Books for Kids, Tweens, and Teens That Capture the Summer Camp Experience

By Carrie McBride, Communications
July 20, 2023

For many kids, summer camp is an important rite of passage and will leave them with memories to cherish. It's a time to experience independence from parents, make new friends, try new things, and enjoy the Great Outdoors. The books below—for kids, tweens, and teens—are all set at sleepaway camp and capture many of the traditions and emotions of the camp experience. Some titles are realistic fiction and deal with the worries a young child might feel being away from home for the first time or the ups and downs of new friendships (or romances), while others play up the longstanding tradition of mystery and ghost stories related to camp.

Summaries provided via NYPL’s catalog, which draws from multiple sources. Click through to each book’s title for more.