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Booktalking "Witchtown" by Cory Oakes


Macie and her mother, Aubra O'Sullivan, lead a nomadic lifestyle... amongst witch-inhabited towns, that is. Aubra is a very talented witch; she and her daughter have scammed community after community. Then, Aubra wipes the town's memory clean, and they seamlessly move on to the next place. Macie hates the constant upheaval of her life, yet Aubra seems to thrive on the changing landscape. 

Macie is praying that Witchtown will be their last scam. The biggest of witch settlements, it seems to be well-organized. However, Aubra discovers that someone else has beaten her to the riches and robbed the town blind. How will they support themselves now? Witchtown promised to be the granddaddy of them, but has heartbreakingly metamorphized into a mirage. 

Macie has been making friends with Talya, who seems to skirt the town's activities, and Kellen, who threatens to draw her into his aura. The girl remembers all too clearly what happened to Rafe, her almost would-be love. She warned herself not to get attached to friends who will only vanish as quickly as they appeared. 

Witchtown by Cory Oakes, 2017


Witchcraft is always fun, so this book is a winner. I love the structure of the fictional town. The witch communities seem almost like Native American reservations.


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