7 Films About Transgender Resilience

By NYPL Staff
February 24, 2020

As transgender rights and visibility gain momentum across the United States, we want to highlight stories by, about and for the trans community. Previously we shared a list of 157 Titles to Celebrate the Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Literary Landscape and today we're sharing seven films about trans people including documentaries, dramas, a romance and a comedy—all available at the Library. Enjoy! 

Paris is Burning DVD cover

Paris is Burning (documentary)

Focusing on the 1980s NYC house culture of queer/trans performers, which provides a sense of community and support for these flamboyant and often socially shunned citizens. The film also touches on issues queer youth of color face related to racism, health and poverty.

Boy Meets Girl dvd cover

Boy Meets Girl (romance)

Robby and his best friend since childhood, Ricky, a gorgeous transgender girl, have never dated. Lamenting the lack of eligible bachelors, Ricky considers dating a girl. In walks Francesca, a beautiful young debutante waiting or her Marine fiance to return from the war. Ricky and Francesca strike up a friendship, and maybe a little more, which forces Robby to face his true feelings for Ricky.

Tangerine dvd cover

Tangerine (drama)

It's Christmas Eve in Tinseltown and Sin-Dee is back on the block. Upon hearing that her pimp boyfriend hasn't been faithful during the 28 days she was locked up, the working girl and her best friend, Alexandra, embark on a mission to get to the bottom of the scandalous rumor. Their rip-roaring odyssey leads them through various subcultures of Los Angeles.

Call Her Ganda dvd cover

Call Her Ganda (documentary)

When a Filipina trans woman is found dead in a motel room and the leading suspect is a U.S. Marine, grassroots activists demand accountability. The ensuing media case lays bare political tensions between the United States and the Philippines.

Venus dvd cover

Venus (comedy)

A South Asian trans woman discovers that she's the parent of a 14-year-old boy, while repairing her relationship with her estranged family.

Mala Mala dvd cover

Mala Mala (drama)

Explores the intimate moments, performances, and activism of trans people, drag queens and other gender bending folks in Puerto Rico and their fight for equality.

Dangerous Year dvd cover

The Most Dangerous Year (documentary)

Washington state lawmakers, activists and parents embark on a crusade to protect the civil rights of trans children. Over 120 anti-trans bills presented in congress nationwide, the fight for human rights, begins with this small American town.   


Summaries provided via NYPL’s catalog, which draws from multiple sources. Click through to each film’s title for more.