If You Liked Olive Kitteridge, Try These...

By Gwen Glazer, Librarian
May 29, 2018

This summer at The New York Public Library, Reading Is Lit.

Everything starts with a great story! If you love pop culture hits from HBO, you can go even deeper by reading the books that inspired the shows and discovering more great titles that strike similar chords. Meet unforgettable characters and explore new authors with these expert recommendations from our librarians.

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If you liked Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout, try more beautifully written, interconnected short stories:


Runaway by Alice Munro [ebook]

"Critically acclaimed" doesn't even begin to describe this Nobel Prize-winning collection of spare stories, which illuminate the lives of women in complex, realistic settings.


women of brewster place

The Women of Brewster Place by Gloria Naylor

Naylor describes the seven Black women at the heart of this collection as "hard-edged, soft-centered, brutally demanding, and easily pleased."

want to show you more

I Want to Show You More by Jamie Quatro [ebook]

Darkly comic and genuinely spooky, these Southern Gothic short stories take readers deep into addiction, secrecy, families, and once-sacred moral grounds.

lost in the city

Lost in the City by Edward P. Jones [ebook]

Melancholy, detail-rich, character-driven stories about life for African-American families in Washington, D.C.

Summer is the perfect time to discover the power of reading. This year, the New York Public Library is partnering with HBO to spotlight great stories and introduce readers to their new favorites. With over 55 million items in its collections, The New York Public Library is one of three public library systems providing New Yorkers with free access to books, online resources, and programming.  

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