Library-Themed Backgrounds for Your Next Video Call

By Alana Mohamed, Senior Digital Content Editor
April 1, 2020
Woman demonstrating video conference background of Rose Main Reading Room

Video conferencing is the new meeting room, if you haven't heard. It's also the new water cooler conversation, friend hangout, date night, birthday party, workout class—well, you get the idea.

Now that video calls are all the rage, why not switch it up a bit? Pretend you're strolling along 5th Avenue to visit Patience and Fortitude or have a book club among the shelves at your favorite branch with these backgrounds for your next video call. They're functional, too! After all, why clean your room when you can look like you're working from the Rose Main Reading Room at the click of a button?

Check out some of our favorite images from the Library below—or browse our Digital Collections for even more cool images. You can find instructions for uploading these as your Zoom virtual background here. Don't forget to tag us on social media and show us your favorite Library backgrounds in action.

(Not currently Zooming? Add these to your desktop, phone background, or wherever you need to be inspired by books!)

Rose reading room

Rose Main Reading Room (click for image)

Schwarzman building

Stephen A. Schwarzman Building (click for image)

Library book shelves (click for image)

library lions
book train

NYPL Logo (click for image)

#LoveReading Version 1 (click for image)

#LoveReading Version 2 (click for image)