Delicious Desserts: 6 Sweet Cookbooks to Celebrate the Year of the Dragon

By Michelle Lee, Young Adult Librarian
February 7, 2024
Riverside Library

The Lunar New Year—the most important holiday for many Asian cultures—is coming up on February 10. The holiday is a festive time to gather with family members and friends, share gifts; attend an outdoor parade or festival; or watch special dance, music or martial arts shows. Celebrations can last anywhere from one to 15 days.

Fresh and candied fruits are popular snacks and gifts during the Lunar New Year. There are some sweets that are eaten as a special treat for the holiday, such as Chinese nian gao (New Year cake) and tangyuan (sticky rice balls), and Vietnamese banh tet chuoi  (banana sticky rice cakes) and che kho (mung bean pudding).

These select dessert cookbooks from authors of Asian heritage will enable at-home cooks to make some of these traditional sweets in their own kitchens or create more modern bakes and treats to savor at holiday meals, give as gifts for family and friends, or indulge any other time throughout the year.  

Enjoy these books and have a happy Lunar New Year, Spring Festival  春節; Seollal 설날; Tết Nguyên Đán; Losar  ལོ་གསར་ and Tsagaan Sar Цагаан сар!