    Color-Conscious Casting and Death of a Salesman

    By Douglas Reside, Curator, Theatre Collection | November 29, 2022
    Curator Doug Reside looks at documentation of previous productions of Death of a Salesman featuring Black actors playing Willy Loman.
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    Virginia Woolf: A Modern Mind, A Reading List

    By Carolyn Vega, Curator, Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection of English and American Literature | November 28, 2022
    Book recommendations about Woolf and her world by the curator of the Virginia Woolf: A Modern Mind exhibition at NYPL.
  • still from a movie showing an Asian man and woman

    Asians and Asian-Americans in Hollywood: On and Off the Screen

    By Stephen Massa, Billy Rose Theatre Division | November 28, 2022
    A look back at some of themstars of the early cinema: Sessue Hayakawa, Keye Luke, James Wong Howe, and Chai Hong.
  • Black and white photo of Bernadette Mayer set against a red background

    Remembering Bernadette Mayer (1945-2022)

    By Simi Best, Research Associate, The Berg Collection | November 23, 2022
    Poet Bernadette Mayer's work was full of experiments in thinking and being.
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    Finding Black Panther at the Library

    By Kaitlin Rotella and Elisa Garcia | November 23, 2022
    Check out these Black Panther titles to celebrate the new movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.