Lapidus Center Announces 2022 Harriet Tubman Prize Finalists

By Lisa Herndon, Manager, Schomburg Communications and Publications
August 9, 2022
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
Professors Tiya Miles, Olivette Otele, and Joshua D. Rothman are finalists for the 2022 Harriet Tubman Prize.

Tiya Miles, Michael Garvey Professor of History at Harvard University, Olivette Otele, professor of History of Slavery and Memory of Enslavement at the University of Bristol, and Joshua D. Rothman, professor and chair of the Department of History at the University of Alabama, are finalists for the 2022 Harriet Tubman Prize.

The Lapidus Center for the Historical Analysis of Transatlantic Slavery at the Schomburg Center honors the best nonfiction book on the slave trade, slavery, and anti-slavery in the Atlantic World published in the U.S. during the previous year.

The award will go to one of the following books: Miles’s All That She Carried: The Journey of Ashley's Sack, a Black Family Keepsake, Otele’s African Europeans: An Untold History, or Rothman’s The Ledger and the Chain: How Domestic Slave Traders Shaped America.

The winner will be announced in November.

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