Books & Resources for Supporting Grieving Children

By Whitney Davidson-Rhodes, Associate Manager, Young Adult Staff Engagement and Support
January 17, 2024

Discover community resources and books for kids, teens, and caregivers to help with conversations about loss and provide support for grief. This list was created in partnership with all three New York City library systems: Brooklyn Public Library, The New York Public Library, and Queens Public Library.

Supporting Grieving Children Panel

Supporting a grieving child is a challenge for parents, carers, educators, and any adult who plays a part in a child’s life. In this special program hosted by Brooklyn Public Library, The New York Public Library, and Queens Public Library, an experienced panel of speakers discussed how young people experience grief and how to talk about it with them. 

Community Resources

Below are a list of organizations and other resources that can help children and teens navigate grief and loss.

  1. New York Life Foundation - Bereavement Support; Bereavement Support for Families; and Kai’s Journey book series
  2. The Healing Library - The Healing Library is a series of kits designed to make a family's healing journey following a trauma easier to navigate and personalize.
  3. Calvary Hospital - In-house hospice program that runs support groups for children, tweens, and teens from all five boroughs. In-person for teens is in Manhattan, Bronx, and Brooklyn.
  4. Experience Camps - Experience Camps, founded in 2009, is a national, no-cost program for grieving children who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling, or primary caregiver.
  5. The Children’s Room, Teen Program - The Teen Program is designed to meet the unique psychosocial needs of adolescents in 8th to 12th grades who have experienced the death of a parent or sibling.
  6. National Alliance for Children’s Grief, Listening Guide - Supporting a grieving child can mean many things, but listening is critical. Committing to listening over time supports the child as they adapt to life after loss—listening on repeat! This toolkit will support you through tools and strategies to effectively listen to grieving children.
  7. NYC Care - NYC Care guarantees healthcare for people who are low-income or do not qualify for health insurance. Through your primary care provider under NYC Care, you can receive a referral to speak to a licensed social worker or other health professional regarding your grief.
  8. Eluna - Provides resources regarding grief camps and other resources for families.
  9. YAI – Has resources for grieving youth with developmental disabilities 
  10. The Dougy Center- At Dougy Center, they create safe spaces and free resources for children and families who are grieving.

A printable download of the Supporting Grieving Children Book & Resource List is available.

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