Vote in 2024’s Citywide Participatory Budgeting and Fund Projects in Your Community

By NYPL Staff
May 13, 2024
Red graphic with white text that says Participatory Budgeting at NYPL

Voting is now open! Have your say in how city expense funding is spent in your community as part of an annual citywide participatory budgeting (PB) process called The People's Money. The New York Public Library is helping get out the vote and encourage New Yorkers to participate and choose projects for their boroughs.

What Is Participatory Budgeting?

This is a democratic process which allows New Yorkers to decide how to spend part of a public budget in their communities. In the first phase of the process, New Yorkers submitted ideas for the projects that appear on your ballots. Now, New Yorkers ages 11 and up—regardless of immigration status—are invited to vote on the projects they'd like to see enacted in their borough. 

How Do I Participate?

Until June 16, New Yorkers can go online at the CEC’s website to see what projects are on the ballot for their borough and vote for their favorites. The online form will ask you to provide your zip code to determine your borough. When it asks for a Partner Code, enter NYPL. The online ballot is available in English and 13 additional languages. You can also find paper ballots at select locations—check online to see where you can get a paper ballot.