Tell Us Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food and We'll Tell You What Book to Read

By Carrie McBride, Communications
November 23, 2022
vintage postcard of a turkey and side dishes on a table with text "Thanksgiving day"

NYPL Digital Collections, Image ID: 1588400

Thanksgiving is about gratitude, gathering with loved ones, and, let's face it—food. While there are regional and family differences, there is a surprisingly large overlap of dishes gracing our collective tables. And everyone has a favorite! The one you'd be crushed if it was missing. The one you go back to for seconds, or thirds. To fill your downtime or travel time over the long weekend, we wanted to be sure you had a good book, and what better basis to pick one than this single culinary data point (wink). Click on your favorite dish below to find your recommendation—happy reading! 

Unpopular opinion, but...TURKEY

Pass the MASHED POTATOES, please

I want to stuff my face with STUFFING/DRESSING

Fill my plate with MACARONI AND CHEESE


I've grown to really, really love ROASTED BRUSSELS SPROUTS

Ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a GRAVY man

CRANBERRY SAUCE is where it's at


It's all about the PUMPKIN PIE

I'm only in it for the LEFTOVERS