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Never Let Me Go. Seriously, Never. The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 65

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This week on the show, Gwen and Frank take a deep, emotional dive into a masterpiece by this year's Nobel Prize winner in Literature: Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go.

Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go book cover

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Never Let Me Go

That was an amazing episode!! Thank you Gwen and Frank for the thoughtful discussion of “Never Let Me Go,” which is one of my favorite novels. I teared up right along with you guys when Frank read that last passage aloud. Keep being awesome, I love the pod. x

Re: Never Let Me Go

Guys, I cried right along with you. Never Let Me Go is one of my dear darling life-changer books. When I saw the Nobel announcement, I got in touch with the friend who first recommended Ishiguro and we celebrated like sportsball fans. I haven't talked with many readers who feel the same, so it was really, really wonderful to hear you two rhapsodize today. Thanks so much. Thoughts on the movie?

Never Let Me Go

G & F--terrific podcast...I too loved this book and really enjoyed hearing you both discuss it with such reverence and insight. As in many of his books, Ishiguro deftly captures that illusive feeling of informed melancholy..not so much mournful, but more a sense of seeing, really seeing, where you are in your own journey, if only for a moment--a sense of acceptance and presence that we sometimes allow ourselves to recognize. And Frank, I too was moved to tears when listening to your reading of the final that moment, as listeners, we were all in that moment together. Well done.

Never Let Me Go

I just finished your Never Let Me Go episode. You all asked if anyone had read this without knowing the story first. I did. I picked it up on a recommendation and listened to it on audio. I was so mad when I was done b/c "nothing happened". I figured out the clone angle pretty early on but wanted to see what happened and where the story went. I should have known that the author of Remains of the Day would not go for cheap thrills. I was expecting more of the sci-fi angle to come out and have some more world building. After listening to your discussion, I have revised my opinion of this book favorably. I can see now why people love it so much. So thanks for that! Also, the moment from the book that stuck with me were when the kids figured out that Madame didn't like them and they organized an incident when she came to visit where they politely swarmed her, all of them saying "Excuse me, Miss." as they brushed past, knowing it would make her uncomfortable. When the reader realizes it's b/c Madame doesn't really consider them human, it's a powerful moment. And creepy. Anyhoo, thanks again for the wonderful discussion. It really did help me see the book in a new light. Love your show! Rebecca Lexington, KY

Fantastic episode!

Fantastic episode! I started listening earlier this year and aim to be caught up by the new year. Love the podcast!

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