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Read Slavic Newspapers Online with Your Library Card

Slavic newspapers are available through the Library’s database, Press Reader, which provides access to current newspapers from around the world in full-color and full-page format. The database covers the last three months.

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Here’s a list of Slavic newspapers (Belarus, Czech, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian) published on a regular basis. The list doesn’t include monthly titles. There are 60 individual newspapers from five countries.

Title Place Publication Date Current Frequency Call #
Argumenty i fakty Moskva 1978- Weekly  
Ekspress gazeta       Weekly  
Gudok Moskva 1917- Daily  
Izvestiia Moskva 1917- Daily *ZAN-*Q44
Kommersant Moskva 1992- Daily  
Komsomolskaia pravda  Moskva 1925- Daily *ZY-*Q20
Kul’tura Moskva 1929- Weekly *ZY-*Q416
Literaturnaia gazeta Moskva 1967- Weekly *ZAN-*Q15
Metro Russia Moscow?   Weekly  
Moskovskii komsomolets  Moskva 1991- Daily *QCA+++ 95-827
Moscow Times    Moscow 1994- Weekly *ZAN-13588
Moskovskaia Pravda   Moskva 1950- Daily *ZY-*Q371
Nezavismaia gazeta Moskva 1990- Daily *ZY-*Q364
Nezavisimoe voennoe obozrenie   Moskva   Weekly  
Novaia gazeta    Moskva 1999- Semiweekly  
Parlamentskaia gazeta Moskva 1998- Weekly  
Pravda Moskva 1912- Daily *ZAN-*Q17
RBK (RBC) ? ? Daily  
Rossiiskaia gazeta Moskva 1990- Daily *QCA+++ 93-670
Sovetskaia Rossiia     Moskva 1957- Semiweekly *ZY-*Q1
Sovetskii sport   Moskva 1924- Daily *ZY-*Q104
Trud Moskva 1921- Weekly *ZY-*Q11
Vedomosti  Boston 1999- Daily  
Zavtra Moskva 1993- Weekly *ZY-*Q435
Zhizn’ Moskva 1990- Weekly  
Belorskaia voennaia gazeta   1921- Daily NA
Grodzenskaia pravda Belarus 1939- Semiweekly NA
Gomel'skskaia pravda Belarus 1917- Semiweekly NA
Komsomolskaia pravda Belarus 1999- Daily NA
Nedvigimost Belarus 1996- Weekly NA
Rossiyskaya gazeta Soyuz Belarus ?? Weekly NA
Soiuznoe veche Belarus ?? Weekly NA
Sportivnaya panorama   ?? Semiweekly NA
Vitbichi Belarus 1991- Semiweekly NA
7 Dney   ?? Weekly NA
Ekonom Praha 1991- Weekly NA
Hospodárske noviny Praha 1990- Semiweekly *ZY-*Q384
Lidové noviny Praha 1988- Daily *ZY-*Q365
MF Dnes Praha 1990- Daily NA
Respekt Praha 1990- Weekly *ZAN-*Q2098
Rytmus zivota Praha ?? Weekly NA
Angora Warszawa ?? Weekly NA
Fakt Warszawa ?? Daily NA
Gazeta Wyborcza Warszawa 1989- Daily *ZY-*Q368  
Polityka Warszawa 1957- Weekly *ZAN-*Q518 
Den Kiev 1996- Daily *QGAA++ (Denʹ, Kiev)
Dzerkalo Tizhnya Kiev ?? Weekly NA
Fakty I Kommentarii Kiev 1997- Daily NA
Football Ukraine ?? ?? Weekly NA
Gazeta po-Ukrainsky Kiev? ?? Semiweekly NA
Krayina     Weekly NA
Kyiv post Kiev 1997-? Weekly NA
RIA (Vinnytsya) Kiev   Weekly NA
Segodnya Kiev ?? Daily NA
Tainyi Zvezd ?? ?? Weekly NA
Ukrainskyi Tizhden Kiev ?? Weekly NA
Vesti ?? ?? Daily NA
Yuridychna Gazeta ?? ?? Weekly NA
Zerkalo Nedeli Kiev 2001- Weekly *QGAA+++ (Zerkalo nedeli)
The Day (Ukraine) Kiev ?? Semiweekly NA


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