20 New Books To Celebrate Pride Month

By NYPL Staff
June 21, 2024

Join the Library in celebrating Pride Month throughout June with book recommendations, free online events, resources, and more.

Looking for new books and new voices? These 20 titles by LGBTQ+ authors, all published in recent months, are terrific reads for Pride Month and beyond. From nonfiction titles on the importance of queer spaces to exciting new fiction (many by debut authors) exploring knotty familial and romantic relationships, this list will keep you busy all summer long.


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    by R.O. Kwon

    Jin Han breaks a lifelong promise to keep the details of an old familial curse a complete secret when she meets and connects with a stranger at a party and must deal with the repercussions of their new relationship.

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    by Chukwuebuka Ibeh

    Ostracized for his love of another boy, Obiefuna navigates being banished to boarding school while his family grapples with his absence and they all face the potential repercussions of proposed legislation to outlaw same sex relationships in Nigeria.

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    But How Are You, Really?

    by Ella Dawson

    With her demanding boss giving the commencement address at her alma mater, Charlotte has no choice but to return to her past and explain to her queer chosen family why she has been so bad at keeping in touch.

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    The Default World

    by Naomi Kanakia

    A trans woman sets out to exploit a group of wealthy roommates, only to fall under the spell of their glamorous, hedonistic lifestyle in tech-bubble San Francisco.

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    The Z Word

    by Lindsay King-Miller

    During a Pride celebration, Wendy notices the beginning of an infection that seems to be turning people into zombies. She and others from the local queer community must team up (despite interpersonal tension) to try and stop the outbreak, discover its source, and survive.

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    by Melissa Mogollon

    Forced to step into the role of caretaker, translator, and keeper of the devastating family secrets that her eccentric grandmother begins to share, Luciana, the baby of a large Colombian American family, suddenly finds herself center stage, facing down adulthood—and rising to the occasion.

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    by Kate Young

    Reeling from a breakup, Bette decides to explore the queer dating scene, something she missed in her twenties before she realized she was gay and is surprised when her journey takes her to unexpected places. 

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    Becoming Ted

    by Matt Cain

    A Lancaster man working at his family’s ice cream company must reinvent himself and his life when his husband suddenly leaves him for another man. 

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    by Santiago Jose Sanchez

    Hombrecito is a queer coming-of-age story about a young immigrant's complex relationships with his mother and his motherland, Colombia.

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    Little Rot

    by Akwaeke Emezi

    One weekend. The elite underbelly of a Nigerian city. A breakup that starts a spiral. A party that goes awry. A tangled web of sex and lies and corruption that leaves no one unscathed. Little Rot is a whirling journey through the city's dark side, told through the eyes of five people, each determined to run from the twisted powers out to destroy them.


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    A Place of Our Own: Six Spaces That Shaped Queer Women's Culture

    by June Thomas

    A deeply researched and highly readable cultural history of queer women’s lives in the second half of the twentieth century, told through six iconic spaces including the rural commune, the sex toy boutique, the vacation spot, and the feminist bookstore.

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    The Other Olympians: Fascism, Queerness, and the Making of Modern Sports

    by Michael Waters

    Uncoveringt he gripping true stories of early pioneering trans and intersex athletes, while tracking how international Olympic Committee members ignored Nazi Germany’s atrocities to pull off the Berlin Games, this inspiring call for equality is an essential contribution toward understanding the contemporary culture wars over gender in sports. 

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    Unsuitable: A History of Lesbian Fashion

    by Eleanor Medhurst

    The lesbian past is slippery: often deliberately hidden, edited or left unrecorded. Unsuitable restores to history the dazzlingly varied clothes worn by women who love women, from top hats to violet tiaras. This story spans centuries and countries, from "Gentleman Jack" in nineteenth-century Yorkshire and Queen Christina of seventeenth-century Sweden, to Paris modernism, genderqueer Berlin, butch/femme bar culture and gay rights activists—via drag kings, "Vogue" editors and the Harlem Renaissance.

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    Nothing Ever Just Disappears: Seven Hidden Queer Histories

    by Diarmuid Hester

    Both thought-provoking and eye-opening, this radical new history of seven queer lives, including Josephine Baker in Paris and E.M. Forster in Cambridge, illuminates the connections to where they lived, who they loved and the art they created, and celebrates freedom, survival and the hidden places of the imagination.

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    Long Live Queer Nightlife: How the Closing of Gay Bars Sparked a Revolution

    by Amin Ghaziani

    Drawing on Ghaziani’s immersive encounters at underground parties in London and more than one hundred riveting interviews with everyone from bar owners to party producers, revelers to rabble-rousers, Long Live Queer Nightlife showcases a spectacular, if seldom-seen, vision of a queer world shimmering with self-empowerment, inventiveness, and joy.

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    Dead Don't Need Reminding: In Search of Fugitives, Mississippi, and Black TV Nerd Sh*t

    by Julian Randall

    Transforming pop culture moments into deeply personal explorations of grief, family and the American way, the award-winning author recounts his journey back from depression and his determination to retrace the hustle of a white-passing grandfather to the Mississippi town from which he was driven amid threats of tar and feather.

Summaries provided via NYPL’s catalog, which draws from multiple sources. Click through to each book’s title for more.