Nonfiction November: Book Recommendations for Kids

By Arielle Saber, Associate Manager, Teen Reading Ambassadors
November 8, 2023

The New York Public Library's Teen Reading Ambassadors internship program brings together 10th–12th grade students to help further the Library's mission to inspire lifelong learning in others, particularly young children. Ambassadors work at NYPL After School programs across the city providing tutoring and literacy enrichment activities to children ages 6–12. They also show children the joy of reading by connecting them with engaging books from the Library’s collections! 

The 2023–24 Teen Reading Ambassadors cohort is kicking off their internship with nonfiction book recommendations for kids. These books were specifically selected with a variety of readers in mind: they cover topics ranging from activists and explorers to the history of pizza! Browse our recommendations to learn more about something you already love or to discover something new.

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