Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month: Researching with NYPL's E-Resources and Other Databases

By NYPL Staff
September 2, 2022

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From September 15 through October 15 is Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month. The New York Public Library has created this list of free online resources to help you delve into the many aspects of Latinx & Hispanic history and culture. These resources can be accessed for free by anyone with a library card. Other notable public digital archives with Hispanic & Latinx artifacts, articles, and images are mentioned as well.

General and Scholarly Research

Credo Reference
Provides access to more than 1,000 multidisciplinary reference books on art, health and medicine, history, law, literature, politics, psychology, and various encyclopedias.   

HLAS Web (Handbook of Latin American Studies)
This online bibliographic database links researchers to scholarly descriptions of more than 260,000 books, journal articles, book chapters, conference papers, maps and atlases, and electronic resources published from the 1970s to the present.HLAS Web is mobile-friendly, offers multiple search options and limits, and easy options for citing, saving, and emailing search results.

HLAS Online
This online tool links researchers to descriptions of materials published from the 1930s to the present and also provides online access to full-text bibliographic essays written by scholars. HLAS Online is a legacy search system with Basic and Expert searching.

Contains thousands of articles from various scholarly journals and book chapters from contemporary Hispanic/Latinx publications.

ProQuest Research Library
Includes thousands of articles from various scholarly journals, local, national, and international newspapers, magazines, and trade publications. 

Redalyc is one of the most prestigious Open Access databases for the region. It gathers journals published in 26 countries by 695 research institutions, with over 1,400 research journals and a quarter million articles available in full-text and free in pdf format. Most articles are in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. It includes abstracts in Spanish and English languages, reference information, and other metadata. 

Sabin Americana: History of the Americas, 1500–1926 
Offers a perspective on life in the western hemisphere, encompassing the arrival of the Europeans on the shores of North America in the late fifteenth century to the first decades of the twentieth century. Covering more than 400 years and more than 65,000 volumes in North, Central, and South America and the West Indies, this easy-to-use digital collection highlights the society, politics, religious beliefs, culture, contemporary opinions, and momentous events of the time through sermons, political tracts, newspapers, books, pamphlets, maps, legislation, literature, and more.

SciELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online) is one of the first and largest Open Access academic journal databases in and around Latin America. In 2013, SciELO was integrated into Thomson Reuters' Web of Knowledge (WoS). By 2015, SciELO provided Open Access to over 1200 journals from the region, allowing searches at article and journal level, by subject or country. Users can view and download abstract, full-text, and citation information. 

Newspapers and Magazines

Caribbean Newspapers (1718-1876)
More than 140 newspaper titles from 22 countries are covered in this database, providing primary source content on colonial history, the slave trade, and commerce. 

Digitalia Hispánica
Database of magazines, journals, and electronic books in Spanish for libraries with more than 40,000 electronic documents. 

HAPI (Hispanic American Periodicals Index)
Database of magazines, journals, and electronic books in Spanish for libraries with more than 40,000 electronic documents. 

Hispanic American Newspapers (1808-1980)
This collection represents the most extensive electronic compilation of Spanish-language newspapers printed in the U.S. during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Historic Mexican and Mexican American Press
A collection of historic Mexican and Mexican American publications from Tucson, El Paso, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sonora, Mexico. From the University of Arizona libraries. 

A database with over 11,100 history newspapers from around the world, including more than 2,000 newspapers from the American mainland and 22 newspapers from Hawaii. The time frame for the newspapers mainly covers the 19th and 20th centuries.

Latino American Experience
Covers history and culture from all the countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Iberian Peninsula, including content on modern-day Latin American countries, the history of the Hispanic Diaspora, and indigenous peoples. Features peer-reviewed essays, reference sources, primary documents, media, newspapers, and magazines.

Latin American Newspapers (1805-1922)
Coverage of the people, issues, and events that shaped Latin America during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Includes titles from newspapers in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Guatemala, and others. 

Latin American Newsstand
ProQuest Latin American Newsstand provides full-text information in Spanish and Portuguese from 41 newspapers in Puerto Rico and 11 Latin American countries, including Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. In addition, the complete articles are available in ASCII format.

Additional Digital Resources

Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes
The Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library is a large-scale digital library project hosted and maintained by the University of Alicante in Alicante, Spain. It comprises the largest open-access repository of digitized Spanish-language historical texts and literature from the Ibero-American world from the 10th century to the present.

dLOC (Digital Library of the Caribbean)
The dLOC is a cooperative, multilingual and multi-institutional digitization project of partners within the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean that provides users with open access to Caribbean cultural, historical, and research materials held in archives, libraries, and private collections, including the Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library, the Caribbean Map Collection, Panama and Canal Zone materials and The Vodou Archive.

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Online Catalog
Contains millions of digital photographs, prints, illustrations, and drawings from the Library of Congress.

LACLI (index to free online resources on Latin America and Latinx) is a collective effort to create a warehouse of online free e-resources with Latin American, Caribbean, U.S. Latinx, and Iberian full content.

Smithsonian Institution Search Center
Contains millions of digital photographs and images of museum artifacts, photographs, audio, video clips, and blog posts.

Oxford Bibliographies Online
A collection of research guides for a wide variety of subjects. Includes topic overviews and annotated bibliographies.