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Finding a Book When You've Forgotten Its Title


Library books lined up on a shelfThis is an update of a previous post by Sharon Rickson.

It can be tough to remember the title and author of a book you read a long time ago—even if it was a book that was really important to you. Fiction is cataloged by author and title, not by subject or plot line, which makes identifying books by just their storyline difficult.

Readers often ask librarians for help finding these kinds of books. And we can’t figure out the mystery every single time, but we do have a few tricks to help find the answer.

First, pin down everything you can remember about the book, plot, character names, time period in which the book may have been published, genre, etc. All these details are clues in identifying the title and author of the book.

Online resources can help with your search for a half-remembered book, even if all you have is a basic plot line. Searching yourself is a good place to start; then, you can post to a listserv or discussion forum, where someone might recognize it. Or, last but not least, leave a comment on this post!

Before You Start

Try Google! Type in everything you can remember about the book — as in, “picture book rabbi animals advice yiddish” — and scroll through the results. (That’s a real-life example of a book a patron was asking for: It Could Always Be Worse by Margot Zemach.)

You can also try googling one key detail you remember from a book. One of our librarians solved a book mystery by searching “USS You-Know-Who” — the name of a boat in the story that the patron happened to remember. (Another real-life example: She Flew No Flags by Joan Manley.)


  • What’s the Name of That Book?
    A Goodreads group with searchable discussion posts and thousands of questions and answers.

  • Name That Book
    A LibraryThing group of ~3K members — many of whom are librarians or library-adjacent — who help solve book mysteries via threaded discussions.  

  • The Fiction_L listserv
    Stumpers! Search extensive archives (1996-2016 or 2016-present) of past questions, answered by an intense book-ish community, or subscribe and post a new one. You can also browse booklists organized by subject, setting, character, etc.

  • Reddit’s whatsthatbook thread
    A nearly endless thread of users trying to help other users remember book titles, including several frequently requested books. Especially good for science fiction and fantasy.

  • "Stump the Bookseller" blog
    A cool indie bookstore in Ohio that maintains extensive, searchable archives — and offers a $4 service for personalized help. Lots of children’s books here.

  • Big Book Search
    If you can only remember what the cover looks like, try this cover-search tool.

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More Suggestions

Feel free to leave a comment and tell us about a book you’re trying to remember! Our library staff members will pop in and check it periodically, and readers of this post are welcome to make guesses and suggestions.


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help me find this book

I once read a book with no cover. The book was about a young girl who was married off young to an older gentleman who owned land. The young girl became pregnant and soon after the birth of the baby it was taken away from her sight and told to her that It had died. The young girl was able to get away from the husband and years later married wealthy. Her husband wasn’t the greatest and during a vacation getaway she had an affair with a young man. Months later she gave birth to a daughter…years later the daughter falls madly in love with an older man and the woman recognizes the man from her affair years ago. It turned out that man was her daughter’s father and also the son she thought to be dead. Please help me find the name of this book as it was an older book and the story setting took place around the early 1900s

I have no idea what the name

I have no idea what the name of this book is but if someone replies with the correct answer could you plz email it to me as it sounds like something I'd really like to read. Was it good?

1980s ? Girls in a click. Lesbian couple

One of the girls fell in love with one of the girls,. They all got together and murdered her.

Do you remember the names of

Do you remember the names of at least one character?

I remember the guys name is

I remember the guys name is Nicholas and her fathers name was Owen and her mothers name was Lucy

I’m looking for a book that

I’m looking for a book that has a dragon it takes a small girl on his his apprentice and he sells cheese I’ve looked everywhere for it I remember the small details that

I'm pretty sure this was

I'm pretty sure this was called Sentance of Marriage

Suggestion from NYPL

We suggest you follow up with our Ask NYPL team to find this book. Contact them by email at or via live chat, Monday through Saturday, 9 AM to 6 PM, at

Vampire book???

I read this book a long time ago, and it was a book that kept me dreaming of it for many years, but I can't remember it's name for the life of me! A girls father owned a hotel or bed and breakfast or something, closes for the winter, a male vampire comes. It was a very vampire-controls-her kind of thing, not like twilight. I think she ends up tranced into sex as well as walking off a cliff??? HELP

RE: Vampire Book

I'm almost positive it's "Look for me by Moonlight" by Mary Downing Hahn! That book stuck with me for years, too!

was it Ill met by moonlight?

was it Ill met by moonlight?

The Well-Beloved by Tomas

The Well-Beloved by Tomas Hardy, published in 1897, fits your description!

Help me find this book

I read a book a long time ago when I was in middle school about a girl name Kendra and she had this relationship with this man who had some sort of control over her I don’t remember a whole lot about it I just remember loving the series. Someone please help me!

There’s this Dystopian book

There’s this Dystopian book where a teenaged girl is taking care of her sister while looking for her mom - she’s like a zombie because of some type of drink. One thing I remember is the teenaged girl is doing her laundry at the laundry mat and a machine is shaking violently and it turns out one of the zombie-esque things is inside of it.

I can't remember this book

I feel in love with this book but I can't remember the name it's about a girl who is taken to a different dimension to pose as the princess who is identical to her she is protected by a boy who is part of the royal secret service the princesses father is unresponsive and spouts random words she figures out what happened to the real princess

The book has eluded me for a couple years now

I read a book about 10 years ago. And I've tried googling everything I remember from it, but no luck. I had thought that the author was Cassie Edwards, but I looked up the plot to all her books and can't fond them. It was printed in the 80s or 90s. The plot goes something like this. A young woman, I think her name may have been Mara, is married to a Native American King (not Chief) of a hidden valley. Her brother, think his name was Jeffrey, live there with her. She decides to go visit family in St. Louis and someone gives her a medallion for a safe journey. On her and her brother's way there, they get caught in a blizzard and she's thrown from her horse and she loses the medallion, I think they found it while searching for her... A couple woodsmen take her in and care for her, but when she wakes up, she can't remember who she is and she's pregnant. Her brother comes for her with her husband and they take her home. Along the way they're advised by a healer to not force her to remember anything, of course the husband is impatient. He tries to make her remember and freaks her out, making her think that she was a concubine or (something similar) and she runs away with her baby (I think his name is Adam). He gives chase, I think he has the medallion, and she puts the medallion back on and remembers everything

Sounds like a plot from VC

Sounds like a plot from VC Andrews

I'm looking for a book, I can

I'm looking for a book, I can't remember the title but, I remember the cover, it had a cat walking through a snowy pathway of trees. I remember it had a bunch of storys in it, for example "How the elephant got its long trunk" and "why the kangaroo jumps". Thats all I remember. Please help

Just So Stories by Rudyard

Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling?

Help me find this book

I was reading this book about these women and they all had names named after jewels, jade, onyx, sapphire, one was married, it was maybe three or four women, they will meet up at one of the women house who seemed to be the leader she could have been Jade, but they will plan to get even with people that has caused the harm, and the first one wanted to get even with a foriegn person that killed her 4 or 5 year old son due to speeding and drinking and was let go back to his country and did not get charged so her and the other women planned to get him back to the us to get even and I think his face was dis-figured but he was not killed. This was a mini seris I think about this Book and I forgot name and author.

I think it's called Lace

I think it's called Lace

Show called Moonlighters

I don't know the book name but it was totally turned into a tellanovella called "moonlighters"

Help me find this book

The cover had 2 teens on the cover but you couldnt see what they looked like because they were both laying on their stomachs away with their legs up. The only features of them you could really see were their legs and shoes which I believe were brown converse or some other high top shoes. The book was about a girl who went to live with her grandma/uncle/aunt, she meets a boy and one of his arms are paralyzed and she ends up writing a letter to the president and finds out her uncle is her father. I also know she likes to wear shoes with a hole in the sole.

Girl I got yooouuuuu!!!

The book is called the Romeo and Juliet Code, or Romeo Blue. I've been trying to remember this book for the past yeeaaarrrrr. I tried looking up so many things for it and finally it paid off. I hope this helps you if you haven't yet found it. You're Welcome Lol.

What book is this?

It was a book about a girl who was found on a river and she gets adopted by a General in a small town. One scene of the book was when they tried to solve a murder case and the cover art was a bottle in a river. It was a fiction book to. P.S. The general drives a phoenix and the main character is usually at a restraint owned by one of her friends.

NYPL children's librarian

NYPL children's librarian here - this sounds like "Three Times Lucky" by Sheila Turnage. Great book!

Sounds like Three Times Lucky

Sounds like Three Times Lucky...

Forgot to give you a catalog

Forgot to give you a catalog link - The good news is that there seems to be a sequel!


It was about a guy who was about 19 or 20 and he was in the army when the federal government of his country (USA) decided to track everybody wherever they went and his state did not agree with this so the govoner decided to leave the USA. His girlfriend and friends got involved with some military work as well. I read this book about 3 years ago and I really want to read it again. I think it was a triology but I don't know.

This sounds like Three Times

This sounds like Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage.

Can’t remember this title

A serial killer who was abused as a child and has to count to 10 when he kills his victims

Sounds like the latest Lars

Sounds like the latest Lars Kepler book.

A serial killer who was abused as a child

Maybe, "The Storyteller" by Antonia Michaelis

Help me find this book

The book was an old black man telling a story about his life and how he grew up in new york. He was a troubled kid growing up and he remembered how he would skip school and how he'd know if he was getting a beaten by his dad or not based on the mail box. He remembers how in church the women use to dance and shake as they were possessed by the holy spirit and he was scared of it becausr he was confused so he use to cry. He remembers one day his dad beat him and he didnt cry so he knew he wouldn't be getting beat anymore. He remembers how he knew this girl and she had buck teeth and was ugly and then when they got older she was prettier and she didn't want him anymore and he goes "that's how the cards fall " he remembers trying "horse" aka heroin on the rooftop and him not liking it but he did smoke "reefer" and he remembers his friend holding his stomach in pain strung out on horse moaning and saying that he needed the shit. My memory of the book is spotty but i must find it pleasee help

It could be this book: https:

It could be this book:

1980s fiction

Set in New England. Female protaganist named Earline (my name).

Ms Reid is it The Beans of

Ms Reid is it The Beans of Egypt, Maine by Carolyn Chute?

Fantasy book help me find please

I cannot recall the book, name, or author. It started out a girl running from an arranged marraige and some prince that had given her a ring. Cant recall what happened but the village caught fire and the guy giving her the ring or trinket died. Had something to do with the stars. She gets transported through time or to a faraway land where she meets this assassin guy with mildly advanced tech for the age, ie a laser gun thing. The assassin has a follower who is of a race people hate. The three end up finding a large ancient city that was forgotten but slightly advanced like dwarves in a mountain. They work to rebuild the city and tunnels all the while defending from some king or other cities looking for the girl as if she was a star falling from the heavens. They end up traveling through the center of the earth where they find a dragon sleeping which was like the size of the core or something in attempts to make it back to the city before it is attacked. The first book cover was the 3 people on horseback or walking. It showed the loyal friend following the assassin looking dude in a turban holding what looked like a laser rifle. Then the girl out front kind of on a mountain edge. Sort of snowing. I recall the cover of the second book was a cave like setting with a sad looking girl facing down. The back cover looked like a the caravan that was with the girl. It was fantasy/sci fi. not unlike robert jordan book cover art. I am so forgetful but i want to read these books again.

Could it be

Rhapsody from the symphony of ages series?

This sounds like it could be

This sounds like it could be the Symphony of Ages series by Elizabeth Haydon?

Book title

The book starts with something along the lines of I hurt her and I didn’t care or something of the sort and and I can’t find it anywhere.

diary of an oxygen thief?

diary of an oxygen thief?

Help find this book

The book that I am trying to find is something that I read when I was in middle school. I do not think that it was part of the curriculum but something that I grabbed from the school library at the time. The book center on a black man growing up and going to war which war I do not remember,. he out witted a few characters in the story and acquired some wealth, he became a loan shark of a sense and ended up in nyc investing in clubs. I believe around the 1940 50's 60" era. he had to go back home and ended up on a farm where he had to save friends or family from some characters and falling in love. I know that this description is vague but I have recently been thinking about this book and wanted to read it again. thank

The book is about a teenage

The book is about a teenage girl( I think 16) I believe her name is Riley and her dad is a cop and her mom is a teacher. She also has a boyfriend. And for a few days she feels like someone is watching her and turns out someone is watching her. And it’s her real mom who is a fairy and Riley is a fairy too. So her real mom takes her to the fairy world and she meets a boy and she falls in love with him and she has to choose between him and her boyfriend. There are several books in this series I can’t remember the name of the book/s and I would really like to Finnish the series if anyone knows the name and could tell me that would be great. Thanks!

Dark Promise by Julia Crane

Dark Promise by Julia Crane

i can’t remember the book

i can’t remember the book title but i remember what was on the cover... it was picture inside a car and it showed the rear view mirror and some kind of religious necklace hanging from it, im assuming Hindu because the book is about a teenage girl and her mother moving to some sort of Hindu retreat place or something.

Karma For Beginners by

Karma For Beginners by Jessica Blank


This book is about a girl who gets pregnant by this boy and is kicked out by her abusive aunt. One of her friends dies from epilepsy and the other friend betrays her. The cover id either red or orange and it has an image of a mans arms in handcuffs. This is an african american book

NYPL Adult Librarian here -

NYPL Adult Librarian here - could it be Black by Tracy Brown?

I read this book a few years

I read this book a few years ago and can’t remember the name or author. I think there’s a female detective looking for a murderer in a mountain-area in the south. There’s a young couple that she interviews that live in a trailer and I believe the young girl has killed or buried her own baby. The woman who’s murder is being investigated is pregnant and murdered by a well-known man in the community. I remember the clues to the murder being about “See Rock City”. There also something I remember about an old lady reporting that there is a ghost girl living in the area. Lots of storylines, which is what made the book so good, and why it is so frustrating that I can’t find it! Thanks for any help!

I believe the book is called

I believe the book is called She Walks These Hills by Sharyn McCrumb

Help me find this book

A book about a 16 years old girl who works as a bar dancer. Her mother died but she told no one and faked her ID to work in the bar and then she was found by her father's friend and gardian who is a rich man . Then he takes her to live with his five sons

Might be Paper Princess by

Might be Paper Princess by Erin Watt

Ok details are soooo sketchy.

Ok details are soooo sketchy. It's a fictional story that takes place in the American west, I think on a ranch. The man that owns the ranch begins to have feelings for a woman much younger than him. It is revealed that the girl may be the daughter of a woman that the man has had a relationship with in the past, and therefore may in fact be his daughter. There's a lot more that takes place and in fact I think the story spans several years if not decades. Perhaps the woman was of Hispanic or Native American ancestry and I think the man was white. For the life of me I just can't remember any other details and it's driving me absolutely crazy I've been looking for this book for years. I found this book at the Milwaukee Public Library at least 20 years ago. It was a fairly large book hardcover I'd say minimum of 300 pages.

This is a long shot but could

This is a long shot but could the book you're looking for be THE GREAT ALONE by Janet Dailey?

The Great Alone

Thank you so much for the response, I know the details I provided are threadbare, but no this is not the book.

Help find this book

Action thriller. Hero is older agent who needs to hide from bad guys. Hides a friend's place, close to the water, chesapeake bay. Action is in Baltimore or Washington D.C.a young woman escapes/ is rescued from bad guys, taken to hideout, she rehab her drug habit. Conclusion is violent shootout.

Breaking Cover by J.D.

Breaking Cover by J.D. Rhoades is a possibility.

My post your reply

Maybe, I keep all of my books. I am not sure I have it. I am looking. I would love more replies

Tom Morris

is it "Without Remorse" by Tom Clancy?

Looking for ebook

I read this story when I was in junior high but I forgot the title what is the title of the story which i tjink the boy is a gangster or a mafia Im not really sure bout that while the girl is an agent then this girl was captured by the boy .he calls ger angel .pleeaseee help me Im so dying to read this story

help find this book

A children's book with an African American couple who recently got engaged and are making their way through the forest/jungle with an escort. The escort overhears witches wanting to kill the couple through subtle means (poisoning fruit from the trees and things like that). Through the days they travel, the escort outsmarts the witches and helps the whole team evade their traps. This book was a big part of my childhood, please help me!

This book sounds a little

This book sounds a little like THE BALLAD OF BELLE DORCAS by William H. Hooks.


the book was about a new girl and town who becomes friends with another girl and joins their girls club where they had to wear bras. They talked about first boyfriends, periods, and what not. In the beginning when she met the other girl that girl asked if she wanted to go under sprinkler with her.

This sounds like the book:

This sounds like the book: Are you there good? it's me , Margaret by Judy Blume

Help find this book

There's this fantasy book where a girl and her family move into this old house. Their neighbours are really strange and secretive people but otherwise friendly. One day after school, girl meets a ragged boy who shoves an egg into the back of her hand before dissapearing. She's in a lot of pain after that and gets saved by one person from the strange family. They take her to their home and feed her soup while explaining what happened as well as asking her questions as to how she got the egg and whatnot. Later she learns they aren't from this world and that the egg in her hand is a powerful and rare being that was being raised before being stolen. Then she has to meet the elders or something and almost gets accused of stealing it before they realize the egg has already bonded with her. In the end the person who gave her the being dies, the egg hatches into something that protected the girl and she learns everything.

I'm so sorry, I don't know

I'm so sorry, I don't know this book, but if you ever find out I was hoping you could tell me the name

Could this be the book/series?

I found this on Fandom Wiki, could this be the book/series? The Dragonkeeper Chronicles are a five-book Christian fantasy series by American author Donita K. Paul, following the adventures of a young former slave girl named Kale, and in the later books, a knight-in-training called Bardon


theres this young boy who had some type of cancer in the past that made his hair fall off. he survived and was doing great before he got it again. he had these pills he had to take that helped but they made him throw up. all his life he had wanted to climb mount rainer (in seattle)with his grandpa. but i think his grandpa died..not died tho. so he left a note for his best friend (who knew him well enough to know where he was going ) and then he ran away with his loyal little dog. he got a train ticket, put his dog in a duffle bag to hide it and left his town. he broyght with him his camera and took a few picture of key moment and people from his journey. he got off the train and got attacked by several older boys who took his money. his dog scared them off. he went to a reserant and meant two nice ladies who tried to help him. he called them angles. he took a pic and left. he continued his journey and finally made it to the shuttle or something that takes u up the mountai to where u start hiking. but he didnt have money anymore so he couldnt get a ride. he walks up the road, stops for the night on a small island makes a fire, and takes another pic, of his dog next to the fire in the middle of a river, completly alone. periotically the POV was switching to his friend back at home who tells about how his parents talked to the police, and the frind found th note, figured out where he was going, and is struggling about weather or not she should tell anyone. she knows how much he wants to climb the mountain before he dies. next day he makes it back across the river but loses his bag or something i dont quite remember. he meets a man in a truck who hints about knowing who he is and what hes trying to do but eventually gives him a ride up, and lets him out. he gets to the visitors center and calls his friend, they have a touching conversation ending with him setting off climbing the mountain with his dog. h goes along the path, bu this point hes much weaker, he stopped taking his pills a while back. it start snowing and he eventually loses the trail.his loyal dog is still with him but eventually he gets to a crevis in the mountain thats too wide to step across. he walks along it until he thinks he can jump (im not certain about this part but basically, he makes it across but his dog has to jump now, his dog is a small dog and barely makes it. she almost falls in, in fact i think she does but he manages to pull her out with some rope. he continues up the mountain for a while, just hoping to see the peak ubove him. when he does, he takes a pic, then goess and hides in a cave like thing, unable to continue. by this point his friend has told the poilice, and they r searching the mountain. his little dog manages to cross back over the crevis, and go down the mounain, intercept a search party and lead them back up to where the boy in laying, nearly dead. they take him back to a hospital, and he manages to survive. i know that was super long and that my spelling sucked, also i was typing really fast so it's super messy as well. proibs no one will see this, much less know what book im talking about, but i would love it if u tried. i loved this book, and eveen cried at the sad parts:( i would love love love to read this again:D

I think the book you are

I think the book you are looking for is called THE HONEST TRUTH by Dan Gemeinhart.

This book is definitely the

This book is definitely the honest truth, but I don’t know the author

This was a children's picture

This was a children's picture book I had gotten from the library in the late 70s or early 80s. It's about 3 monsters. Two of them have talents that they share with the world. One paints colors onto flowers, one makes the clouds and wind. The third one doesn't have a talent. She tries her hand at the other monsters's jobs, but fails horribly. They help her find her own talent (which I can't remember). I think her name was Mary, or Millie, or something with an M. Thanks!

Cannot find this book

Her mother, the lady of the keep, died when the castle caught fire. Her father put fire safe nooks in the next castle that he built so that if it happened again his family could be safe until help arrived. Years later she marries a man with one eye and they learn to love each other. Another who covets her inheritance tries to kill her in a fire and tell the king her husband killed her. She survives thanks to her father and they must jouney to the king before the other man makes his plight


I listen to audiobooks all the time. I like mysteries and thrillers. I am a member of and recently saw a comment by someone who didn't think he was going to like this book, but did like it very much once he got into it, etc. Unfortunately, I didn't write it down at the time, but it sounds very intriguing! It is about a young girl whose mother is a serial killer. Sounds like a Jodi Piccoult-type of book, but I truly have no idea of the title or author. Can anyone out there help? Thank you!

Might be GOOD ME, BAD ME by

Might be GOOD ME, BAD ME by Ali Land.

What is this book ?!?

I read a book in primary school, about 6 years ago. It was about a girl and her best friend in a car accident, only one survived, the whole book was written in her point of view and her view being in hospital post accident, then moving towns and growing some connection to a horse ??? Can’t clearly remember any more of it but I’d really like to know what it is!

maybe: Love You, Hate You,

maybe: Love You, Hate You, Miss You by Elizabeth Scott.(2009).

Please help

The story told a story of a boy that sold newspapers and a girl bought them, but hid them and years later the boy finds them. Those are the only details I can remember.

Fantasy novel. It felt very personal to me for some reason.

This fantasy book felt extremely real. The cover had the picture of a girl I believe wrapped and trapped in vines or thorns. There was a reddish tint and there might have been an apple. I believe there might have been a shadow of a child rising from a fire on the cover as well. The strory , although I am not completely sure ,spans about 10 years. The main characters were a girl and a boy. I believe the girl fits the strong heroine that rises out of the dust and brings down evil category. What I remember about her is that she is being held captive in a cave in a mountain by an old man. And she has to do a chore for him everyday I believe that has to do with writing. She figures out his secret and she learns magic and escapes outside the cave by the end of the book. The boy character is more introverted and subdued. Somehow he ends up in a school or prison for boys, where they are learning magic. The boy has to beat the other boys to survive. He goes theough challenges of becoming an ant in an ant hive and moving some big object. He also wins a game of getting food while the other boys have to starve. The evil teachers lock him up in a room underground. All the boys leave in separate rooms underground connected by tunnels and the teachers are the only ones who know the way. By the end of the book the boy was getting to be the best at magic. The boy and girl's story was connected but it was not clear in the first book. The first if the series came out 2009I believe, and the second around 2015

Was it Skin Hunger by

Was it Skin Hunger by Kathleen Duey?

YA story set in British empire

I am trying to find a book -- it might have been a novella, or a long-ish short story -- about two young women traveling by ship from England to India during the British Raj. One of them is the narrator, who is traveling to India to join her father, a high-ranking colonial officer stationed there. The other girl, whom the narrator admires and looks up to, is very elegant and a little mysterious. Her name might be something like Hester or Esther, and I think her last name is Keene. I am not sure about the name. Anyway, this mysterious girl, as it turns out, is of mixed race (Eurasian) ancestry. This was revealed only near the end of the story. When they reach India, her biological mother comes to greet her and she is an Indian (or anglo-Indian) woman of lower class status. The clerk at the dock assumes the woman is the girl's servant. The girl disappears with the woman. The narrator tries but fails to find her ever again. Unfortunately I don't remember the title or author. The racial prejudice issues are written about sensitively but without being heavy handed. It's primarily a tale about young friendship and unfortunate societal obstruction of it. The story has a lot of YA appeal, as far as I recall (I was pretty young when I read it, so I am guessing the publication date is no later than the 1980s, although it might have actually been written much earlier, as in, during the actual British colonial era ). I have Indian ancestry and have traveled to India many times, so it's possible that I read it on one of my trips there and that the book is/was published in India. But it's pretty clear the writing is from an English perspective. I hope someone else knows this story! Thank you all so much for being a community!

Story about a little girl traumatized

Its a story about a little girl who was traumatized when she was young at a party and lost her memory was always talking about how she had the same birthday as her older sister and same name but come to find out she was her they were one and the same but parents told her otherwise read it about 10 years ago was my moms book dont know if it was the title or a saying on the cover but something like web of lies if that helps

It sounds like V.C. Andrew's

It sounds like V.C. Andrew's book Audrina

My Sweet Audrina by VC

My Sweet Audrina by VC Andrews!

What is this book?

I’m trying to remember a book I read in school that we also watched the movie to. It was about a place where everything was the same. Same houses, same outfits, same routines. I think the movie was made around the 80s or 90s.

Sounds like..

Could it be The Truman Show?

A Wrinkle in Time?

A Wrinkle in Time?

The Giver?

The Giver?

Maybe Harrison Bergeron by

Maybe Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut

Thank you

Thank you So much!!! I was trying to find a book that I read in high school and read the comments and found it! Thank you! It was Harrison Bergeron!

Sounds like A Wrinkle In Time

Sounds like A Wrinkle In Time

Fiction book about a man who develops gills

I read this book many years ago either in late '70's or 80's. It was about a man who started developing gills and then fish-like qualities and I believe he was put in a tank and being studied by the government-there was a female character also in in involved but that is about all I can remember-the title was a short one and I loved this book-any help would be very appreciated. Thank you.

Could possibly be THE

Could possibly be THE EXPERIMENT by Richard Setlowe, published in 1980. Book description: "Harry Styles accepts a bizarre alternative to death, his cancerous lungs are replaced by gills, and he enters an underwater life jeopardized by his wife's alienation, his children's horror, and government exploitation."

Colonists' spaceship crashes, trees bear fruit with gold inside

Spaceship of colonists crash lands before it reaches its intended destination. First-person male narrator. Each colonist has a number that corresponds to their rank and occupation. Plant where they crash landed has trees that drop fruit that has gold inside. A small group of colonists tries to explore and end up inside mountain caves where they discover giant tunneling animals that eat rock and excrete gold. Protagonist is homosexual with no mate.

help me please

I read it a while back. It's a dystopian series book and it starts off with a girl who is found in the other side of the earth (where like there is no life because the end of the world). They're these monsters who took over the world and only a few people remain and sometimes they try to invade what is left of the humans, so the humans have these lockdowns. In the end it turns out the girl found in the beginning was actually a monster and the humans did an experiment on her to turn her human

Could it be "Partials?"

Could it be "Partials?"

FANTASY, please help me find this book!!

Okay so i seriously can't recall much about this book except for the fact that i really liked it. It starts off with this young boy who was super poor and needed money for something, eventually he makes a deal with someone and ends up in this castle-like place, i only remember the author describing the rock spiraling staircase. Sadly this is all i remember and i know it's not anything to go off of but i would really love to find this book again! thanks for any help :)


its a man telling his story of when he was out working at sea (fisherman i think) and how he would have to find a bed and breakfast when the boat docked up, he tells the story of how he came across a haunted bed and breakfast, he describes how he would walk around holding a candle for light and walking on stone floors and bumping into ghosts, Im sure this book is a true story and don't know the name of the book or author, please help me find this book, i never got to finish the book as i lost it years ago.

Looking for Teen Book from late 1970s Early 80s

This would have been a young adult book. Maybe set in London. Girl lives in townhouse/house connected to another. Parents are strict. She chips away at the brick between her house and the house next door. Makes hole big enough that when a fire breaks out in her house, she is able to escape.

help find book

it is about a girl who has an ugly mark that she tries to hide however later she discovers she is one of the chosen .There is also a guy named llyan he is king of a certain place and his father is killing all the chosen

Possibly KISS OF FIRE by

Possibly KISS OF FIRE by Rebecca Ethington

I can’t recall the author,

I can’t recall the author, but I think the title is something like “Oriental Rug.” It may not even be the same book, honestly. What I remember is that there was a house that kids were scared to go to, but a man died on the rug in his bedroom. His family was then called for the reading of the will and it turns out that the man was murdered by one of them. They were trapped in the house by a blizzard and were burning candles that lasted an hour for each colored layer of it. Someone was playing chess and each time they passed through the room, a piece of the opponents side was moved. Sorry there’s not much to go on.


Please help me find the name of this!! It's a book about a girl whose friends and family, die, like some of them and the thing about it is the next person who dies is who it lead you to believe is the killer. But then in the end the killer ended up being the girl, the main character that had killed them.

Re: Book

Could it be Agatha Christie's Crooked House?

Peril at endhouse by Agatha

Peril at endhouse by Agatha Christie

Short Story Help

I'm trying to remember the title of a short story that would be perfect for one of my finals. It is about this family living in a dystopia where they are going on a vacation to the edge of the world. they run into all of these strange characters and it is a very good read. if you know the name of the short story please please help me out!!! thank you!

YA Book

The main character was a teenaged boy who ended up pulling off the highway to this rest stop where a young woman was running some sort of witchy shop (everything looked normal until you looked again and saw that it had been an illusion). The rest stop was some sort of bubble world, connected to other bubble worlds by a path, and there was an evil wizard who was trying to destroy everything and who turned out to be the boy's mother. They managed to defeat the mother, but the young woman died in the process. Any idea what this book was called? I got it from my high school library (2005-2009), but it's been so long!

Help Please!

I have been looking for this book forever now and no one can seem to find the title. I read a book a while back where this girls parents lost the funding for her school so she was being taken out and for her summer they gave her a job where she is supposed to house sit for some people on vacation. She met the guy that was taking care of the lawn and they ended up getting together. She went to the same public school as him and found out he wasn’t the same as who she thought he was. He ended up changing for her and by the end of the book I believe they got married and went in a hot air balloon. I can pretty much tell you the entire story except I can’t remember their names, who wrote the book, or the title. Can anyone help please


Its a romance book about a girl in a student home whos neighbour is really rich and has a party and one of his friends gets in a bulldozer drunk and smashes it into her house. She then has to live with him. And her dads a con artist

I think the book you are

I think the book you are looking for is called HOOKED ON THE GAME by C.M. Owens

Burned by Sierra Rose, C.M.

Burned by Sierra Rose, C.M. Owens


So it’s about a rich girl and a poor guy who like photography or something and they fall in love. Anyways the guy leaves town with his father (abusive maybe? I don’t remember) and then he returns a couple years later and is successful. The cover is black and white with a camera. The person on it could be a girl or a guy. Can someone find this book for me please ASAP!!!

I have been looking for the

I have been looking for the same book I think. I read it in high school. Takes place near the coast or something too because I believe young couple walk on the beach together at some point.

I cant remember the name of this book.

Its a romance where a girl is living in a student house next to this rich boy and he has a party one night and a drunk person gets in a bulldozer and accidently destroys her house in court the rich boys dad said she had to live with him and the boys grandad owns a vineyard and the girls dad is a con artist.

I think the book you are

I think the book you are looking for is called HOOKED ON THE GAME by C.M. Owens

Burned by Sierra Rose, C.M.

Burned by Sierra Rose, C.M. Owens

Funny cat illustrations

This book has a blue cover with an orange cat. There are funny illustrations of cats that have "names" like Dad Cat. My young son loved this book and lost it. He doesn’t remember any other details. It was purchased in 2016/17.

Two possibilities:

Two possibilities: CARNIVAL OF CATS by Charles Ghigna DO YOU HAVE A CAT? by Eileen Spinelli

can't remember the name of this book

the book is abou a gypsy family who takes in a baby girl and raises her as their own to find out when she is older that she is a princess. the book has the emerson quote what lies within

That’s sounds a little bit

That’s sounds a little bit like “Fairest” by Gail Carson Levine

help me search this manga

manga about a girl who wants to meet his text friend, when he got to his house the house turned out to burn his house and his friend died, however, not long his friend rose again, and years later they get married


There is a girl who is able to communicate with animals and she is the main character. She travels with a wolf and a squirrel. There are two older males in the story who are twins and one of their names is Roland. There was a magical stone that made her able to communicate with animals. The main bad guy was this guy who was in charge of an army of ogres. The cover picture of the first one was of her, and she was blonde with a braid holding the stone to her chest. Towards the end, you find out that the twins have this really big backstory and have saved many kids who all live on floating islands. The only way to get around is by vines that are like zip lines. The bad guy ends up falling into this big hole headed towards a heaven thing that's in fog. There is also another character that is this guy that's really good at combat, and there's this one scene where he stabs an ogre in the top of the head from the rooftop saving the girl.

Broo this is the book I'm

Broo this is the book I'm looking for to! Honestly I started feeling like I was crazy and made the whole thing up...


I found it! It's Tha Land of Elyon series by Patrick Carman!! PLEASE READ THIS SERIES

YA tale of a dragon and a princess

Hi! Wracking my brains for a YA novel I read and loved years ago. I thought the author was Robin McKinley, but it's not her; it's someone who writes in a similar style, though. The story is of a princess who, to the despair of her vain mother, is awkward and bookish--and wears glasses, I recall. She meets a dragon who likes to read. They discover that her mother is kind of evil, and in cahoots with some sorcerer who wants to take over the kingdom. The princess and the dragon win, of course, with an unlikely army of other magical critters. The dragon is turned into a young man in the end by a kindly witch, because he and the princess are in love. Any ideas?

This sounds a lot like One

This sounds a lot like One Good Knight by Mercedes Lackey!

Young Adult Novel from the 70s

I read this short novel as a child around 1984 and I am guessing it was written in the 70s. A girl around 13 is sent to live with her aunt, who is a spinster schoolteacher, after her mother dies. Her father is a professor, I believe, and decides she would be better off living with her aunt while he is grieving. She takes a train on the way to her aunt, and the kindly train conductor gives her lifelong advice about how we all want to be "number one" in someone's life, but it should be enough to be loved tremendously and not necessarily be number one. The girl spends a summer or a year with her aunt and, after struggling to adjust to her solitude and order, learns all about a disciplined life -- being neat and tidy at home, in dress, in your thinking and actions. Eventually her father remarries and the girl travels back to live with him, having accepted that it is okay to be loved even if her father's love is shared with someone else.

I need help finding this book

This book I think takes time in the 1950s and basically in the beginning there's this family who has a daughter named Anne and she dies the day after Christmas I think and her brother gets depressed or something. Then in another story, there's this girl who has it with a popular guy the night of a school dance and she gets pregnant and her dad sends her away to like a place where there's nuns. She escapes and gets a job in a restaurant where she meets Annes brother and they become close and she ends up giving her baby to the guy's mother.

I'm pretty sure it's The Gift

I'm pretty sure it's The Gift by Danielle Steel

I can't remember this book title or author

Okay...I remember almost everything about this book but can't remember the author or title. This girl gets involved with underground work (i think it was underground, or restistance) she is believed to be dead when her families maid rescues her. Her mother finds out she's alive through her brother, who is also involved with the underground work. The girl starts working at this place and sees her mother. they meet and talk. i'm not sure how it ended. The book started with girl having dinner with her boyfriend but the father rushes in and says that they have to leave the USA at once and return home. I've searched and tried to figure it out for so long...if anyone can help me find the book, that would be ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!! Thank you!!!

Cant remember the name of the book

I remember reading this novel during my elementary school years (grade 6 or 7) but haven't been able to recall the title or main characters names. The plot revolves around a girl (around the ages of 10-12?) and she somehow ends up going back in time. When she is living in the past she is in a house with a strange lady who denies the existence of these futuristic objects she is explaining (i.e. a Television is a box with a human in it sharing news stories across the country). There is an eerie undertone to the novel and the girl attempts to escape from this past. Also, I vaguely recall something about the fence outside this house having a row of crows on it...and the crows symbolizing the strange people living in that house.

This kind of sounds like The

This kind of sounds like The Wicked, Wicked Ladies in the Haunted House by Mary Chase.

Children's book and a Young Adult book

Children's beginning reader/picture book series about an anthropomorphic bear (Not little bear or Frank Asch) who in one book is going to bed and either dreams or imagines that he is a knight in a forest and he saves a princess from a dragon I think? Then one where he plays baseball. And another where he pretends he's on a rocket hip to the moon (maybe he was riding a grocery store kiddie ride?) paperback I read them in the late 80's/early 90's same size as like a berenstein bears or Clifford book. Young adult book about a teenage girl who has a mirror with like a moon or something engraved on the wooden frame. She touches it or something and maybe goes through the mirror back in time and memory is foggy but maybe she inhabits like her great grandmas body and she's pregnant and aunt tries to make her miscarry the baby?? Sounds weird but that's how I remember it. Or one where a young teen girl is missing and another girl thinks she sees her through a window? That's all I remember in that. Thanks!!

Moon mirror book

I thought I was looking for the same book about a mirror with the moon phases carved around the frame, but it turns out that I found two different books. I think you are looking for The Mirror by Marlys Millhiser. I was looking for Stranger in the Mirror (Phantom Valley #4) by Lynn Beach. I'm sorry I can't help with the other books you're looking for.

Fiction/ teen book

A girl trains with a best friend that's guy even though it's forbidden. Shes dressed as a guy and is mistaken for one and taken to this temple or arena for the choosing. Each creature chooses it's next Victor/partner/heir and the dragon zodiac wakes up after so many years and chooses the girl. Everyone is shocked that the dragon has awoken. The king or advisor of the rat zodiac is suspicious and envious. The girl hides from everyone that she's a girl afraid they'll persecute her but the dragon speaks in her thoughts and helps her through the trouble and finds out that the dragon has been asleep for so many years because the dragon is a girl as well. At the end of the book they find out she's a girl. ((Please help me find the name of the book. I wish to read it again))

Eona or Eon?

Eona or Eon?

vintage children's book

I read it in the 1950's. My memories of it have to do with a young girl who lost a tooth and I seem to remember a clam.... LOL.. might have been set by the seashore... know this sounds nuts but I would love to find this book again before I die... thanks..

One Morning in Maine by Robert McCloskey

One Morning in Maine by Robert McCloskey He also wrote Blueberries for Sal

It is a book about a hero

It is a book about a hero whose wife dies in fire so he leaves town and heroine is pregnanr by him and has been in love with him foe a long time

Pregnancy and cheese

I read a book when I was pregnant in 1998 which I am trying to hunt down for my sister who is now pregnant. The book was broken into I think 9 chapters, one for each month of the woman's pregnancy and each chapter focussed on a different cheese and the fictional affect that it had on the woman's life. I think it was one woman, but it may have been different women per chapter.

A Book I can't Remember.

Hello, I am searching for a book I read over 15 ears ago and I'd really like to but this book. I cannot remember the title or characters names. However I do remember a great deal of the plot. It was about a grief stricken couple who couldn't deal with the lost of their son and they divorced. Years later they married to other people go on a camping trip together and the wife has cut her hair and so he ex husband makes note of that. I think it was a Romantic, thriller or drama or mystery type of genre but I'm unsure. The book is a yellow colored paperback. This is all I can remember about it. Please help if you can.

I can’t remember the title

The book cover is a lady sitting on a couch and tupper Ware is covering her and it’s about this girl who lives in LA but her mom is sick or something and she visits her. And then there is a male character that is named Mikey and tells the main character that whenever she sees a red car he is thinking about her.

young adult book/california ranch

A teenage girl goes from Arizona to stay on the California ranch of her estranged grandmother. The grandmother did not approve of her son marrying the girls mother. Now, however, she is getting older and trying to decide who to leave her ranch to (I think). The girl has fun swimming, riding palaminos, getting to know local guy etc. She is featured in a local historic parade, portraying a famous ancestor whom she resembles. She has other cousins there and possibly an Uncle Frank who is showing his mothers land to real estate developers behind her back. I believe it was published and set in the early 1960’s.

please help me find this book

it's a middle school age book told from the perspective of a school "loser" who gets bullied a lot by the popular group. he meets the new kid who has really long blond hair and i think he came from being homeschooled or something similar. the protagonist starts hanging around the new kid because he knows that the popular people will target the new kid instead of him. the new kid gets pranked and bullied a lot but he never fights back or anything. the most popular guy (zach i think) tells him as a prank that he needs to memorize everyone's names and he believes him. people start liking him because he's actually a nice person, but in the climax everyone at school thinks he died and holds a memorial for him. he's not actually dead and interrupts his memorial. he then gets up on stage and manages to recite the names of everyone in the school.

Schooled by Gordon Korman.

Schooled by Gordon Korman.

Young Adult Book

I read this book in HS a while back . It was about these 3 girls whose mom was mentally ill/schizophrenic, she wanted them to come home to their beach house to visit her . They then learned that she is schizophrenic and have memories about the past . At the end the mother is in the hospital and jumps off the roof of the hospital committing suicide

Might be Homecoming by

Might be Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt?

Or the sequel Dicey's Song,

Or the sequel Dicey's Song, sorry

I need help find name of book

I have barley started book and want to finish it, book start with a young boy who ended up moving in with his dad and his wife. The boy has this girl as a friend and I believe there was a teach that had this garden in her backyard that had a portal or somewhat and he goes through it

Could it be Bridge to

Could it be Bridge to Terabithia?

So this book is for tweens.

So this book is for tweens. It’s abouf this girl who gets grounded and loses lot of privileges. She decides to look through her attic one day and finds out that she has witch blood and alive witch relatives. She decides to go meet those relatives without her parents permission. When meeting with this relative, she was told to go to Europe where her and a boy follow a map and guide to close a portal.

I read this book in

I read this book in elementary school about this family and a woman I think who came responding from a newspaper ad to marry the father of the family. She bonds with the two daughters. I think they had two dogs, one named Jack or maybe I'm just making things up... The cover had the woman with dark hair and blue dress with the two girls who had brighter hair? It was like a historical fiction kind of..

Sarah, Plain and Tall?

Sarah, Plain and Tall?

Can not remember the title

Two young girls, one from a wealthy home and one from a poorer home are kidnapped. They are kept in a dirt grave-like hole while the kidnapper comes and takes one away sometimes. The story centers around the poorer girl left in the hole and the conversations she has with the other girl. In the end we find that the wealthier girl had died long before being found and the poorer girl blanked it out and continued talking to her as if she had been there the whole time.

This book could be

Judas Child by Carol O’Connell

Help needed

Is about 9 brothers who are killed one by one until only the killer (who is one of them) is left

It is a book set way back

It is a book set way back before any sort of technology, im talking people living in huts. A girl is in love with a boy in her village named Samik, but she gets arranged to marry his brother instead. Both the brothers love her and she ends up bearing both their children and then one of them dies somehow

Can't seem to find the title

Hello i've been looking for this book but i can't find it and problem is i don't remember much about it do i appreciate your helping so it is about a hero who loses his wife to fire or something and has a one night stand with heroine on rebound and then leaves town leaving heroine pregnant and after some time he comes back to reclaim his inheritance and face his demons i think it is kind of about a ranch or something thanks for help :)

Book about a madman who kidnaps girls

I read this book around 2009 -- it was made into a movie in the 1990s. A young woman is kidnapped by a man who takes her to his home in the woods. The young woman finds a way to escape but realizes a young girl is trapped in the basement so she stays behind to save the young girl. The woman who has had a hard life when in trouble repeats her name and "alive and well." I have a terrible memory and cannot recall the title or the author. I believe it is a one word title.

Sketchy details

A trilogy (I think) based on two warring families where a son and daughter marry but it isn't happy (she might be kept in a tower) and they produce a son who has a scandi-sounding name beginning with 'S'. Fairly sure he dies in an uprising near the end. I think a character called Simon gets eaten by a blind pig-type character while his o brothers lie really still to avoid detection. I also remember a glass column being important at the start. 'BLOOD' might be in the title?

Sorry, these details might be

Sorry, these details might be a little sketchy. I read this book in about fifth grade for a reading book. It’s about this boy and his brother and they go like fishing or something on a yellow raft. The yellow raft flips over and the younger boy takes his older brother into the beach. The younger brother then cuts the yellow raft to write SOS. Then they both get saved and I believe the younger boy gets honored with a medal or something. It was something his older brother got.

Name of book

What is the name of romance book where a sister is blackmailed into marriage because she thinks her brother killed some horses? Blackmailers had a video of the killings.

Please help

So read this book called paradise in high school for a book repot but I can’t remember the author. I 100% sure it’s called paradise but it’s about a girl who receives a letter in the mail saying that she has inharted he grandfathers home in a small town sober and her mom and little brother mive there and she finds a big secret out I can’t remember what it was but I do know that in the book she meets up with kids from her school at a pub and that she has to pay to use the internet on the computer in a coffee shop. Iv looked for the book on google and can’t seem to find it please help.

The book that I'm trying to

The book that I'm trying to find is fictional. There was a couple named Jack and Christina who had a daughter (can't remember her name) and split up. They lived in New York City but once separating, Jack got remarried to a woman who lives in Australia and moved there. She had a daughter the same age as Jack's daughter (I think her name was Lucy). Jack and his new wife have a baby, Jack's daughter goes to visit them and feels like Jack has this whole new family with no room for her so she's horrible to everyone there, then she and her step sister run away together to I believe Melburn which is where the step sister's grandmother lives. They then come back home and everyone has a family reunion.

I think this is The Steps by

I think this is The Steps by Rachel Cohn!

Help me find this book

It is fantasy or science fiction book, it is a series but I cannot remember the names. The book starts in a big city, modern times. The world then basically goes dark and people start to change. The hero of the book finds a sword, and his sister starts to turn blue and they leave the city. This is all I can remember.

Please help me find this book

Hello, I read a book before and it was on Ibook for iPhones. For some reason, I cannot remember the name or the author. This story was about a young girl who comes from a Christian family and I believe she comes to a town for summer. During the summer break, she meets a guy and they develop feelings for each other. The girl and the guy get really close and he also meets her family too. Eventually, when the girl has to go back home, the guy wants to go with her but her father tells him that he should wait to see if he gets a sign from god. Eventually, he does and moves up to be with her and then they get married. I cannot remember the name or author.

I started reading this book and I want to finish it

I barely started reading this book before my friend lost it, please forgive my lack of details. The story starts off about a serial killer explaining why he kills teenage girls often on a trail where they go running. He is a teacher at the school so he chooses them there. He kills them just because they're easy or because they have something he desires. A young blonde teen is his next target because he loves her golden shaded hair. She is running down the trail when he tries to kill her, tasting her hair and moaning at one point, but she gets away. A friend of hers happens to be driving by as she starts to run away and she gets away because he gave her a ride. That's only the beginning of the book.

I read a story long back..

I read a story long back...Seems there was a girl who got lost or something and ended up in a cave of sorts. She met all four seasons who were brothers and they rarely met. One of them brought back news from the Phoenix who had made a hole in a leaf as greeting.

A book I can't remember

Not sure when this book was published. I read it in the early 80s. Can't remember name or author. I believe it had a yellow cover. It was about a girl named Claire. Her mother was abusive and they had to go live with the grandmother who was also abusive. She's an artist and ends up meeting this boy can't remember his name who is really nice to her in school and he is well off. They end up meeting an old man who helps her get the things she needs to draw with but she has to hide them. Either the mom or grandmother finds her things and ends up almost killing her. She gets saved by the boy and goes to live with his family. That's all I really remember about this book. I have been trying to find it off and on for a few years now and still can't remember if it was my book or one I borrowed from the library.

murder mystery / thriller

A husband and wife with two daughters adopt a little boy. The parents and the two girls are murdered, but the little boy is hiding and doesn't get killed. The husband's brother takes custody of the little boy ( who doesn't talk) and investigates the murder ( i think he may be a policeman). There are other families that get killed and he has to figure out the connection.

Can't remember the title

I can't remember the title of a book that was about boy the wanted to wrestle me he lived with his mom. He had cousins that would gamble in an underground club. He would go wrestle and do training with a man up stairs in a building.

forgot its name

I once heard an audiobook about a man who loses his wife and son to a car accident and he has to go I think its to purgatory or something like that and he becomes like a gladiator or something like that, and there are people waiting to enter a gate and there are bodies of babies and a woman in line grabs one and runs through the gate with it. The man finally saves his wife and son but returns to help out in purgatory

I can't remember this book!!

When I was in school we read a book about a boy who ran away from home, we also watched it in episode's. I'm sure that he ended up getting killed but this man who cut their hair short back and sides and hut them under the floorboards of his house :)

Aboriginal (Maori or native Australian?) boy on coming of age qu

Book heard on radio in early 70s Contacted possible reader but wasn't him. Boy searching wild country to find a spirit. Makes his way to the ocean where he finds the great spirit in a tiny rock or stone

YA Dragon Fantasy series?

Young prince about 12? Generic medieval fantasy setting His country/palace gets invaded but he finds his father's horde of hidden treasure underneath the castle including a dragons egg... Female author???

What is the name of this book?

It is about a girl who, in the first chapter, escapes from her house through a closet. She discovers her necklace glows and the passage through the closet leads to the street. I can't remember how (I think her mother might have given it to her) but she has an address that she finds. It's a big house where two boys live. I didn't read past the first three chapters but I think the enemy could use either shadows or spots of light to teleport. Can't remember much else. Anything sound familiar?

Book about black children

I think I read this book for school either in the late 1970's or early 1980's. I barely remember any of it, but I think it may have been a true story, from a black boy or man's point of view about when he grew up. I remember in part of the book, one kid was laying on the couch, and another kid, a sibling I think, came and hurt him really bad. Like hit him with an object, or stabbed him or something. For some reason, I seem to remember a kid playing with toy boats in the toilet, or maybe he was making something move in the toilet with his urine stream. Here's the weird thing, when I was watching Family Guy, the character Brian had wrote a book called "What I learned on Jefferson Street". For some reason, that title reminds me of what the book may have been similarly called. Like it had the name "washington street" or "what I learned on ____ street" or something like that. I would have never even thought again of the book until I heard that title, so it triggered something in my brain. Parts of the book were disturbing, and I remember thinking that the book was kind of violent and sometimes disturbing. Anyway, it is driving me crazy, and I want to know what book it was.

YA fantasy book 1990's

It was about a girl who looks into a mirror which has the moon phases carved around its frame and she gets transported to the past.

The Mirror by Marlys Millhiser

Someone searched for book with an almost identical description in the posts above, The Mirror by Marlys Millhiser was suggested.


I can't really remember the name of the book but I was basically three kids and three parts of the story of all three One was a girl The other two were boys The girl gets hit by a pan (i think) then she hits her dad/stepdad with it A boy had a drunk dad/stepdad who ran over his legs And the other boy lived with elderly twins that's all I can remember

Help me find a book please !

I had a book when I was younger that I loved , but I can't remember the title. It was filled with stories from various authors from I believe Europe. It had a red cover and some of the stories are called Johnny head in air , and east of the sun , West of the moon . There was also a story about a girl who dances with the devil who is disguised as a man , but he still has his cloven hooves . Any help would be appreciated.

The Book on hippies

There is this girl in the novel named Miss Bantley. She is brilliant but couldnt adjust in a medical school and quit. She then starts traveling and becomes a hippie, goes to Paris where she meets the seductress. The seductress loves a writer but the writer loves miss Bentley. The author is a female....

Name of children's early reader with three princes?

Trying to find name of a simple children's book (a beginning reader) we had at home early 60s. It was a story about a king who had three teenage sons and was testing them to see which would be the next king. He locked them in a tower to see how they could get out, and they drew spots on themselves, simulating measles, pretending to be sick, and the guards released them. it was very colorfully illustrated. Thanks

can't remember. HELP.

Its a book about a woman who came back to her hometown and her old Prof. in high school is now her neighbor. There were flashbacks about highschool days and how the girl was such a pain the the guy/professor before...but they kind of fall in love at the end.. dont r ally remember much,. HELP.

I am trying to remember this

I am trying to remember this book, two women (I think sisters or cousins) and one has an obsessive jealousy of the other (who is an artist). At one point a boy drowns in a pond, but the gist is one woman throughout their lives is always finding ways to tear the other woman down. In the end I think the artist ends up living in a remote cabin, and ends with the jealous woman visiting her.


When I was around 10-11 I read ( or tried to read) a book that was really big. Well now 4 years later, when the title and plot of the book have left my mind, I wanna read it again. All I remember is that the book was on around 600 pages. It was blue. And it was about this ( I think) a sort of animal that was traveling the world. One more thing is that the title was really long and had numbers in it..

I don’t know the name of this book

It’s a book I read a while ago and I remember some of it. It was about several school kids who were in a school bus and when an end of the world like situation started to happen they all took cover in the school, trying to survive. Later on in the book I remember the air or water or something started to affect people of each blood type differently. For example blood type b would become angry and violent and blood type c would become ill. That’s all I can remember and I’m not sure about the ending but hopefully someone can figure what book this is. It’s been troubling me for a while now

That is Monument 14, which is

That is Monument 14, which is the first book in the series.

Can’t remember the series

This book series I read a few years ago and I can’t remember the name. I think maybe the five kingdoms or nations or something like that. But there is this boy and he lives with his dad and brother and they do construction on houses ( like wood work) and he is in love with this girl and after finding what he believes to be a magic wand people come to his town looking for the one who can do magic

I am posting about two different books.

The first book was a childrens book that I had as a child in the 1970s. It’s probably a book for children when they are just starting to read or just past that. It’s about a little boy who comes home just as his mother steps out. This leaves him alone and frightened. A series of events frighten him until his (I think) grandmother shows up. I think the characters are African American and live in an apartment building. The second book is a book for adults and I’m guess it was written in the 1930s/40s/50s. There’s a second empire mansion on the cover (like the Smith house in Meet Me In St Louis) but in the foreground is a tree with the classical theatrical masks pinned to the tree with a hat-pin. The book is about a child, I can’t remember if it’s a boy or girl, who are staying with the family. The child is staying with the family as a protective measure because something horrible happened to the child’s mother; stabbed/killed with a hat-pin, and the father is a suspect (maybe). At any rate, the child is a guest in this home and the child instantly loves the family who lives in the large house. They have a music room with instruments hanging on the walls and sometimes they take them down to play. There are scenes when the child is in their upstairs bedroom trying to hear details about the case through the heating system in the floor.

I have tried google and Alexa, can’t find this book

The book has a seraphim or possibly a cherub in it. A character with lots of wings and eyes. A human child is taken to a dark place for some reason and their are other characters from other worlds and times. I believe one is like a blue light. They communicate telepathically and are saving someone or the human race…can’t remember. I know they have to learn to work together. It was an old book and had a very plain cover from what I can recall. Can anyone help me please?!?

A Wrinkle in Time? Stirred

A Wrinkle in Time? Stirred together with other books in the series?

Could be A Wind in the Door

Could be A Wind in the Door by Madeleine L'Engle in the Wrinkle in Time series

Please Help Me Find This Book

It has been a long time since I read this book and I can't seem to remember it. I remember it is about a girl who called the wrong number for a taxi driver and got a fae murder instead. Later on they have a fight, and she ends up with powers and passes out. A couple find her and take her home with them. When the girl wakes up they have a conversation about what happened and send her to I think it was a wizard. The wizard then leads her to a new world to find out why she has these powers. I believe the title had "Witch" in it, but I can't remember the title or the characters. If anyone knows about this book, please leave a reply. Thank you.

story about siblings who turn out very different.

I'm looking for a story about 2 siblings or twins, raised in same house, who turn out very different. Argues the nature versus nurture theory.

I cant remember the title

It is about three children and they are all connected by this harmonica and they meet in the end.

The Clockwork Three by

The Clockwork Three by Matthew Kirby, maybe?


I read a book a long time ago, in elementary school, about a girl who was named after an author her mother loved. (Swear it was Hemingway, also swear Hemingway was in the title, but no luck thus far) Anyway this girl is poor her mother lost a baby and eventually they move into a hotel of some sort. Most of the book is about this girl reading I think. It's a book for kids like 10-12 yrs old. Please help me find it!

I once read this book in

I once read this book in middle school, I it was called abduction but everytime I look that up I can’t find what I’m looking for. The cover is like a dark storm green and has a shawdow of a car. Any help?


Is it the book Abduction by Peg Kehret? I'm not sure in what time period your book was written. Hope this helps.

Please help me find this book

I read this book in the late 1980's and my local library (Ashgrove, Queensland, Australia). Young art student sleeps with a rockstar, she gets pregnant, they secretly marry than the press find out and her attempt at continuing to have a quiet life is over. May have been classed as YA fiction.

Book to help recent burn victim

Today in the headlines on CNN there was a story about a girl burned over 95% of her body while roasting marshmallows. It immediately brought to mind a book I read about a mother and daughter. The daughter was a teenager and got badly burned at a party. The mother was outside and heard screaming across the water and instinctively knew it was her daughter. They befriend one of the firefighters who comes to her rescue who was himself badly burned so familiar with difficulties faced. I don't remember anything else but I would love to find this story and send to this family as I'm sure this young girl is going to need to connect with people who she can relate to. Hoping someone can help! I believe this is an adult fiction book as opposed to a children's or young adult book.

Book title I can't remember

I can't really remember all of it but it was a book about a boy who's dad has died and was taken in by guy who is constantly drunk. The guy sells the boys prize poression, his horse. So the boy leaves and goes to find his horse. On the way he meets a Chinese boy who comes with him to find the horse that got sold to a bandit in town. They eventually find the horse. That is all I remember.

Looking long time for a book

Hi, I have been trying to find a book I read maybe 10-12 years ago. I loved it and have been wanting to reread it, but can not remember the name and can't find it at all. It was about a magician or illusionist who is grieving his girlfriend who died. But then one day he sees her alive at a train station (I think it was a train station) and the story takes off from there. I don't remember a lot of details, just the basic plot and that I really enjoyed it. This was an adult fiction novel. Thanks in advance for any help with this! So hoping to finally find it.

A girl is looking for her

A girl is looking for her best friends killer she was shot at her house as a hit and run (what they thought really the person was in the house) she gets a bf and hes helping her find the killer and then she finds out that it was her bf all along that killed her and he was stalking her best friend and then she burns him alive because he was trying to make her run away with him

Please help

I once read this book my last year of high school, don't remember the name or anything. But what I can remember is that this handsome man went to war and dead but was turned into a vampire, he returned home to his pregnant wife who knew that something was wrong with him. She start running from him but unfortunately fell and died. Years later this girl who has some witch like powers was married to this evil rich man that kills his wives (I think she was sold to him by her father or something like that) she was planning to run away from him and did so when she went to a ball (on the way to the ball the carriage they were in ran over a young boy and she accidentally bring him back to life.) At the ball the vampire saw her and thought she looked like his wife and they danced together. Then she ran away after to live in a bar i think and after she became a "highway man" I know it might not be much but please help.

Help me find this book plz

Its a book about a small town and the local High school holds a dangerous contest with a prize that the entire school pays into. This girl competes to win so she can take her sister out of the town.

Help Me Find This Book!!

The Chapter book cover was a girl with a Pegasus next to a tree. About a girl whose parents were thought to be killed after being missing for years or months. She lived with a kinda mean relative, I believe it was her Aunt, where she has to sleep in a small space room which has a tree outside her window. Then she meets a Pegasus where it leads her inside the tree outside her window. Inside the tree she sees other Pegasus and books. The Pegasus know where her parents are and they kindly take her to her parents. She meets her parents that i think are stuck on an island or something and her parents been living there. Her parents, I think her parents don't leave because of a reason and are young. I checked out this book from the Camarena Memorial Library in Calexico, CA under YA Fiction.

Children Fantasy?

Book series about two kids maybe a brother and sister where they have a stop the summoning of four monsters. The first monster I remember is a sort of T-Rex Tyrant monster that maybe has the children’s parents or someone close to them captive. One of the children may have also had special ocular powers or another sort of powers.

Old book from my childhood

I remember reading a book from my childhood that belonged to my grandfather. It was an old book back when I was a kid (in the 1980s) so it may have been published much earlier. One of the characters in the book was a man who didn't talk much and was rather mysterious. I don't remember his name or if he even had one mentioned in the book. The other detail I recall was there was a house that had hidden trapdoors that lead to the nearby town. Also a wall that if a person walked along it for long enough, they would end up walking in a big circle and end up right where they started. Unfortunately, I don't remember anything else about the novel or the storyline. But I do remember the copy of the book I read was blue. I know the details I gave are a bit general and vague but I'm hoping someone else has read this book as a child and remembers the title. I also recall the book as being for young adult readers but also one that older adults could read too.

Please Help me find this book

I read a fiction novel about soulmates who would always find each other generation after generation. It starts in the Harlem Renaissance era, and the man (I believe) is tragically killed. Years later, around the 60's or 70's the find each other and again one of them dies. The bulk of the book was in current time ( late 90s early 2000s). They find each other again but one is married, and they struggle with the intense connection they cannot explain. They are kindered spirits. I'm pretty sure it was a african female author. Any ideas are thanks!

ok details are really minimal

ok details are really minimal, I apologize. The book is about a girl with a( younger I think)sister (her name is Charlie) who gets pregnant and has to move away. I also remember that Charlie was always the more popular and "pretty" one out of the two sisters.

Please help me Find a book

Hi, thank you for helping me find this book: Its the story of a young girl in love with a poor man. Her family has lots of debts . Her mom makes a deal with a young rich man who saw the girl once and fell in love with her, to allow him to meet her and try to make her love him. The mom and the brother make a plot to put the poor man in prison and made the girl think that he left her after taking some of her money. Not knowing what to do, she marries the rich man. in return he payed her family's depts. the rich man ignored everything about the plot. And thought that the girl really loved him. On their wedding day she sees her lover and her husband learns the truth. She felt sold by her family. And the rich man felt abused by everybody just for his money. He takes his new wife to his farm. with time she falls in love with him. Her lover follows her, and under another name he started working in the farm. The story gets complicated...

Help me find this book

It starts with a girl moving to her dads ,her mom is a teacher and she goes to a black and white party and gets a boyfriend who cheats on her ,leading to going to the mountains with another boy she drives home with her stepbrother and finds a stalker who shoots her stepbrother. Also her mother has cancer but she doesn't know

help me find this book.

i once read a book about two sisters who travel all alone after finding their parents dead where they were spending the holiday.

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Help Me find This Book

Don't remember to much about book however what I remember is there was a couple daughters and one of the daughters found a husband and was really excited to be a wife. The mother or father wanted the other to be married too and found a good husband for her but she did not want to be a house wife. Eventually she left home went to college and I think she became a professor or famous actor. Please help remember this book I would like to read it again. Thanks

Husband sets apartment building on fire

I just started reading The Ninth Hour by Alice McDermott and I am sure I read a book years ago with a very similar plot line where the husband sets the apartment building on fire trying to commit suicide and the wife is pregnant. Have I lost my mind?

Fantasy (YA?) girl seeking dad

I only have the vaguest memories of this; I'm sorry if this is too vague. A young woman, perhaps 18 or 19 years old returns to a place where her father — who was the 1960s rock star — vanished one night in a sort of mysterious magic filled ritual. The house has been abandoned and closed up ever cents. The upshot is her father didn't die, he'd been hiding in the house ever cents. At the end, at the climax, More mystic stuff happens, and he turns into a tree. I believe the cover showed the girl, and the cover art included them in turning into a tree. I have no idea why I want to find this so badly. It probably would've been written in the late 80s early 90s. That's all I've got. Any help would be really appreciated.


So read this book about a girl who life goes off the rails when her parents die. I think there was a fire. She is sent to live with abusive relative. Flash forward she is covered in acne and has lots of cruel people who bully her. She has a doll that possesses her and get revenge on her behalf and then tries to get rid of her... there is some prom scene where people are nice to her....then it goes wrong... I think there is a creepy doll on cover in a blue dress.

I know I read it!?!?

I have been looking for a book that I read YEARS ago, I know I was in my teens and I am in my forties was about a teenage girl that could see a ghost from the 50’s who ate chocolate kisses and every time he was around she could smell chocolate. He died from driving a car in a race and is trying to “get to the other side” they ended up “helping” each other in each problem they were having and she fell in love with him. I thought the title was a double day of the week (like Monday, Monday) but I can’t find it ANYWHERE and it’s driving me insane!!!

Girl who sees Death

A young girl can see death. So when someone is dying or giving birth they ask her to be in the room. when she sees death she tell them he's here. he realizes that she can see him and he gets curious about her. there some guy in town who likes her and she likes him as well but ends up falling in love with the reaper. She ends up marrying him and moving into a cottage and having a child together.


I have been looking for a book for years about a couple that fall in love and the young man gifts her a necklace- the book continues for a generation or maybe two and the necklace Is passed down to a daughter. The daughter goes off to Europe where she marries a prince or some similar noble and after falling in love- her necklace causes her to be mistaken for a Jew and she is sent to a camp or prison. She realizes she is pregnant and tricks a guard into saving her. She dies in childbirth but her baby is found by her parents. I have no idea of the name or author- but it would have been published prior to 1994. Thanks so. Uch!

Children’s book/ Kind of YA

This book is set during I think WW1 or WW2. A girl’s father (? I think) is a doctor or a nurse somewhere and she meets this young man who sits alone and has a disfigured hand (? I think). The girl and the boy become friends and he tells her about his experience in the war. (I mostly remember him talking about the gas masks and stuff like that) At the end, he takes the train home and gives the girl the Purple Heart. Your help is greatly appreciated thank you.

Cant remember the book title !! Help!

Looking for a book , cant remember the name if it . About a woman who quits her job to look after her father, after her mother leaves him for another man ( a man who she met at her new job in a dry cleaner)the father is an alcoholic who spends a lot of time useing his daughters money to buy alcohol. i think the book is set in london. Dont remember much else about the book , if you have any clues or ideas please let me know !! Thanks

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Help me remember this book??!

This is gonna be so hard to find as I barely remember anything. I read a book about 5 years ago in primary school (it's a pre teen kind of book) that was about a sort of gothic possibly vampire family (don't hold me to that, I think of bats when I think of this book). I'm fairly certain they were a series of books and tended to have dark coloured covers. The characters were illustrated in a way that reminds me of Tim Burton characters. They were just sketches but rather disturbing. I'm pretty sure there was a brother and sister in the book and the girl was the main character. Thorns and a castle also come to mind when I think of it. Unfortunately that's all I can remember but it's been bugging me for the last few days. If anyone has any ideas please let me know?

So this might be the series

So this might be the series that has the book you're looking for? Not sure but it sounds like it could have been the Araminta Spookie series.

2 unknown books

Hi there! I have 2 books I read in middle/high school to which I cannot recall the titles. -First book: I only remember the cover. It's a young adult novel, black cover with a triquelta type symbol on the front. I think it was kind of a horror/mystery -Second book: adult mystery/action/drama. Its about necromancy and assassins. A female assassin has a male friend, who calls her Ming for short or something. Then she finds out he is into necromancy and actually has a cult, which I think his dad started? Then they're basically trying to kill each other toward the end. Anything on either of these books?? Thank you in advance!!!

please help me find this book.

im looking for a book for a client i have she cant recall the name or the author, but she tells me it takes place in the old world where silver pennies where used as form of trade she tells me that the man in the book is a broke street walker and is told by a man to put one silver penny in his pocket everyday and soon he will have a pocket full rather then a pocket that is empty, the man takes the advise and then starts to sell and buy and so he grows in wealth...please some one help i have looked online but i have been unsuccessful.

The Richest Man in Babylon is

The Richest Man in Babylon is a book about saving 10% of everything you earn and paying yourself first

dont know the title or auther

its abook i read a long time ago where by two of the main characters where forced to marry and they din't love each other and on the wedding night the guy forces himself on the wife just to fulfil the desiresof the parents and this guy would travel all the time and leave the wife alone and lonely and she was allowed to see other guys she liked by the husband and she would.they would have steamy moments together but the guy would turn cold. eventualy the wife was pregnat but the guy was still hiding feeling from her but when once the wife was attacked at home and nearly died while the guy was on a trip and thats when the guy started loving the girl but faced more problems but had a happily ever after .

I'm trying to remember the

I'm trying to remember the name of a young adult book I read back in the early 2000s. It had a red cover and was something to do with fire possibly. So it has a king and a queen or possibly just super rich landowners back in the time if castles. So they give their 2 daughters necklaces but they each hate the one they got. The blonde daughter is told to keep her necklace secret and never to let the dark haired daughter see it but of course they swap necklaces and the dark haired one looks into the possibly amber necklace and sees a man in it and then there is lots of other plot around the parents freaking out and saying he is evil and really an old guy but in reality I think he is maybe someone they screwed over and the daughter falls in love with him and there is a whole big thing over it. The boy/possibly evil man is maybe called something like reynard which links in with them saying he is tricking her I guess. It was a romance fantasy magicy kinda book and it's driving me insane not remembering the name!! Help!!

I am looking for a book that

I am looking for a book that is about 2 young women who are abducted and tortured. one of them escapes leaving her friend behind who ends up being killed. The story takes place after the abduction and is told by the surviving girl. It is also told by the abductor as well. The chapters alternate telling the story from each perspective. Any help is much appreciated!

Help Me Find This Book

ok so i dont remember any character names, the author or the book tittle. But the book was about a woman who lost her husband because he "died' when he was going over seas for work. Then a woman comes up to her at the funeral telling her he is still alive but living somewhere else. She goes and investigates, with the help of another guy, who she is starting to get really close with. She goes to where he is and relizes he lost his memory and dosent remember her, she also notices that he is married and happy but he paint potraits of her . Then she confronts his wife and she tells her that she found him on the beach with no memory so they got to know each other and fall in love. Then in the end it has a part where he wakes up and relizes he is not home, he gets his memory back and his sons burst through the door. And he dosent know them so the oldest one gets a letter and gives it to him and it has all the explanation of what happened and how he got there. THAT IS ALL I REMEMBER.

Please help me find this book!

I have been searching and searching for this book for the last couple of years. It drives me crazy. It was a kids novel from either the 80’s or early 90’s. It was about a teen girl who moved in with her grandmother. She meets a teen boy next door and he turns out to be a ghost. He has a dog that is also a ghost. They died in their pond when the dog got caught in an animal trap and the teen boy drowns while trying to save it. She doesn’t know he’s a ghost till the end of the book. She just thinks that he’s a normal boy. I think there is another boy in the book that likes her and tries to be her friend. At the end of the book the ghost leaves and she bikes away with the other boy. Any ideas??? I’m not sure if it was a Canadian author but i’m pretty sure I got it from those scholastic book clubs in elementary school. Thanks!

Christina’s Ghost - Betty Ren

Christina’s Ghost - Betty Ren Wright I loved this & The Dollhouse Murders as a child

Cant remember book title

I cant remember the name of the book I am looking for. The cover is of a woman in a blue dress. It is about a woman, a widow with a small child who becomes a spy

Fantasy stories

I once read a book a few years back, about a girl and her brother who spent a summer on their grandfathers farm, and the boy drank some magic milk and started seeing all manner of Magical Creatures


Hi John - Is it Fablehaven?


There was a book i read years ago about three high school best friends who stop talking to each other after a party for their graduation. one becomes a televangelist, one was a sportsman who got injured or something and the other was a writer. They met again at the cabin and one was shot by one of the others


I read a book a few years ago and now I can't remember what it was called or who the author was. It was about a woman who was kidnapped as a child, and as an adult she got a letter from her kidnapper who was in jail. It goes back and forth from flashbacks from her kidnapping to present day.

Please help me find this short story

It was part of a collection of short stories I read around 1997. An older woman leaves her home one day to go for a walk, and when she returns, she sees that someone else has made it his or hers. Readers are left wondering whether 20 years has passed, or whether the main character has a big memory problem.

Looking for an illustrated children's book

Looking for an illustrated children's book about a cat who is missing his 2 front paws that helps a fisherman on his boat. The cover is one color, and the cat stands on his hind legs with 2 letter x's over his missing limbs. Published at least prior to 1993; this book seems impossible to find, hopefully someone here can help us out!! :)

I only remember the beginning

I read this in middle school and only got through the first couple of pages and I only remember a few of the details but it was about this girl who's a vampire and she moves to a new house and to this new school, and I think she has a younger brother and a single mom. She became a vampire because she got some invitation one night, and she doesn't drink blood but a blood substitute instead which she keeps in a mini fridge in her room. Also on the first day of school she talks about her heightened senses and how she's able to smell the spaghetti in the cafeteria from far away. and also she gets sunburnt really easily.

I read a book awhile ago

I read a book awhile ago about a girl who lives in a big city in the US, she’s in high school. She is addicted to drugs and is big into the underground partying scene, I believe one of the schools rich girls ends up becoming friends with her because of the first girls connections, the first girl ends up getting out of the scene at the end of the book and falls in love with this guy but the second girl I wanna say dies but I can’t remember

looking for a fantasy book

I am looking for a fantasy book. It could be considered either ya or teen. It starts with two brothers driving at night in the rain, they crash and the brother doesn't wake up. The younger brother has to work at a hotel and he ends up living there while his brother is moved to some other hospital. He can control his dreams, and dreams of some people in a subway spray painting before it is attacked by some monster. He goes to school and has a crush on some chick and he then sees her in his dream in a city wearing a red dress. He finds out others can control dreams. He ends up on some super dangerous race on something like a motorcycle in the dream. Then has to fight with some people at the end and he wins but some friends die. I know this sounds super vague, but any help would be greatly appreciated. I believe the title of the book might have been the main characters name?

My brother read a book when

My brother read a book when he was in 8th grade and he said it was one of the best books he ever read but he hasn’t been able to find it since he doesn’t know the title or the author but he said it is about a boy who goes on a journey to save the world and the wind talks to him and there was a talking tree (he doesn’t remember what the tree said to the boy) he said maybe the boy had a friend but they ended up seperating. They were going to stop someone

I have been looking for this

I have been looking for this book for 2 years. I only read the first 3 or 4 pages. it was about a girlfriend with a newborn baby and her friend who tries to escape from her abusive drug dealing boyfriend. everyday she would stop at houses for him to do cash pickups. but this time she was making her last pickup and escaping from him after she got the money.

Preteen Thriller Compilation

I purchased a book way back when I was about thirteen years old from my local library. It was a thicker book, full of thriller short stories, including The Birds by Daphne du Maurier. It was published by Penguin, I think, and couldn’t have been older than 1980. I cannot find this book anywhere!!

A coming of age story

A Judy Blume-type book about a middle-school aged girl who has been raised by her father (her mother is deceased). She has an older brother whose girlfriend helps her fix her hair after she decides to get a perm. She has a boyfriend who helps her babysit and then gives the child they’re babysitting the heimleich maneuver when he chokes on a grape. For a birthday (or Valentine’s Day?) she gives her boyfriend chocolate covered potato chips. At one point she finds love letters between her mom and her dad in the attic and reads them, trying to learn how they knew when they were in love.

YA fantasy (maybe a series?)

This has been driving me crazy. I don't remember the title or any of the characters' names. The protagonist is a teenage girl. She lives in a dystopian world where people with certain powers are ostracized. These people have power over elements, for example, they can control water, fire, etc. she grows up living a pretty normal life; her best friend is a boy and they obviously develop feelings for eachother. At one point she remembers befriending two young girls who had an alcoholic father and the mother wasn't in the picture. Then one of the girls develops a power and is taken away. Thee protagonists parents have a secret bunker. One day she comes home to find her parents under attack by a crazy villain. It seems like it's a fallen angel of some sort. Her parents are both killed and they give her something (I can't remember what) to protect. She finds out that her friend (the boy) has been going to this academy and she ends up going there too. She ends up becoming a sort of vigilante, defending those with elemental powers and fighting against a corrupt government. She has some sort of powers too. She's being trained by this old man, I can't remember where he came from but she remembers him from when she was a child. She has a secret hideout and she's gathering allies to help her overthrow the government I think?! I wish I could be more specific. If anyone can think of what this might be, please help!!

Help finding children's book

I've been looking for a children's book for long time. It is about a girl who spends a lot of time with her grandma. Her grandma tells her the stories behind the patches of a quilt. They are not made up stories, but rather stories about her family. The grandma passes away and the family gathers to clean out the house. They divide the possessions into piles. Then each of the grandmothers children picks a number which tells them what pile they got. The granddaughter really hopes her dad gets the pile with the quilt. He doesn't and she is sad. But her dad ends up making a trade and gets her the quilt. Thank you for any suggestions!!

Please name the book

A male Boston Cop .. Sent on loan to NYC to go into a Drug ring undercover .. falls in love with a money launderer, who's father is a well known Professor at a major University in the NYC area. She takes him to the big boss, one of the guys recognizes him as a cop and informs her, she the shots him to try to see if he is a cop. This book is one in a series of books if it helps. Thanks for any assistance.

Looking for a book that is a

Looking for a book that is a fiction series... the first book I believe is about a girl who is imprisoned by her father in their house, then she escapes and meets a guy, and it's basically a love story, but towards the end of the book his employers kidnap her.

Help me please

Ok so i cant remember the book titke or the writer But i remember that in the boom you follow this young 14 year old and in the book she starts off rich lives in a mansion the book is placed in the 1900s somewhere and then all of a sudden the girls mother is moving herself and her siblings to a small little cottage far away and one of the horses name is ophelia and the very beginning of the book is in the 21st century and this mum is driving her 2 daughters to see their aunt and their aunt tell them this story while their by a lake

Please name the book

It was about a plumber or handyman that came over to fix something at this family's house. The husband was a cop. He molested their daughter,who was somewhere between the ages of 2-6 maybe, that same day the handyman was there. The cop frames the handyman. I remember there was something significant about the blood in the little girls panties. Anyways, the man was sentenced the death by hanging. I think there was a lawyer or something that didn't think the man committed the crime but he confessed to it even though he didn't do it bc no one would believe him over a cop. The cop kind of forced his wife into having sex with him one night and she then thought that maybe he's the one who did it but I don't think she ever came forward.

Trying to find a title

I read a book in the 80s, about 4 women who met in medical school and the different directions their lives took afterward. One ended up working in Africa, another was, I believe, a plastic surgeon in New York. I cannot remember the title. It was really good and I would love to read it again. Grateful for any help; it's a long shot, I know.

Looking For BookTitle

I am haunted by a book I read a long time ago but can’t recall any part of the name. It’s a very dark book about dying & being followed around in hell, as I remember it, by ghostly, scary people who may be people you did wrong in life. Would really like any help there is in finding the name of this book.

trying to find a book I loved

I cannot remember much but I know it was about a girl and her brother (I can't remember if there's a third sibling) and I believe their mother has died and they're on like a summer trip with their father and towards the end of the book they end up on a boat and maybe underwater (again I can't recall) and there's bioluminescent plankton that they remember their mother talking about. Please let me know, any help is greatly appreciated!

Vintage YA novel set in Norway (?) during WWII

I read this in the 1960's (in English). The heroine is a young teen living in a remote coastal area. I believe she was Norwegian. Some foreign soldiers or spies appear, and take away her grandfather or guardian, and she has to survive alone as well as try to continue her guardian's war resistance efforts. There was a radio (?) they used, to report suspicious activity along the coast. I remember being amazed and inspired by this tale. It made a huge impression on me at the time because I was the same age, learning that young women could be brave and resilient. I hope that someone recognizes this book!

What book is this?

The goverment is spreading a fever that is killing everyone , so this girl goes with a group of survivors and finds a crashed airplane and flies it with someone else, they crash it , so they go scavenging again and come across a old dead airplane , when the army comes to check to see if anyone is there so they can kill them.they hide and afterward , they find a secret base and find guns than can rips things into individual atoms and the atoms scatter so the thing an never go together again. They take the guns to a house full of sick people that have a mutated strain of the fever virus and it makes them somewhat subconscious, but one of the people takes the special guns and they leave the place. P.S. THE virus had a certain code like for example 17356297410

I can't remember the name

The story was about this girl who had a drug addicted mother. She has these neighbors (they lived in a poor environment) who she became sort of friends with. There were 3 of them, there was the older brother who i think was in his late teens, then the middle brother (he was around her age and i think she was 14), then there was the baby brother. I remember their mom was out of the picture and the eldest brother was into some gang stuff. Anyways, the girl could also play a instrument, i think it was like a violin but bigger. In order to be able to afford the instrument she stole money from the older brother. i cant remember any more on how it happened but she was eventually taken away from her mother and moved in with this rich family. They had a daughter who was mean to the girl (i believe her name is Martha and the girl didnt like it so she called her gina cause martha's middle name was Georgina - again i could be wrong about the name). She eventually started dating this guy who is 17 - they even have sex - but the girl tells him that gina is 14 and he breaks up with her. He played the piano and they were supposed to play at a concert together. Her mom comes back into then fold eventually, claiming she is sober and she actually lives with a decent man. Gina doesnt want to leave but her mom can take care of her so she is made to go back. She eventually falls back to drugs and the boyfriend leaves. The rich family's daughter comes to see gina and she is on the straight and narrow. Gina is wallowing in self pity and is drinking. Also, her neighbor who she was friends with is into the bad things his brother is into. I dont remember when it happened but he stole the rest of the money his older brother has hidden to find their mom and they ended up in a shoot out and the baby brother died (he was called bubby that i do remember). Also, gina's father was put in jail and was killed some time in their by stabbing. I read this book in middle school and i really liked it. I just cant remember the flippin title. I do remember the girl was on the cover, she had brown hair and brown eyes.

Search for a book

So I read this book back in 2011. Teen section. The cover is all white with indentations so you can see the outline of the title and whatnot. Title is one word i think. The main character is female. She lost some friends in a cat accident, i think her brother was driving. New neighbors move in next door, a long since abandoned house (she notices during a sleep over) these people are bad news. The middle is a little fuzzy but the end takes place on a mall. They recognize someone they love. I think the book pertains to a gang of group of some sort. I know its vague but it's all I've got.

Kids book

Read a book as a child. Story was 2 kids (a boy and a girl)that had a cottage/play house and the girl was into baby dolls. One day someone leaves a real baby and the brother/sister take care of it... specifically remember a Pram/carriage. Would love to get it for my daughter if anyone knows the name of the book? Thanks in advance.

Can't remember this book

I started reading a book years ago about medieval times. Not sure where the setting was. There was a boy/teenager who was apprentice to a coin-maker. The coin-maker was skimping on the gold in the coins to take some extra profit for himself, and got found out by the king/government/people-in-charge. They came to punish the coin-maker, and the apprentice. As far as I know, the apprentice escaped, without injury, while the coin-maker had his hand cut off. I don't remember anything else from the book, or if I even read any more of it. This book has been popping into my head for years, but no google search or library search has ever produced results. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide!

Looking for short story

Hi y'all, I'm looking for a short story about an old gentleman that cleans out the river in a small town. The town decides to reduce expenditures and cuts out the man's job, because it really isn't needed, or so they think. Then the garbage in the river really builds up because no one is there to clean it. Any suggestions as to the title? Thanks.

short story lobsters

Looking for a short story about lobsters. A father and son lobster are talking and the father tells the son to look up and swim up. He is referring to getting caught in a lobster cage and what to do to escape. Any one have ideas on the title? Thanks.

Please help

I read a book a few years ago and can't seem to find it anywhere. It's like this young man went to war but died and was turned into a vampire, he was warned not to go home bit he still did and his pregnant wife saw that something was not right about him and she ran from him but she fell and died. To present time there is a young witch and was married to a rich man that only kills his wives after he has his way with them. They were on the way to a ball and the husband carriage ran over a boy but she brought him back to life. At the ball the vampire danced with the young witch because his sire thought she looked like his wife. At the end of the dance young lady ran away from her husband and was living in a pub I think. But her husband almost found her so she ran again and became a high way man and was robbing people.

An Amazing book I cannot find

I checked out this amazing book in a public library in Oklahoma around 2006-2007. I remember the book didn't have much of cover. I've searched everywhere for the book but I cannot find the name! The book was divided into 2 parts: The first part tells the story of an introvert who has a mother in an asylum. She goes to college and has a crazy roommate who becomes her best friend. The girl falls in love with her best friends brother and she has a moon shaped scar in a hidden part of her body. (this comes to play in the second part). They swap friendship necklaces before going to a party and on the way out crash into an 18 wheeler. In the second part of the book she wakes up at the hospital and realizes that her best friend is dead and that they have mistaken her identity. She can't speak yet but she undergoes reconstructive surgery and she decides to take on her friends identity and leave her life behind. She can no longer be with the love of her life because he is now her brother and she witnesses him grieve and eventually date a ton of women. Later on in the novel, he starts to suspect that she is not her sister. And she finds the diary of her dead best friend, revealing that her life was not as perfect as it seems. Her best friend was sexually abused by her father who was a public figure and her mother knew and did nothing about it. She eventually comes clean about her identity, gets reconstructive surgery to appear somewhat like her former self and I believe her best friends father shoots himself. This was an amazing novel but I cannot find it anywhere!!!

Looking for a Friend

Trying to locate a short story my friend is certain was written by Tanith Lee. It was in a collection of short stories she read when younger, so I'm guessing 2-3 decades ago. Likely some of Tanith's earlier works. The only remembered bit (and I'm going to quote my friend's email to me verbatim) is that it is "Something about a girl who is very unhappy as she is mocked for being ugly. Turns out to be blonde with blue eyes, but that is not the ideal on this planet..."

Fantasy Novel I think trying to find it. Please help

it starts with a boy and his sister i think their mother dies and their step father sells them into slavery. The boy grows up i think he works in the stables he always longs for his sister wondering who is she how she looks like hoping she is alive. I know its vague but its so hard to find for me. I don't now remember the cover nor the the title or the Author. I vaguely remember a brown cover with a guy and a woman in an embrace. I remember also he had a friend who was also a slave and he was shocked to find out that he was gay. That's all I can remember

Can't figure it out

So, I read a book a while back that my grandmother lent to me. It was about a secret service agent or FBI agent of some kind who gets shot and the bullet grazed his cheek, so he's permanently scarred. I can't remember anything about the plot other than that main character. It was a smaller, paperback book. Don't remember the author or the cover. I think the author was male(?) but I could be wrong. I'm unsure if we still own the book, but I'd love to find it or buy a new copy to read again.

Please Help Me Find This Children's Book

I am trying to find a children's book my sister loved from her childhood around 64 years ago so early/mid 50's. It is about a penguin who is on a drifting, shrinking ice floe which ends up at the Galapagos Islands. I would so love to find this to surprise her. Thank you. Geri in UK

Penguin book

This is the right time period. Could it be the book The Penguin That Hated the Cold? Can hear it read here

Trying to find a book

This book was abt a boy that was born that was missing his 3rd toe. the parents were distraught, but then after time got used to it. At some point he was taken away and this is where my memory is fuzzy, he was a Jewish boy, and I think he was taught to be a Christian, and finally after many yrs his father finds him and thinks it's his son but can't prove it. Then he remembers his missing toe and they tell the boy to take off his shoes and they find he is correct.

Title to mystery book

Trying to find a Mystery book series about fraternal twins(NOT THE Bobbsey Twins) and either older brother or cousin who help them solve mysteries. Late 70’s to early 80’s publication. Grateful for any help!

There was a series of the

There was a series of the sweet valley high books that were mysteries. Two twin sisters, Jessica and Elizabeth. Could be it.

Title to YA book

Looking for a YA novel about a young girl whose parents might be divorcing, she might be getting her first menstrual period and she wants to her class project on Maragaret Mead. Any help is much appreciated!

I'm looking for a book about

I'm looking for a book about a girl whose parents die and she is forced to live with relatives who don't care for her/her company. she then befriends mystical creatures and solves a mystery that I do not remember


It's a thriller book about a family of 4. Parents and a teenage girl and a boy. For some reason they all have to go and live to their fathers childhood home, which is a big house on the beach. I think their last name was Deveroux. So they go to this huge house where the mother of the father lives, she is a mean rich old lady that never approved of her son's marriage. Then people start to die, I think the mother dies first. I think is told by the teenage girl perception, she meets a guy who helps her try to escape and save her family. I can't remember the end, I think everybody dies and the murderer was the old lady.

Trying to look for the title

I don’t remember much of the story but I do somewhat remember that a girl is reading or book and later on she gets trapped in it. Ends up in Scotland maybe. She ends up in some castle I think and meets either a knight or prince and falls madly in love with him. Later on she wakes up to reality and is a church (I think it was a church or maybe that was in another story that I read). Well anyways all I know is that at the end of the story it’s raining and she is at a barn crying. I can’t remember much of the story but I do know that I very much enjoyed it.

short story's title and/or author's name wanted

I want to read again a short story that was in one of my high school textbooks. It probably was in an English literature course, but it might have been in an American literature course. I graduated from high school in 1965. This short story was about a wealthy woman who made elaborate preparations for a party in her house. On the night of the party she died from disappointment and heartbreak because no one came to her party. Then her servants found all the party invitations neatly arranged in a pile. She had never mailed them. If you tell me this short story's title and/or author's name, I will be very grateful.

I read this book a few years

I read this book a few years ago, it was a girl named Riley and she lived in a dystopian world. Kids instead of going to Julie would be brought to the government where their memory's would be erased, if they were caught twice or over eighteen, they would either be killed or given one more chance. After their memory's were erased they would be adopted by a family. But Riley's memory's start coming back to her. She likes drawing and she keeps drawing memory's from her past. juvies whose memory's are taken have little rights and are discriminated against. Riley joins the cross country team and is unable to compete because of that, even though she is way faster than everyone else. There was also someone from her past that was a bad guy that she kept remembering. They end up meeting and she finds out that she was an experiment from his organization to see if she can keep her memory's. People who were in traumatizing experiences mah have had their memory's erased to. I can remember so much but the name can you help me find this book?

Wracking my brain

I’m reading The Nightingale and having memories of another WWII book I read. All I can remember was a scene where the Jewish family was hiding from the Nazis and a young mother accidentally suffocates her infant while trying to keep him quiet. Any ideas on titles? That scene was heartbreaking and stuck with me.

Could it be the storyteller

Could it be the storyteller by jodie picoult ?

Western Romance

Hi! I’m looking for the title of a book about a woman who is a children’s author and goes to a small town in search of her estranged sister who is staying with 2 no-good brothers. The lead male character I believe is named Jace and the opening “scene” of the book is she gets hot coffee spilt on her pants and he throws ice water on her.

Help me find this book please

Okay this was a fantasy series I read atleast fifteen years. It was a trilogy. There was another series later on. What I remember is a boy (possibly indentured) who found a magic ring in a well (or he dug it up somewhere). A band of men took him away. They were looking for all the magic rings. Each ring works with a certain ability and I think the rings picked people who reflected that ability. The bous ring was that of a seeker (or searcher?) and allowed him to seek the other rings I think? There was a healing ring that I believe a character called Ralf wore. There was a ring of invisibility that a character that started with L wore. This character would fall in a river later and gain immortality. It was a river like the river styx. They were being chased by brothers that could turn into wolves. One of the good guys killed the evil guy that turned into a white wolf, skinned him and put his fur on his shield. The shield became magic and protected him from harm. In the final book the main character takes on the goddess ‘She’ and sacrifices himself for the world by standing in a fountain with her and being frozen forever.

I'm looking for a book that I can't remember the author or title

I read this book over 20 years ago and would like to read it again. A father marries his daughter at a very young age to a pirate which he was to claim her at her 18th birthday. When he came over to claim her she was trying to run away. He kidnapped her and brought her to his ship. She was very strong and like to fight. He was from a known family of pirates. If I'm not mistaken this was a book from a series on his family of pirates. It was funny, adventure and romance all in one book. I would like to find the title to read it again . Thank you for your help.

Help me find this book

I have two: The first book I read as a kid when I used to go to our public library. It involved a brother and sister home alone and the kid ended up killing the family dog on purpose. The second book I can’t find was about a girl who went to social media or technology rehab. It was a young adult book.

i can’t find this book!

I read this book so long ago. There’s a nuclear event that causes a family to go underground into a bunker, the story follows (I think years) in this bunker, they finally are able to come to the surface and they find other survivors. Then halfway through the book it changes into the far far future. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out the name of this book!


The book ikm thinking about has some sort of demon/queen who lives underground I believe, she has dungeons at least that's what I remember. She would have a pet who would be a redheaded human child (girl) and she would care for her as her favorite pet until she turned the age of 16 where she would then place her in a room with a 16 year old redheaded boy and have them mate. Then when the girl would come up pregnant, she would spoil her until the baby came out and then she would basically throw away the mother and keep the baby girl as a pet for the nex tg 16 years (I believe she only kept females as her favorites). Please help I can not for the life of me find any trace of this book!


In this book there was some sort of vampire lady that makes her mark on other vampires or whatever by biting the tips of their pinkie fingers off. The main character was a girl who was in love with a guy who was a vampire and he had his pinkie finger bitten off as well. Also I believe that the book cover was yellow. But that's all I remember.

Children's book about a bear and his pantry

I remember having a well-loved children's book featuring a grumpy, gourmand bear who created an extremely well-stocked pantry in his cave for winter and then refused to share any of it with the other animals. Eventually he's convinced to share one jar of jam and then it's all downhill from there.The other animals feast on all his food until he kicks them out. Anyone remember this one?

Lost Non-Fiction History Textbook-ish

Hi! I lost this book i would read as a kid. It had a dark hardcover binding with pictures of historical stuff on the front. It had articles on everything! Acupuncture, greek wrestling, how swords where forged, batteries, how steel became profitable, the salem witch trials, the first bibles, alchemy, all organized into subsections like Technology, Medecine, Sports, War, and more. It was about an inch to an inch and a half thick. Please help! it was my favorite!!!!!

Okay so I read this book

Okay so I read this book about two years ago. It’s about a girl whose family hunts down vampires. She lives with her mother, and they go to this town to find a vampire. She ends up going to high school and meets this boy and he’s nerdy and they end up getting together or whatever. The cover is two versions of her, she has red hair that’s all I remember, and one is her at high school and one is her dressed all in black. There are other books in the series as well. It’s driving me crazy please help.

I’d love to find this novel from the 1960s or early 1970s

When I was a kid (this would have been the early 1970s) I remember reading a book about a group of inner city African American boys (mostly; there might have been one or two prominent girl characters, too). I think there was a mystery at the heart of it that needed to be solved. One of the boys was learning disabled and kept saying something about “god”. The others scolded him for swearing and dismissed him, but it turned out he was mixing up the letters for “dog” and they figured out it was a key clue to the solution. One detail that was powerful enough to stick with me is that there is a scene in which the boys go to a swimming pool and have to evacuate because there is a rat swimming in the pool. I don’t know how I stumbled upon this book - probably because it was about boys about my age and the mystery element - but it made quite an impression on me.

Name of book/film

Last year I saw a film on TV. It was based on a true story of a woman who escapes an abusive husband by changing the identity of herself and her two children and starts a new life in another location. She also wrote a book about the experience under a pseudonym. I'd love to read the book but can't remember the name of the film or the book. Can anyone help?


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