Top 5 Comic Strip Collections of 2023

By NYPL Best Comics Committee
November 7, 2023

For the third year in a row, NYPL’s Best Comics Committee has released a comprehensive, carefully manicured list of the best 50 comics and graphic novels of the year, and as always, there were lots of fantastic books that didn’t quite fit. Some because we didn’t need a third (or fourth) vampire story, some because this just wasn’t the year of the dashing superhero, and some because librarians are quite fussy about fact checking in non-fiction.

These five below, however, were kept separate simply because of the format: rather than continuous narratives, these books evoke the one-two punch of a newspaper comic strip, then reset for the next page (or few pages) to deliver again and again. There were so many amazing titles in the category this year, that we had to show them some love, so without further ado (and in no particular order): The Top 5 Comic Strip Collections of 2023!