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Booktalking "Cyberbullying and the Wild, Wild Web" by J A Hitchcock


Bullying costs people's lives... sometimes literally and sometimes figuratively. Michelle, a teen who convinced Carter, another teen, to take his own life by texting encouragement for doing so, was eventually convicted of involuntary manslaughter. 40% of teenage bullies wind up with criminal records by their 20s. Anything posted online can follow people for decades, and kids need to be made aware of the potential consequences of their seemingly cavalier actions. Cruel, careless or raunchy posts can cause people to lose their jobs or relationships. Countless teens have killed themselves as a result of cyberbullying, and these tragedies cannot continue unabated.

If your teen is a bully, tell them how inappropriate and damaging their behavior is. Take away their electronic devices or closely monitor their online activity. Share your concerns about your children's online behavior with teachers and the parents of their friends. Find out why they bully other, and explore healthier coping mechanisms and alternatives. Warn them of a possible criminal record, and encourage them to expend their energy on more positive behavior and goals. Find an interest that they love, and help them pursue their dreams. 

Bullies are caught and punished despite evasion attempts. Internet Protocol (IP) addresses can be tracked in order to identify the authors of damaging emails from seemingly anonymous email accounts. Security footage of store transactions and credit card and telephone records can be analyzed in order to apprehend bullies who utilize disposable phones to call, text or otherwise intimidate other individuals. While criminals are adapting their behavior and inventing newer, more sophisticated methods of detection avoidance, law enforcement techniques are continually evolving and improving.

Cyberbullying and the Wild, Wild Web: What Everyone Needs To Know by J A Hitchcock, 2017


This author is an expert in cybercrime and cyberbullying. It is a fascinating read.


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