Adventure Stories for Kids Who Feel Cooped Up at Home

By NYPL Staff
April 23, 2020

Are your kids feeling cooped up at home? Check out these five adventure stories, all availble as e-books, to transport your child on a quest around the world.


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Greenglass Houseby Kate Milford

Milo was looking forward to a cozy winter break at Greenglass House, with his parents. But there’s something special about Milo’s house, it’s an inn for smugglers.  When more and more unexpected guests get snowed in with Milo and his family, it quickly turns into a less than ideal winter break. As guests keep coming, objects being disappearing and odd stories that seem connected to the house are told around the fire, Milo and the cook’s daughter Meddy decide that it’s up to them to solve the mysteries of Greenglass House. This book is a great read for kids that enjoy mystery, adventure and solve the puzzle books. Bonus, it talks about all the fun you can have exploring your own house!


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The Season of Styx Maloneby Kekla Magoon


Caleb and his brother Bobby Gene are settled in for an ordinary summer in the town they’ve never left until they meet their new, cool, sixteen-year-old neighbor,  Styx Malone. Styx has an answer for everything, including a plan for “bigger and better,” trading the brothers’ ill-gotten fireworks for a green Grasshopper moped to whisk all three boys out of town. But as the trades get bigger and riskier, the brothers have to decide whether or not leaving home is really all it’s cracked up to be. This book is fantastic for kids that enjoy realistic fiction, and adventure.


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The Whiz Mob and the Grenadine Kid by Colin Meloy


Charlie Fisher has traveled all over the world with his dignitary father, but he's never found a place he fit in. Until he is almost robbed by Amir, a pickpocket and his gang of misdirecting miscreants. Charlie defends Amir to the police in exchange for lessons in petty thievery. but what starts out as some fun Robin Hood-style hijinx quickly turns into a dangerous adventure, with high, international stakes.  This book is great for kids who enjoy mystery, adventure, and an underdog protagonist.



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Horten’s Miraculous Mechanismsby Lissa Evans


Stuart Horten is not excited to move away from his friends and start a new life in his father’s hometown. The triplets next door are annoying and nosy, there isn’t much to do and small for his age S. Horten is constantly compared to his magician uncle Teeny-Tiny Tony Horten. However, when Stuart discovers the secret of his uncle’s money box, he begins a quest to find out what happened to his uncle, who disappeared into thin air, and his uncle’s workshop. This book is great for kids who enjoy mystery, summertime adventures, and a bit of magical realism.



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The Lost Property Officeby James R. Hannibal  

Jack has always been good at noticing things that others miss, but this isn’t helping him find his missing father. However, when Jack stumbles upon the Lost Property office he’s sucked into a world of secrets he was always meant to inherit, but his father kept hidden. With the guidance of a Lost Property Clerk Apprentice, Gwen, Jack must use his powers of observation detection to locate the Ember, which has been kept secret since the Great Fire of London. Will Jack and Gwen find the Ember so he can trade it with the dastardly Clockmaker for his father’s freedom? This book is great for kids who like detective, adventure, and solve the puzzle stories.


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