YA Breakup Books for Fans of 'Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between'

By Carrie McBride, Communications
July 13, 2022
a young man and woman stand together with heads leaning together with a backdrop of a blue sky and a green forest
Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between / Netflix

Many young adult romances focus on the excitement and intensity of first loves—crushes that turn out to be reciprocal, friendships that blossom into something more, enemies that have a change of heart. But the flip side of all this warmth and fuzziness is the breakup. Whether the parting is long and drawn out or sudden and shattering, the feelings at the end can match the intensity of the beginning.

Jennifer E. Smith's 2015 young adult romance Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between was adapted into a film that just premiered on Netflix. Taking place the night before Clare leaves for college, she and her boyfriend Aidan must decide whether to stay together or break up as they had planned all along. As they revisit pivotal scenes from their romance, the reader experiences both the sweetness of their relationship and the bittersweetness at the prospect of its conclusion. These teen romance books below all involve a breakup and explore the many permutations of it from making the decision, to coping with heartbreak, and believing in love again.

Summaries provided via NYPL’s catalog, which draws from multiple sources. Click through to each book’s title for more.