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    A Few Fun Facts About 'From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler' & Its Author

    By Carrie McBride, Communications | March 30, 2023
    Do you know the inspiration behind this beloved story? Find out along with more fun facts!
  • close up of Eliot Rowlands

    Researcher Spotlight Interview: Eliot Rowlands

    By Jeanne-Marie Musto, Librarian II | March 29, 2023
    Eliot Rowlands is researching art agent Harold Woodbury Parsons, who helped build up major US art collections during the 20th century.  
  • Two boys in white suits dance in front of a table of people.

    'Babes in Arms': A Study in Depression-Era Childhood

    By Julianne Lindberg, Associate Professor of Musicology | March 28, 2023
    The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts
    Julianne Lindberg writes about her research on the Broadway musical Babes in Arms as part of her ongoing research for a scholarly article.
  • Image of Terence Blanchard playing trumpet

    Explore Terence Blanchard at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

    By Rebecca Littman, Managing Librarian for Music & Recorded Sound | March 27, 2023
    A short offering of books, articles, and media exploring the work of composer and performer Terence Blanchard.
  • collage of three book covers with text: Nine New Poetry Collections

    Nine New Poetry Collections to Soak Up

    By Carrie McBride, Communications | March 23, 2023
    Considering identity, fatherhood, generational trauma, mortality, and much more, these titles were all released in the last month or two.
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    Hot Off the Presses: 12 New Books Released in March 2023

    By Carrie McBride, Communications | March 22, 2023
    From family dramas to thrillers and murder mysteries—we're confident you'll find one to put on your list!
  • Two Sun Ra covers, side-by-side.

    Histories of the Future: Summer Residency with the Center for Educators and Schools

    By Educator Development Team, Center for Educators and Schools | March 22, 2023
    Future predictions say a lot more about our present than we might think. Learn more about the theme of the 2023 Summer Residency.
  • aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, printed in blue on a blue grid with a red foliate background design filling the interstices of the letter.

    Hebrew Alphabet Embroidery Pattern Book, Riga, 1906-07

    By Jeanne-Marie Musto, Librarian II | March 22, 2023
    A pamphlet of cross-stitch patterns provides an excursion into Jewish life in Riga (today in Latvia) at a time of prosperity and pogroms.
  • A headshot of Dr. Vanessa K. Valdés on left. In center, a wall in the center of the room in a brown-orange color with the words Juan de Pareja, Afro-Hispanic Painter, On  right, 3 black and white photographs on a black colored page of a scrapbook with handwritten messages. Below, a book in a glass display case.

    Books, Photos & Writings of Arturo Schomburg Featured in Upcoming Exhibition at The Met

    By Lisa Herndon, Manager, Schomburg Communications and Publications | March 21, 2023
    Arturo Schomburg biographer Dr. Vanessa K. Valdés co-curated an exhibition at The Met using materials from Mr. Schomburg’s collection.   
  • black and white photo of woman wearing a warm coat and a hat with a large feather in it

    Work/Cited Episode 24: Becoming a Poet

    By Ian Fowler, Curator of Maps, History and Government Information | March 20, 2023
    Explore how Amy Clampitt wrote in near-obscurity for decades before the publication of her book The Kingfisher.