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The Librarian Is In Podcast, Biblio File

Survey Says... The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 74

Welcome to The Librarian Is In, the New York Public Library's podcast about books, culture, and what to read next.

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IS Margaret Atwood a bad feminist? Yeeeeeesh, we don't know. Frank and Gwen talk about the allegations against Aziz Ansari and then, thankfully, move onto books: nonfiction about young immigrants from El Salvador and a novel about a sci-fi dating experiment. Also, help us out by taking our survey at!

What We're Reading Now

"Am I A Bad Feminist?" in the Globe & Mail, by Margaret Atwood
"The Humiliation of Aziz Ansari" in The Atlantic, by Caitlin Flanagan, and her earlier books, To Hell with All That: Loving and Loathing Our Inner Housewife
"Cat Person" in The New Yorker, by Kristen Roupenian, and our episode about it

The Answers by Catherine Lacy


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The Survey

Just wanted to say that I love your podcast. I took the survey and I didn't find the appropriate opportunity to mention how much I love the guessing game on the podcast, so I thought I would leave this feedback in a comment. I love the guessing game on the podcast, and I participate along while I listen - even though I'm often far from getting, but it's still fun.

thank you

Ha, we're glad you like the games! We will definitely keep playing, and maybe even add one or two in the future... thanks for your feedback!

Feedback on NYPL podcasts

Hello, I should start by saying that I really, really love your podcast. I love hearing your discussions of books and culture, as well as learning about different aspects of NYPL and the people who work there. But mostly I listen because Gwen and Frank are just such fantastic, amazing, insightful hosts and listening to their banter just makes me happy. It's probably the podcast that makes me laugh the most, which I really wasn't expecting when I first subscribed. About the survey, I started to take it, but stopped about halfway through when I reached the second question I couldn't really give an appropriate answer to. In Question 2 (How did you hear about NYPL's podcasts?), I filled in the "Other" text box, but was also forced to select one of "Personal recommendation", "NYPL website / social media", or "From another podcast", none of which applied for me. I found the podcast while searching for book-related podcasts in iTunes. Then for Question 11 (Which of the following would make you more likely to listen to NYPL podcasts more frequently? Please select all that apply.), I was also forced to make a selection even though I don't want your episodes to be shorter, longer, have a different focus, or a different format! I love them just they way they are. I might listen to the other NYPL podcast more if it was shorter, but the question was about NYPL podcasts in general and I didn't want my answer to reflect on The Librarian Is In. I'm sorry to be picky about these things, but I find poorly designed surveys really frustrating. A survey shouldn't force the user to select an answer that doesn't apply to them not only because it can give you misleading data, but also because it makes people like me annoyed and less likely to actually finish the survey. And in this case, having questions about NYPL podcasts in general made it hard for me to know how to answer because I have very different opinions about the two podcasts. Ultimately, I stopped after Question 11, so I don't know if there were questions about each of the individual podcasts. In the future, I hope any surveys about NYPL podcasts will be more carefully designed, because I really did want to give my feedback. As I said though, I really do love The Librarian Is In, so keep up the great work! I listen to quite a few podcasts regularly, but yours is the one I most look forward to hearing every week.

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