Introducing NYPL's New Catalog

By NYPL Staff
April 13, 2023

(En Español)

The New York Public Library is excited to announce that we have implemented a new catalog to help readers find and borrow books, music, DVDs, and more! 

This new catalog is focused on improving how NYPL patrons can access the millions of items in our collection that can be borrowed and taken home. In the previous version of the catalog, it could be confusing when a search for an item offered some materials that could be borrowed and some that could only be used on-site at the Library's research centers. The new catalog reduces that confusion by only searching for and showing NYPL materials you can borrow and take home, as well as digital offerings like e-books. Patrons interested in exploring our research holdings can learn more about conducting research at The New York Public Library.

The new catalog's modern and intuitive interface will make it easier to find titles and materials to borrow, place requests for those materials to be delivered to a Library location for pickup, and discover what is new at the Library. Start browsing for books, music, DVDs, and more right now, or read on about the exciting features of this new catalog.

All Formats for a Title Appear in One Listing

When searching for a title, the catalog now groups all the different formats for a title—including books, e-books, audiobooks, and more—into one entry, so you can easily see if your searched-for item is available and in what formats.

screenshot of library catalog record showing title available in multiple formats

Easily Access Edition Information

When you click on the "Edition information" link for a title, you can see all specific editions of a title. Clicking the caret icon and the "i" circle icon provides additional details about the edition. From here, you can also request the specific edition you're interested in.

screenshot of library catalog page showing different available editions of a title

Discover More Recommendations on an Item’s Detail Page

When you select a title and go to its page, you can find a wide range of additional recommendations and information including similar titles and authors you might be interested in, related resources, reader reviews, and more.

screenshot of library catalog page showing rows of book covers

Save Titles You're Interested in and Make Book Lists

While you're browsing, you can bookmark titles you're interested in and save them to lists in your account. Clicking the bookmark icon in the top right corner on an item's detail page will allow you to add it to the For Later list, or to create new lists of your own. You can also save searches you perform by clicking the "Save Search" button at the top right of the search page.

screenshot of library catalog page showing how to save a title in a list for later

Even when you're not logged in, any items you bookmark will be saved during your browsing session and added to a For Later list when you do log in.

screenshot of library catalog page showing a title being saved while you browse

If you had saved lists in your account in the old catalog, they will be automatically transferred over to the new catalog interface.

The Catalog Is Also Available in Spanish

The new catalog interface allows you to easily switch between an English-language version of the catalog and a Spanish-language version of the catalog. You can toggle the catalog's language between English and Spanish by selecting the drop-down menu in between the Feedback and Get Help buttons at the top of the search.  We're anticipating adding more languages soon.

Easy to Use on a Mobile Device

The new catalog is easier to navigate and use on mobile devices, allowing you to search for materials, request materials for pick-up, and manage your account on the go!

Access and Manage Your Library Account

At the bottom of all the catalog pages, you'll find the "My Bookshelf" link. Clicking this button will bring up a menu where you can see your current checkouts, requests, and account details. From these sections you can renew titles, manage your requests, pay any outstanding replacement fees, and edit your account details. You can also access your book lists and saved searches.

Need Help?

Contact Ask NYPL with any questions or feedback about the new catalog.